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How Celebrities Influence Us

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Our society is largely influenced by celebrity and entertainment figures. These figures can be extremely powerful in influencing individuals. Celebrities can influence beliefs, behaviors and interests, and this influence can start at an early age. A lot of children and teens want to emulate and imitate their celebrity icons.

This obsession with the celebrity may have started in the early 1900s when the entertainment industry began to really take off. At this time, we saw a lot of Americans becoming infatuated with that era’s celebrities, with that infatuation continuing to the present day.

Interestingly the celebrity influence over fashion seems to extend back to the 17th century and Louis XIV and his interest in clothing. In modern day, celebrities are fashion trendsetters. The media covers who is wearing which designer on the red carpet, to the latest movies and more.

Celebrities in the entertainment industry — especially women — are pressured to look very thin. Unfortunately, since many people want to emulate celebrities, this pressure to be thin can have impacts on body image perceptions. Because so many of us want to look like celebrities, we may often try to maintain or obtain an unrealistic body type.

Interestingly, in the past few years, we have seen an increase of celebrities who have started to use their influence within the political arenas. For instance, we saw Oprah Winfrey endorse then-candidate Barack Obama in a presidential election. We have also seen many other celebrities backing or endorsing political candidates, as well as lending their names to political causes and movements.

Keeping up on Fashion Trends

Toni Maticevski: New York Fashion Week Fall 2007

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We would all love to be able to attend the Fashion Week shows in Milan or New York. The reality is that very few of us have that opportunity; however, that does not mean that we cannot follow the latest fashion trends. Here’s a look at how to keep up with fashion trends.

Watch style channels on televisions. These programs cover each season’s top designer looks. Additionally, style magazines are a great source of fashion news. Subscribe to your favorites that include regular articles about what is happening on the runway.

When looking at runway fashions, you should understand that these looks really don’t translate well to everyday life. Also, understand that you may not look your best in every outfit.

You can choose only the parts of these fashion statements that you feel will look good on you. For example, you may love the new pant styles, but hate the colors. It is possible to find a variation that will make you look and feel great.

The price tag of most clothes we see on the runways is probably far out of reach of most of our budgets. However, there are many ways we can still wear the same look. Many fashion outlets specialize in providing look-alike options at great prices.

Match styles to your own individual body type. Most of us are not rail-thin runway models; however, we can still wear high-end fashions. We just need to make sure we choose clothing that will be as flattering to our body type as possible.

Shopping on a Budget is Possible


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During our tough economic times, many women have had to cut back on a their shopping. While this is probably just a sign of the times, there are still ways that us women can indulge our shopping sweet tooth without actually spending the monthly budget.

Visit consignment or vintage shops. These types of shops can be chock full of great designer clothes — most of which has only been gently used. You can find wonderful pieces, including those with high-end design labels at highly discounted prices. You may even be able to find clothing that is brand new, with the labels still attached, at these types of stores.

Check out yard sales that are being held in more upscale neighborhoods. These sales generally offer items that are of higher quality, including clothing and jewelry. The great thing about yard sales is that the prices are often negotiable, so you can spend what you are comfortable with.

Some high-end retailers offer lines of less expensive clothing, in conjunction with their usual lines. For example, high-end retailer Forever 21 carries a line of pants for under $15, which is extremely attractive.

Don’t forget about your friends and relatives who may be a bit older than you. Go shopping in their closets. You could find some great treasures, and as you know, vintage pieces are always in fashion.

As you can see, with just a few tips and tricks, you can still take pleasure in doing some shopping to keep your individual style and look up-to-date.

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Make it or break it on the red carpet

There are many red carpet events throughout the year and every single one a celebrity attends means total judgement on their style.  What pressure!  We may be able to handle a sly look up and down from a guest at a party but could we honestly see the magazines of the world the following day saying you looked a disaster?


red carpet

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Celebrities have used the red carpet to showcase a new look, demonstrate they are bouncing back after a relationship break up and on the flip side to show how love has transformed them.  Below are a few celebrities who know how to make it and one or two who still need to learn the ropes!


  • Angelina Jolie is an obvious choice for understated glamour.  Judged for her relationship with Brad Pitt but yet still pulls off classy timeless beauty year after year and her style evolves with her.
  • Bjork is on the opposite end of the spectrum, who can forget the infamous swan dress!  The dress was such a hit for all the wrong reasons even Ellen DeGeneres wore it in a spoof on her show.  Always wacky but at least you can say she is true to her own creativity and has created some great publicity from it!
  • George Cloony.  Keeps is formal, classy and timeless.  By no going for anything to on trend and cutting edge he keeps a stylish blnak canvas so movie directors can picture him in any kind of role.

The next time you dress up for a night out, think about the look you want to achieve and whether your outfit matches your own personal style.


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A Tool to Build Your Fashion Brand

One of the most simple and powerful tools on the Internet is perfect for anyone looking to build their fashion brand. This is found in the topic of online surveys, which are able to offer a vital communication pathway for the business and its customers. For growing fashion brands – or a fashion brand that wants to grow – online surveys can enable feedback to occur.

A basic advantage for online surveys, from the perspective of a fashion brand, is receiving word of how customers like the clothes. If you have a new fashion line and want some feedback, that is easy to implement and to receive. You could even tailor the survey to be more in-depth, where you can learn more about the clients’ tastes.

Perhaps the most powerful implementation of online surveys for businesses is what is known as the net promoter score. When asked how likely customers are to share a certain product with others, the calculation of the results is known as the net promoter score. This number has been linked to the overall growth of a company. A simple online survey can reveal your number – the one number that you want to improve.

Whether it is the net promoter score or receiving basic and more comprehensive feedback from customers, online survey software is a tool you don’t want to miss. You can have your choice of simple numerical feedback regarding a product or some aspect of the website, or perform in-depth qualitative surveys.

Building a fashion brand is tough, and full of competition. Take the opportunity to address ways to connect to your customers. As you improve your website and customer service, you can receive feedback from customers on these topics and what matters most – the product. Online surveys can help you learn more about your target audience’s preferences in all regards.

Turning Your Hobby Into a Successful Career

How many people really love their jobs? For most, a job is something they do to pay the bills, however, exciting new opportunities abound as the internet explodes with new possibilities to make money, trade goods, and do something that you love.

One website that allows people to sell their unique goods online is Etsy.com. For many people with unique items lying all around the house, Etsy offers a great opportunity to make some money, have some fun, and potentially get a career started doing something they love. For those interested in fashion, clothes, shoes and accessories, this website is a terrific place to see what other people find unique, and to get those same viewers to peruse the goods you have to offer.

If you’re interested in getting your foot into the fashion world, it might be time to consider this option. A site like Etsy offers users the opportunity to create their own site, peddle their goods, and ultimately make some money.

Like any business, getting started takes some money. If this sounds like an investment opportunity for your future, then it’s time to start saving or its time to start borrowing to get the necessary capitol that will ultimately get you out of that dead-end job you loathe.

For users just getting started, your ticket to creating your own site can come from a company like Payday One. Payday One understands that small investments can turn into big careers. They offer unique opportunities for goal seekers, just like you, to make their mark in the business world by doing something they love.

Don’t sit in that cubicle one day longer without dreaming there are better opportunities just around the corner. The internet, and companies like Etsy are exploding with opportunities, but you have to get started. It is possible to turn a hobby or a passion into something you love; all you have to do is make the first step.

Stacey Bendet–Who the Heck is She?

If you don’t know her by name, you may now her clothing line Alice + Olivia. She is one of the hippest designers on the runways today. You’ve seen her designs on such notables as Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Lopez, Dakota Fanning, Angelina Jolie and Taylor Swift.

The story goes that she roller-bladed out of a Wall Street interview and went to work designing websites in the fashion industry. From there she started her own design company featuring the distinctive “Staceypants” that were first sold at Barneys NY.

Her innovative “staceypants” featured a style similar to low-rise jeans combined with funky fabrics and bold colors. For the woman who grew up as Stacey Bendet Weiner in Chappaqua, New York, it was only the beginning. By the time she was 26 years old, she was CEO of her own company.

Since her fashion debut in 2002, her star has continued to rise. She expanded her line from pants to dresses, sweaters, embellished T-shirts and coats and her success continued to build. She now has Alice + Olivia stores in five locations around the country. In addition, you can see her line at Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue, and Nordstroms.

Bendet further expanded her design vision to shoes in 2007 and entered into an arrangement with Payless shoes. In 2008, following the birth of her daughter Eloise, Bendet began a line of children’s clothes. Reportedly, she was unhappy with the fabrics and choices presented in baby clothes and was inspired to give a new twist to baby chic.

What does the future hold? Stacey Bendet is expanding her line even more in 2011, adding jewelry and scarves to her innovative inventory. To see exactly what Stacey Bendet has to offer, visit her online boutique at www.aliceandolivia.com.

Making the Best Dressed List

BERLIN - JULY 19:  Karl Lagerfeld (C) smiles a...
Image by Getty Images via @daylife

We may not all have personal designers like the stars, but we all have a fashion sense. We all know what works for us, and for the most part, those to whom it is important, follow the fashion trends regularly. Or do we? Of course we do not. Most of us could not put two colors together and make them work. We are not always keenly aware of what the fashion industry is touting as the next “mini skirt”, the next great have to have look for the ages. We are just happy to get up and get dressed.

But there are those times. Those times when we want to make our partner realize just how amazing we can look. Those times when we want to impress a potential new boss or client. Those times when we just want to show everyone we are more that just a pretty face. We have fashion sense, we can follow the trends and yet put our own spin on it. Sometimes, it is easy. Sometimes. There are those times when no matter what we put together, it just does not look right. “How could I have paired those shoes with that look?” “Now what do I do?” You can skip the event, appointment or interview, or you can consult theboutique.org, a website for just this kind of help.

All the work has been done for you. No more flipping through the latest fashion magazines trying to find the right answer to your question. The research has been done, the fashion icons have been followed. Your one stop shop for fashion advice. They keep current with the fashion trends, follow the fashion industry and pass their fashion advice and tips along to you. Everything you need to know to make heads turn. You know you are amazing, and now everybody else will too.

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