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Shopping While Vacationing in Honolulu

During a trip to Hawaii, many travelers are going to decide that they would like to do some local shopping. What better way to remember those that were left at home than with a great souvenir from the islands?

Even better is if you took one of the cheap Honolulu flights to get there, you will have even more money to spend on your shopping excursion. It will be a great benefit to sample the local sales areas and open market, as well as delve into the commercial malls available on the island.


The People’s Open Market

You should visit the People’s Open Market on Keeaumoku Street to check out the best Hawaii has to offer. This open market was founded in 1973 and was formed to help achieve three specific goals.

  1. To provide a focal point for local residents to socialize.
  2. To support the local economy of highly diversified aquaculture and agriculture by providing a place of sale for local farmers and fishermen.
  3. To provide the opportunity for locals and visitors to purchase fresh produce and meats from local area farmers and fishermen.

Over a million people shop at The People’s Market each year. Since pricing is commonly lower than retail stores, many locals will shop nowhere else. In addition, many local and ethnic foods are not available in the more commercialized shopping venues.

There is no better way to support the local economy of Honolulu than to purchase from The People’s Market.

Royal Hawaiian Center

Visitors can enjoy a full day of shopping and dining at the Royal Hawaiian Center. Expect to find a huge variety of boutiques and quality stores. Everything from art galleries to designer fashions allows travelers to enjoy the full spectrum of shopping options in Honolulu. This is another area in which those cheap Honolulu flights will pay off. All of that money saved on your flight can benefit your shopping trip at these luscious boutiques.

No need to leave the Royal Hawaiian Center when it’s time to eat. Head to one of the many top-notch dining establishments, or dip into others with more relaxing and informal atmospheres. Whether you are looking for sushi, or a famous Hawaii burger, both can be found here.

Be sure to take the time to experience both forms of shopping in Honolulu. You do not want to leave the island without having experienced the luxury of high-quality shopping, or the comfort and pride of shopping open market style with the residents of this tropical paradise.

Payday Loans and How to Deal with Them

Considering all of the expenses that you need to comply with on a daily basis, it can be very difficult to make ends meet. Even if you have a fixed budget, there will still be times when you might have to shell out a few more dollars for emergency purposes. So what can you do in such cases?

When the going gets tough and you find yourself against the wall, a payday loan may just be your last resort. But before you decide on getting one, you need to first understand the repercussions of a payday loan. First of all, payday loans are ideally an option for people who require the money on unforeseen or emergency occurrences. That in itself should tell you a lot about where you can use the money from the loan.

Shopping for Online Lenders

To ease the payment, shop around and look for lenders that offer suitable interest rates. Not all rates are fixed; depending on how much you can take for your loan, the rates will also differ from one lender to another.

Image via Flickr

The Internet as an Option for your Loans

Not all payday loans can be acquired through a bank or a lending service. There are also some, such as no fax payday loans from PayDay One, that are offered through the Internet. For the most part, this might be the better option. The paper trail is lesser and the requirements are easier to attain.

Lesser Requirements May Lead to Higher Risks in the End

Almost everyone can acquire a payday loan. While this may be a good thing, the drawback will be on your ability to plausibly pay the loan in the end. To avoid any problems, settle all your bad credit scores and clear anything that can be deemed pivotal to your capability of compensating for the loan.


Reputable Lenders Only

Anything that involves giving your personal information for money must be dealt with the utmost attention. As helpful as the Internet has been for acquiring loans, it has also made it easy for scammers. So be sure that before you sign on anything, you do a background check on your lender.

Keep in mind that payday loans are mostly fixed to be in small amounts. They may provide financial ease during emergency situations, but they should be treated as a complete life-changer when talking about the money you can get.

Using Student Loans to Increase Your Credit Score

Image via Wikipedia

Many people go back to school to obtain a higher degree and, in turn, land a higher-paying job. But before you build a successful career, you also need to spend more money to reach your goals. If you are looking to buy a home or a car after you graduate but have bad credit, getting a loan would be tough, even with a higher salary.


Installment loans can solve this problem by allowing you to borrow smaller amounts of money that you can easily repay after attending to emergency expenses.


Applying for an Installment Loan


If you need quick cash and you can’t find personal loans that fit the bill, installment loans for people with bad credit is a great option. You can easily obtain these through banks or online lenders, and some don’t even require thorough credit checks.


Whether you do not have enough money to buy a set of new books or you just need some cash to help you get by until your next allowance arrives, an installment loan is exactly what you need.


Increasing Your Credit Score

Image via Flickr

Many students prefer installment loans because they are very easy to work into a monthly budget. However, you can also use these short-term loans to re-build your credit. They are very easy and simple to pay off.


This means that you will no longer need to worry about defaulting on debts because of ridiculously high interest rates. By simply paying off your installment loan on time, you can improve your credit score and become entitled to receiving better loans in the future.


Benefits of Installment Loans


The biggest benefit of an installment loan is that they are less expensive than typical loans. It is also very easy to process, so borrowers can expect to receive the money in less than two days. Installment loans are indeed a godsend to college students who find it hard to budget their finances. They do not always know how much their monthly bills would cost, so installment loans come in handy whenever unexpected expenses arise.


Unlike credit card debt that may vary from month to month, installment loans will give you full control over the amount of money you will borrow. These loans also fall in the short-term range, so they will not force you into a long-term financial commitment.


You will also find that installment loans are easy to get, especially if you find a trustworthy sites online, such as Plain Green Loans, that offer a good amount of money at fairly low interest rates.

When it comes to building a good career through good education, consider getting help through installment loans. Consider getting an installment loan with lower interest rates, shorter payment durations, and faster processing periods to pay off any emergency expenses.

The Latest Bridal Trend: The Reception Dress

Photo via Flickr

Never settle for less on the biggest day of your life! All eyes are on you during your wedding day — except for when guests are looking at your dress.  Let’s face it: Everyone will be admiring your gorgeous gown, so make sure you pick the perfect one!

You probably spent hours looking for the right dress and eventually narrowed it down to two. That’s when your decision got harder. But now that Kate Middleton and Vanessa Minnillo have broken the mold, brides are free to wear two dresses at their wedding. Don’t give excuses about celebrities and royalty having more liberties! You’re a queen on your wedding day.  Freedom to wear two different dresses allows you to show your new husband and his family two sides of your personality. Look for wedding dresses on eBay for the most variety. After all, other local brides will be shopping at your local bridal shop, and you don’t want their cast-offs.

Image via Wikimedia Commons

Choose two different styles.

Now, a nice big Cinderella dress is practical for the wedding march. Then you can change into a slender dress for the reception. Other options are the sweet, retro wedding dress for the walk down the aisle and then a sultry, slinky dress for the reception. A sexy but tasteful reception gown will ensure that your new hubby is ready for the wedding night! Many women still want a conventional wedding ceremony. Bringing in some sass at the reception gets your guests in a celebratory mood.

Make a grand exit.

Select a third, less formal dress for the exit, but make it one with flare. You want to leave your wedding festivities giving the guests something to talk about. You want Aunt Sue to call Cousin Gina right away to discuss your big celebration. You want to be comfortable on a long drive or at the after-the-party party.

Nervous about wearing two wedding dresses? Here are some tips:

  • Keep the pictures in mind.  The wedding is the biggest event of your photographic life (which is yet another reason you should wear two dresses). Consider the photo session schedule when deciding when to change your dress, and make sure to plan accordingly ahead of time. Many brides take all formal ceremony pictures, including the dance shot, and then change. You may or may not want the toast and the cutting of the cake to be in the reception dress. Just decide ahead of time and plan accordingly. Consider taking a toast photo in both dresses.
  • Remember to make your reception dress a stand-out dress. You do not want to simply purchase a cocktail dress; this puts you at risk of having a dress just like one of your guests. Stay in your bridal dress and choose a less bulky style for sitting and dancing.

It’s your big day, so make a big impression on your guests! How would you incorporate all of those “to die for” dresses in your wedding?

Bridal Woes-How to Avoid Unexpected Disasters On the Big Day

Planning a wedding can be a very happy and stressful time. Although the bride and groom may try to plan the perfect wedding day, everything does not always go as well as planned. When planning your wedding, it would be wise to also plan for unexpected disasters. Here are some common wedding disasters and what you can do to avoid them as well.

Disaster #1: Members of the Wedding Party Get Sick

It is the day of your big wedding and you just received a call from one of the wedding party members saying he is very sick. You are not sure if he had too much to drink at the bachelor’s party or not but you are short one groomsmen.

Solution: When you select the wedding party members, you should select two alternate people to fill in just in case one of the bridesmaids or groomsmen can’t attend the wedding at the last minute. These people should attend the rehearsals just in case they are needed. If you end up short more than one person, then have the other bridesmaids and groomsmen double up to walk down the aisle.

Disaster #2: Your Cake Has an Accident

The day before your wedding, you get a call from the wedding cake maker stating that your cake was destroyed in freak bakery accident. You will be reimbursed for the cake but a new one will not be ready in time for your wedding tomorrow.

Solution: You need to have a backup wedding cake maker on reserve just in case you need a replacement cake. You may be required to pay more for a last minute cake but you will be able to enjoy eating your wedding cake on your wedding day. If you need extra money for last minute wedding expenses, you can apply for plaingreenloans online.

Disaster #3: The Photographer is MIA

Your wedding party and family are ready to take the professional wedding pictures before the wedding starts at noon. It is now 11:45 am and the photographer is nowhere to be found and he is not answering his cell phone.

Solution: If you have a friend or family member who is into photography, you should have him bring his camera as a backup just in case. You can also purchase disposable cameras for the wedding guests to use to take pictures before, during, and after the wedding. After the wedding is over, request that they leave the cameras for you to create a wedding scrapbook using the pictures they took.

These disasters along with the solutions should get you off to a good start on planning for unexpected wedding disasters. There may not be a great solution for each disaster, but you can still overcome it. Now what other wedding disasters will you plan for?

5 Most Extravagant Celebrity Cars

In the world of fame, money and celebrity, possessions speak louder than words. When it comes to celebrity cars, the more extravagant the better!

From four wheel one-of-a-kind masterpieces to Barbie-inspired Bentley creations, the world of celebrity cars is something most of us can only dream about.

Check out some of the most extravagant celebrity cars.

Jay-Z and his “This is Why I Top the Forbes List” Maybach Exelero

It may not be a pretty rainbow-inspired color or encrusted with gleaming diamonds, but Jay-Z’s Maybach Exelero has something better. An $8,000,000 price tag. You heard right. This car was originally built as a one of a kind, hence the extravagant price tag. It’s a wonder what his car insurance deductible would be.

Surely it would be in a category of its own.

David Beckham Kicks a Curve Ball With his Pimped out Rolls

What does the world’s most recognizable football (or depending on where you are from, soccer) player drive? Nothing less than a fully customized Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead with a cool price tag of $407,000. Beckham even has his number “23″ embroidered into the leather seats. Let’s hope his jersey number doesn’t change for any reason.

Jerry Seinfeld Splurges on an Un-drivable Extravagance

The comedy king loves his cars, especially Porsche, and reportedly has one of the largest collections in the world. His beloved centerpiece is a Porsche 959. The car is one of only 337 made and cost around $700,000. There is just one problem with this sleek masterpiece. It does not pass emissions tests in the United States; therefore cannot be driven! Well at least it’s something pretty Mr. Seinfeld can show off to his friends.

Kim Kardashian Flashes Her Booty Everywhere

Her car booty that is! The reality T.V. star has everyone wanting to keep up with her sleek Ferrari F430. The car may carry the more modest price tag of $186,925, but that doesn’t matter. Everywhere Kim goes in this extravagance on wheels all eyes are sure to be on her! It looks like the world of reality T.V. has led to some very real material investments for the young business woman!

Paris Hilton and Her Pepto-Bismol Bentley

It’s nothing but pink for this paparazzi princess. In 2008, Paris purchased a $200,000 custom built Bentley, complete with a custom designed, diamond-encrusted dashboard. Nearly every inch of this car is pink, making it one of the most extravagant and outrageous celebrity cars!

If you could own any kind of car in the world, what would it be? How extravagant would you go?

How Celebrities Influence Us

Photo by Bill Ebbesen.

Image via Wikipedia

Our society is largely influenced by celebrity and entertainment figures. These figures can be extremely powerful in influencing individuals. Celebrities can influence beliefs, behaviors and interests, and this influence can start at an early age. A lot of children and teens want to emulate and imitate their celebrity icons.

This obsession with the celebrity may have started in the early 1900s when the entertainment industry began to really take off. At this time, we saw a lot of Americans becoming infatuated with that era’s celebrities, with that infatuation continuing to the present day.

Interestingly the celebrity influence over fashion seems to extend back to the 17th century and Louis XIV and his interest in clothing. In modern day, celebrities are fashion trendsetters. The media covers who is wearing which designer on the red carpet, to the latest movies and more.

Celebrities in the entertainment industry — especially women — are pressured to look very thin. Unfortunately, since many people want to emulate celebrities, this pressure to be thin can have impacts on body image perceptions. Because so many of us want to look like celebrities, we may often try to maintain or obtain an unrealistic body type.

Interestingly, in the past few years, we have seen an increase of celebrities who have started to use their influence within the political arenas. For instance, we saw Oprah Winfrey endorse then-candidate Barack Obama in a presidential election. We have also seen many other celebrities backing or endorsing political candidates, as well as lending their names to political causes and movements.

Keeping up on Fashion Trends

Toni Maticevski: New York Fashion Week Fall 2007

Image by Art Comments via Flickr

We would all love to be able to attend the Fashion Week shows in Milan or New York. The reality is that very few of us have that opportunity; however, that does not mean that we cannot follow the latest fashion trends. Here’s a look at how to keep up with fashion trends.

Watch style channels on televisions. These programs cover each season’s top designer looks. Additionally, style magazines are a great source of fashion news. Subscribe to your favorites that include regular articles about what is happening on the runway.

When looking at runway fashions, you should understand that these looks really don’t translate well to everyday life. Also, understand that you may not look your best in every outfit.

You can choose only the parts of these fashion statements that you feel will look good on you. For example, you may love the new pant styles, but hate the colors. It is possible to find a variation that will make you look and feel great.

The price tag of most clothes we see on the runways is probably far out of reach of most of our budgets. However, there are many ways we can still wear the same look. Many fashion outlets specialize in providing look-alike options at great prices.

Match styles to your own individual body type. Most of us are not rail-thin runway models; however, we can still wear high-end fashions. We just need to make sure we choose clothing that will be as flattering to our body type as possible.

Shopping on a Budget is Possible


Image via Wikipedia

During our tough economic times, many women have had to cut back on a their shopping. While this is probably just a sign of the times, there are still ways that us women can indulge our shopping sweet tooth without actually spending the monthly budget.

Visit consignment or vintage shops. These types of shops can be chock full of great designer clothes — most of which has only been gently used. You can find wonderful pieces, including those with high-end design labels at highly discounted prices. You may even be able to find clothing that is brand new, with the labels still attached, at these types of stores.

Check out yard sales that are being held in more upscale neighborhoods. These sales generally offer items that are of higher quality, including clothing and jewelry. The great thing about yard sales is that the prices are often negotiable, so you can spend what you are comfortable with.

Some high-end retailers offer lines of less expensive clothing, in conjunction with their usual lines. For example, high-end retailer Forever 21 carries a line of pants for under $15, which is extremely attractive.

Don’t forget about your friends and relatives who may be a bit older than you. Go shopping in their closets. You could find some great treasures, and as you know, vintage pieces are always in fashion.

As you can see, with just a few tips and tricks, you can still take pleasure in doing some shopping to keep your individual style and look up-to-date.

8 Misconceptions with Buying an Engagement Ring

Diamond rings have grown dramatically in popularity over the past 100 years, and they have become an engagement tradition in many parts of the world. If you want to learn a great marketing trick, do a search for the marketing campaign De Beers put forward in the early part of the 20th century. Diamonds are extremely popular, but a lot of the information you can get about them and their settings needs to come from a third party source, instead of a sales person.

Expertise is just one of the many misconceptions people often have about their engagement rings.


1. Shopping for Size not Quality

Size matters in some respects, but diamonds are about more than just being massive. While a diamond the size of a mango might be impressive, wearing it on a ring could qualify as an arm workout. The other three C’s of color, clarity and cut are also very important factors you need to consider.


2. Assuming the Sales Person is an Expert

There are a lot of areas in life where you need to find an expert. Your doctor and your plumber should be implied experts, naturally. But whereas your doctor and plumber took on a great deal of professional training to achieve these titles, an engagement ring salesperson might been delivering pizzas last week.

Your salesperson isn’t an expert, and they will all but inevitably lead you to the most expensive ring they think you’ll buy. So be sure to do your research before you walk into the store to make your purchasing decision.


3. Not Thinking About Her/What She Likes

While your soon-to-be wife might not become a princess by marrying you, she’s still a special lady. While you might expect that every woman just wants the most popular style, this isn’t true at all. No man has ever figured out “what women want,” so you have to be sure to know your woman’s preferences. She’s going to wear this ring the rest of her life, so it needs to be truly special.


4. Failing to ask About Warranties

The above is just one example of a warranty you might get. Naturally, you want to make sure an investment this large has protection. While most engagement rings have no moving parts, life still happens. If your stone falls out, a good jeweler will replace it. If some kind of damage occurs early in your ownership of the ring, your jeweler should be open to making repairs. If they aren’t, you can certainly find a jeweler who will offer you these otherwise expensive services.


5. No Research

This goes back to assuming your salesperson is an expert. If you go in there without any foreknowledge of rings, diamonds or what you want, you’ll be far more open to a slick sales pitch. If you have an eye for style and a flexible budget, you might be able to let this slide. But if you have something particular in mind, do your research first.


6. Last Minute Decisions

Again, waiting until you’re standing at the jewelry counter is the wrong time to decide what kind of ring you want. Before you even walk in the door, you need to know your budget, the cut of gem you want, and the material you want your ring to be made out of. From there, you can make a more informed decision. Don’t be afraid to make two or three trips before you commit. Treat your first visit like a first date.


7. Purchasing Non-certified Diamonds

There are a lot of reasons why a diamond can be less than what you paid for. For instance, diamonds can be mined in countries with numerous human rights issues. Additionally a conflict diamond can finance deplorable acts by warlords. As if that weren’t enough, a diamond that isn’t certified might not be a diamond at all. Zirconium and glass can look very similar to an authentic stone.


8. Assuming Most Expensive Always Means top Quality

There’s an old saying in real estate that applies equally well to jewelry: “It’s worth whatever you can get someone to pay for it.” Simply put, you can spend as much money as you want to on an engagement ring, but there’s no guarantee your ring is going to be any better than a similar one with a much lower price tag.

It’s very easy for a jeweler to make extra profit off of your ignorance. For instance, they can use inferior materials, falsify the materials used, as well as use a smaller stone or thinner setting in a ring. Also, they can charge whatever they like, and your only choice is whether or not to pay it.

As always, be informed and be empowered.


In Conclusion

There are a lot of things most men never think about before it comes time to buy Robbins Brothers engagement rings, or otherwise. But every one of these things can become extremely important when the time is right. Know a thing or two about rings, know what your lady loves, and know what you’re interested in before you ever go into the jewelry store. When you go in there prepared to deal properly, you will come out of there with a great ring at a great price. You’ll only get once chance to do this right.