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How Celebrities Influence Us

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Our society is largely influenced by celebrity and entertainment figures. These figures can be extremely powerful in influencing individuals. Celebrities can influence beliefs, behaviors and interests, and this influence can start at an early age. A lot of children and teens want to emulate and imitate their celebrity icons.

This obsession with the celebrity may have started in the early 1900s when the entertainment industry began to really take off. At this time, we saw a lot of Americans becoming infatuated with that era’s celebrities, with that infatuation continuing to the present day.

Interestingly the celebrity influence over fashion seems to extend back to the 17th century and Louis XIV and his interest in clothing. In modern day, celebrities are fashion trendsetters. The media covers who is wearing which designer on the red carpet, to the latest movies and more.

Celebrities in the entertainment industry — especially women — are pressured to look very thin. Unfortunately, since many people want to emulate celebrities, this pressure to be thin can have impacts on body image perceptions. Because so many of us want to look like celebrities, we may often try to maintain or obtain an unrealistic body type.

Interestingly, in the past few years, we have seen an increase of celebrities who have started to use their influence within the political arenas. For instance, we saw Oprah Winfrey endorse then-candidate Barack Obama in a presidential election. We have also seen many other celebrities backing or endorsing political candidates, as well as lending their names to political causes and movements.

Keeping up on Fashion Trends

Toni Maticevski: New York Fashion Week Fall 2007

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We would all love to be able to attend the Fashion Week shows in Milan or New York. The reality is that very few of us have that opportunity; however, that does not mean that we cannot follow the latest fashion trends. Here’s a look at how to keep up with fashion trends.

Watch style channels on televisions. These programs cover each season’s top designer looks. Additionally, style magazines are a great source of fashion news. Subscribe to your favorites that include regular articles about what is happening on the runway.

When looking at runway fashions, you should understand that these looks really don’t translate well to everyday life. Also, understand that you may not look your best in every outfit.

You can choose only the parts of these fashion statements that you feel will look good on you. For example, you may love the new pant styles, but hate the colors. It is possible to find a variation that will make you look and feel great.

The price tag of most clothes we see on the runways is probably far out of reach of most of our budgets. However, there are many ways we can still wear the same look. Many fashion outlets specialize in providing look-alike options at great prices.

Match styles to your own individual body type. Most of us are not rail-thin runway models; however, we can still wear high-end fashions. We just need to make sure we choose clothing that will be as flattering to our body type as possible.

Shopping on a Budget is Possible


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During our tough economic times, many women have had to cut back on a their shopping. While this is probably just a sign of the times, there are still ways that us women can indulge our shopping sweet tooth without actually spending the monthly budget.

Visit consignment or vintage shops. These types of shops can be chock full of great designer clothes — most of which has only been gently used. You can find wonderful pieces, including those with high-end design labels at highly discounted prices. You may even be able to find clothing that is brand new, with the labels still attached, at these types of stores.

Check out yard sales that are being held in more upscale neighborhoods. These sales generally offer items that are of higher quality, including clothing and jewelry. The great thing about yard sales is that the prices are often negotiable, so you can spend what you are comfortable with.

Some high-end retailers offer lines of less expensive clothing, in conjunction with their usual lines. For example, high-end retailer Forever 21 carries a line of pants for under $15, which is extremely attractive.

Don’t forget about your friends and relatives who may be a bit older than you. Go shopping in their closets. You could find some great treasures, and as you know, vintage pieces are always in fashion.

As you can see, with just a few tips and tricks, you can still take pleasure in doing some shopping to keep your individual style and look up-to-date.

Replica Watches

Importance of watches cannot be denied from one’s life as it is used to teach us punctuality and we
are able to make our schedule with the help of these watches, especially the wristwatches, which have
become very much common especially among the men, after the World War II.

Companies which are producing the wrist watches:

There are hundreds and thousands of companies which are producing the wrist watches now days
and are competing on the grounds of prices. As the result of this competition, huge variety among the
wrist watches has been evolved and now you can see many shapes, designs, colors among the wrist
watch collection. Every company is unique in producing and delivering the huge variety among these
watches. But still these companies use to charge the higher prices and the common people cannot
afford to buy them.

Replica watches:

So in order to meet with the demands of these people, many companies have started producing the
replica watches, i.e. the watches which are having the
same color, design and shape but still they are duplicate of the original ones, so having the lesser price
than the originals. Now with the help of these watches, the middle standard people can also enjoy the
facility of being prominent among their friends and families. Besides raising their status, they can also
fulfill their dream of wearing the luxurious watches.

Online availability of Rolex replica watches:

You can check the huge collection of Rolex replica
watches on the internet, as there are the number of websites which are promoting them, by seeing the
demand of this trend now a days. Besides, there is also the official website of Rolex watches, so log on
to internet, check the huge collection and select the one, of your own choice. You can also reserve your
orders online, and the company will serve you the free home delivery, or get the contact number of the
stores of Rolex, and book your orders through a phone call. All facilities are available for the valuable
customers of Rolex, enjoy as much as you want.

Sunglasses – Which Pair?


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Since the early 1960′s Sunglasses have become part of everyday wear.  Whether its a sunny day or not, inside or out, no self respecting fashionista would be without their sunnies.  You can pick up a great pair of sunglasses for a few dollars or splash out and pay hundreds for a designer pair.  But which pair are best for you?

  • Round Face – If you have a round face then you will want to choose a pair of frames that slim your face and do not accentuate the roundness.  Go for a cool pair of rectangular shaped shades.  Frames that are just wider than the widest part of your face will give the illusion that your face is slimmer.
  • Heart Shaped Face -  With a heart shaped face the wrong frames can make your jaw look larger than it actually is.  Choose a pair of frames that draw the eye away from the jaw line in funky colours or metal rims.
  • Square Face – If you have a square face then you need to choose frames that soften your profile. Soft curves or wrap around shade can achieve this and add a slightly softer touch.
  • Oval Shaped Face - The luckiest of all! Oval face shapes can wear sunglasses in almost any style!

A general rule of thumb is to choose sunglasses with the opposite shape to your face. e.g. square face, round or curved lenses. Round face then choose rectangular shaped lenses.  The best advice of all those is to try on may different frames even ones you think may not suit you and you may be pleasantly surprised!


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Finding Laptop Bags That Will Make it Past Airport Security

With the increased security measures that have been implemented at airports since September 11 as well as more recent terrorist events, it’s becoming harder and harder to find laptop bags and other things that will make it past a security checkpoint without setting off every alarm in the terminal. However, there are some out there that make passing the inspection easier.

What to Look for in Checkpoint Friendly Laptop Bags

The first thing you want to look for in a laptop bag is the type of material from which the bags are constructed. Certain materials can set off the security alarms, especially if they rely on metal fasteners to hold everything together.Further, some types of material is not as easily scannable as others; if this occurs, you’ll most likely be pulled from the security line and made to open the bag itself. This can cost you valuable time, perhaps even causing you to miss your flight.

Next, you want to look for laptop bags that are easily accessible. Those that unzip fully with just a quick tug are the best.In addition, look for bags that have numerous smaller pockets as well as the area for the laptop as well. These pockets can hold smaller items such as your cell phone, organizer, keys and other items that you’ll need quick access to. Hook and loop fasteners are best for the pockets, as a quick pull will open the pocket, making it easy for you to empty them at the scanner then refill quickly as soon as you’ve passed through.

Building Your Wardrobe with Essential Pieces

Fashion trends come and go, but there are certain articles of clothing that should always be in your closet. From outerwear and sweaters to tops and bottoms, essential pieces are classic, versatile and complement any body type.

Outerwear can be tricky pieces of clothing to purchase and depend on the kind of climate you live in. For those living in cooler temperatures, essential pieces include a wool coat, a trench coat and a parka. Wool pea coats are classic and warm, trench coats offer a sophisticated touch during spring and fall seasons, and parkas are great for casual situations. For those in warmer climates, outerwear essentials include a cardigan (when you want to layer or travel light), a denim jacket on summer nights and a blazer–appropriate for office and non-work environments.

When it comes to sweaters, scoop-necks and turtlenecks are great for cooler times of the year. Scoop-neck sweaters can be layered with dress shirts or worn alone with accessories and dressy pants or jeans. A turtleneck is cozy, classic and comes in varying lengths and fabric.

When it comes to tops and blouses, must-haves include a white button-down dress shirt, a dressy blouse, and a basic tee. Button-down white dress shirts aren’t just for men. This garment is great for work and adds some casual chic when worn unbuttoned or with jeans. A neutral-colored dressy blouse or shirt is great when you need something slightly sophisticated. For casual times, a basic tee is perfect and come in various styles: v-neck, boat neck, quarter-sleeve and more.

Dark-colored jeans, a black skirt, and all-season dress pants are essential pieces in any woman’s wardrobe. Dark-colored jeans can be worn for everyday situations as well as in business-casual offices. A black skirt can be worn at work and is great for after-hours activities such as a dinner date or party. All-season dress pants are appropriate for the office, but will add elegance and class in any situation.

Gadget Review: Samsung Fascinate

Personal Handy-phone System mobiles and modems...
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If you are in the market for a new phone, you might want to check out the top affiliate programs for information on the different types of cell phones. Or, you can go to your local cellular phone company and check out the phones there.

The Samsung Fascinate is a cell phone that is new to the market. With its 4-inch screen, looking at anything on your phone is simple and easy. It uses the Android 2.1 operating system that can make searching the Internet a fun and fast experience.

The Samsung Fascinate is a great phone, and takes some getting used to if you’ve never used a Droid phone before. Gone are the keyboards, because you will be using the touch screen only. If you have never used the touch screen before, you will need some practice on it first before you begin to utilize its functions.

The phone also has 3G and Wi-fi connections, so that you can stay connected to everyone no matter where you go. The best part about the Fascinate is the applications you can use. There are over 100,000 applications that you can download to your phone, many of them even free. From diet plans to video games, anything and everything you want in an application is there to help you. You can even download a personal organizer so that you can turn your phone into your own assistant.

Watching videos and listening to music is now easy as ever when you have one of these phones. Chatting and surfing the web are fast and simple.

The only regret about the phone is the on/off tab. It is too parallel with the volume controls on the phone, so if you aren’t paying attention and want to turn your phone volume down, you might turn the phone off by accident instead.

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A Night at the Handbag Museum

The beauty of the internet and the virtual world is that you can be virtually anywhere at any time. You can for instance, shop, or read, or even visit at museum at midnight in your pajama. One museum that fashionistas are raving about is the Sackrider Musuem of Handbags located conveniently at http://thesack.org.

The handbag has a long and decorative history. In the 1500s both men and women used handbags or purses to carry coins, important papers, and religious relics. In the late 16th century and early 17th century pockets became a part of men’s clothing and handbags moved into a more exclusively feminine arena.

Women wore their purses hung from a chatelaine, a decorative clasp or belt hook, with small chains attached to the items they carried. Because chatelaine’s were an adornment as well as functional, they were often elaborately decorated.

The chatelaine and tiny coin purse evolved into the reticule. As the forerunner of today’s handbags, the reticule was a small bag with a drawstring closure and handle.

The next major change in handbags came during World War II when women entered the workforce in record numbers. Handbags became much larger, to accommodate the needs of a working woman who was away from the home 8 to 10 hours a day.

You can see examples of both purses used with chatelaine’s and reticules in the 1890-1920 collection at the Sackrider Musuem. These small purses are elaborate in their beadwork and intricate design.

The Sackrider’s collection is divided into seven time periods: (1) 1890-1920, (2) 1930-1940, (3) 1950, (4) 1960, (5) 1970, (6) 1980, and (7) 1990- present. The Sackrider Musuem is a great place to see the evolution of handbags in one sitting. The only thing that would make it better, is a bit more historical context. Still, it is worth a visit.

Bright Colors for Every Hair Color

Hair coloring
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Neon colors are everywhere this year and for many, getting the nerve up to wear bright colors can be a challenge. Hair color has a big role in which brights will look best and, for that reason, which ones will help you to wear color with confidence.

For blonds, wearing bright pink can make them feel a little like a Barbie doll. Instead, try a bright cobalt blue for something with just the same amount of punch, but without as much in-your-face feminine cute factor. Many blonds can also pull off royal purples and other vibrant cool shades that will help their delicate coloring to stand out. For blonds who want to wear bright pink, consider a shade that is slightly darker or with more depth. This will not only be gorgeous with blonds’ coloring, but help to prevent the look from being overpowering.

Bright colors can liven up brunettes hair and play into the range of coloring that makes brunettes so unique. Many brunettes love all bright jewel tones and for good reason. Strong emerald green, sparkling sapphire blue, and ruby red all look beautiful with many brunettes’ coloring. For brunettes with copper highlights, nothing will offset them better than dressing in bright red. Brunettes can also generally pull off bright orange, a shade that is often reserved only for them in the world of bright colors.

Many redheads think they have a challenge when it comes to bright colors, but in reality, bright hair and bright colored clothes are a match made in fashion heaven. Every redhead looks stunning in green–everything from a bright kelly green to a deeper emerald green can be a safe way for redheads to embrace bright colors. Bright electric blue is another wonderful choice for redheads that will compliment and show off their unique coloring and gorgeous hair.

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