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Le Boutique http://www.theboutique.org Thu, 22 Mar 2012 18:55:27 +0000 en hourly 1 http://wordpress.org/?v=3.3.1 Shopping While Vacationing in Honolulu http://www.theboutique.org/shopping-while-vacationing-in-honolulu.html http://www.theboutique.org/shopping-while-vacationing-in-honolulu.html#comments Mon, 23 Jan 2012 18:45:38 +0000 admin http://www.theboutique.org/?p=663 During a trip to Hawaii, many travelers are going to decide that they would like to do some local shopping. What better way to remember those that were left at home than with a great souvenir from the islands?

Even better is if you took one of the cheap Honolulu flights to get there, you will have even more money to spend on your shopping excursion. It will be a great benefit to sample the local sales areas and open market, as well as delve into the commercial malls available on the island.


The People’s Open Market

You should visit the People’s Open Market on Keeaumoku Street to check out the best Hawaii has to offer. This open market was founded in 1973 and was formed to help achieve three specific goals.

  1. To provide a focal point for local residents to socialize.
  2. To support the local economy of highly diversified aquaculture and agriculture by providing a place of sale for local farmers and fishermen.
  3. To provide the opportunity for locals and visitors to purchase fresh produce and meats from local area farmers and fishermen.

Over a million people shop at The People’s Market each year. Since pricing is commonly lower than retail stores, many locals will shop nowhere else. In addition, many local and ethnic foods are not available in the more commercialized shopping venues.

There is no better way to support the local economy of Honolulu than to purchase from The People’s Market.

Royal Hawaiian Center

Visitors can enjoy a full day of shopping and dining at the Royal Hawaiian Center. Expect to find a huge variety of boutiques and quality stores. Everything from art galleries to designer fashions allows travelers to enjoy the full spectrum of shopping options in Honolulu. This is another area in which those cheap Honolulu flights will pay off. All of that money saved on your flight can benefit your shopping trip at these luscious boutiques.

No need to leave the Royal Hawaiian Center when it’s time to eat. Head to one of the many top-notch dining establishments, or dip into others with more relaxing and informal atmospheres. Whether you are looking for sushi, or a famous Hawaii burger, both can be found here.

Be sure to take the time to experience both forms of shopping in Honolulu. You do not want to leave the island without having experienced the luxury of high-quality shopping, or the comfort and pride of shopping open market style with the residents of this tropical paradise.

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Payday Loans and How to Deal with Them http://www.theboutique.org/payday-loans-and-how-to-deal-with-them.html http://www.theboutique.org/payday-loans-and-how-to-deal-with-them.html#comments Wed, 11 Jan 2012 18:14:18 +0000 admin http://www.theboutique.org/?p=676 Considering all of the expenses that you need to comply with on a daily basis, it can be very difficult to make ends meet. Even if you have a fixed budget, there will still be times when you might have to shell out a few more dollars for emergency purposes. So what can you do in such cases?

When the going gets tough and you find yourself against the wall, a payday loan may just be your last resort. But before you decide on getting one, you need to first understand the repercussions of a payday loan. First of all, payday loans are ideally an option for people who require the money on unforeseen or emergency occurrences. That in itself should tell you a lot about where you can use the money from the loan.

Shopping for Online Lenders

To ease the payment, shop around and look for lenders that offer suitable interest rates. Not all rates are fixed; depending on how much you can take for your loan, the rates will also differ from one lender to another.

Image via Flickr

The Internet as an Option for your Loans

Not all payday loans can be acquired through a bank or a lending service. There are also some, such as no fax payday loans from PayDay One, that are offered through the Internet. For the most part, this might be the better option. The paper trail is lesser and the requirements are easier to attain.

Lesser Requirements May Lead to Higher Risks in the End

Almost everyone can acquire a payday loan. While this may be a good thing, the drawback will be on your ability to plausibly pay the loan in the end. To avoid any problems, settle all your bad credit scores and clear anything that can be deemed pivotal to your capability of compensating for the loan.


Reputable Lenders Only

Anything that involves giving your personal information for money must be dealt with the utmost attention. As helpful as the Internet has been for acquiring loans, it has also made it easy for scammers. So be sure that before you sign on anything, you do a background check on your lender.

Keep in mind that payday loans are mostly fixed to be in small amounts. They may provide financial ease during emergency situations, but they should be treated as a complete life-changer when talking about the money you can get.

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Using Student Loans to Increase Your Credit Score http://www.theboutique.org/using-student-loans-to-increase-your-credit-score.html http://www.theboutique.org/using-student-loans-to-increase-your-credit-score.html#comments Sun, 18 Dec 2011 18:19:44 +0000 admin http://www.theboutique.org/?p=668 Image via Wikipedia

Many people go back to school to obtain a higher degree and, in turn, land a higher-paying job. But before you build a successful career, you also need to spend more money to reach your goals. If you are looking to buy a home or a car after you graduate but have bad credit, getting a loan would be tough, even with a higher salary.


Installment loans can solve this problem by allowing you to borrow smaller amounts of money that you can easily repay after attending to emergency expenses.


Applying for an Installment Loan


If you need quick cash and you can’t find personal loans that fit the bill, installment loans for people with bad credit is a great option. You can easily obtain these through banks or online lenders, and some don’t even require thorough credit checks.


Whether you do not have enough money to buy a set of new books or you just need some cash to help you get by until your next allowance arrives, an installment loan is exactly what you need.


Increasing Your Credit Score

Image via Flickr

Many students prefer installment loans because they are very easy to work into a monthly budget. However, you can also use these short-term loans to re-build your credit. They are very easy and simple to pay off.


This means that you will no longer need to worry about defaulting on debts because of ridiculously high interest rates. By simply paying off your installment loan on time, you can improve your credit score and become entitled to receiving better loans in the future.


Benefits of Installment Loans


The biggest benefit of an installment loan is that they are less expensive than typical loans. It is also very easy to process, so borrowers can expect to receive the money in less than two days. Installment loans are indeed a godsend to college students who find it hard to budget their finances. They do not always know how much their monthly bills would cost, so installment loans come in handy whenever unexpected expenses arise.


Unlike credit card debt that may vary from month to month, installment loans will give you full control over the amount of money you will borrow. These loans also fall in the short-term range, so they will not force you into a long-term financial commitment.


You will also find that installment loans are easy to get, especially if you find a trustworthy sites online, such as Plain Green Loans, that offer a good amount of money at fairly low interest rates.

When it comes to building a good career through good education, consider getting help through installment loans. Consider getting an installment loan with lower interest rates, shorter payment durations, and faster processing periods to pay off any emergency expenses.

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The Latest Bridal Trend: The Reception Dress http://www.theboutique.org/the-latest-bridal-trend-the-reception-dress.html http://www.theboutique.org/the-latest-bridal-trend-the-reception-dress.html#comments Fri, 26 Aug 2011 04:12:36 +0000 admin http://www.theboutique.org/?p=636

Photo via Flickr

Never settle for less on the biggest day of your life! All eyes are on you during your wedding day — except for when guests are looking at your dress.  Let’s face it: Everyone will be admiring your gorgeous gown, so make sure you pick the perfect one!

You probably spent hours looking for the right dress and eventually narrowed it down to two. That’s when your decision got harder. But now that Kate Middleton and Vanessa Minnillo have broken the mold, brides are free to wear two dresses at their wedding. Don’t give excuses about celebrities and royalty having more liberties! You’re a queen on your wedding day.  Freedom to wear two different dresses allows you to show your new husband and his family two sides of your personality. Look for wedding dresses on eBay for the most variety. After all, other local brides will be shopping at your local bridal shop, and you don’t want their cast-offs.

Image via Wikimedia Commons

Choose two different styles.

Now, a nice big Cinderella dress is practical for the wedding march. Then you can change into a slender dress for the reception. Other options are the sweet, retro wedding dress for the walk down the aisle and then a sultry, slinky dress for the reception. A sexy but tasteful reception gown will ensure that your new hubby is ready for the wedding night! Many women still want a conventional wedding ceremony. Bringing in some sass at the reception gets your guests in a celebratory mood.

Make a grand exit.

Select a third, less formal dress for the exit, but make it one with flare. You want to leave your wedding festivities giving the guests something to talk about. You want Aunt Sue to call Cousin Gina right away to discuss your big celebration. You want to be comfortable on a long drive or at the after-the-party party.

Nervous about wearing two wedding dresses? Here are some tips:

  • Keep the pictures in mind.  The wedding is the biggest event of your photographic life (which is yet another reason you should wear two dresses). Consider the photo session schedule when deciding when to change your dress, and make sure to plan accordingly ahead of time. Many brides take all formal ceremony pictures, including the dance shot, and then change. You may or may not want the toast and the cutting of the cake to be in the reception dress. Just decide ahead of time and plan accordingly. Consider taking a toast photo in both dresses.
  • Remember to make your reception dress a stand-out dress. You do not want to simply purchase a cocktail dress; this puts you at risk of having a dress just like one of your guests. Stay in your bridal dress and choose a less bulky style for sitting and dancing.

It’s your big day, so make a big impression on your guests! How would you incorporate all of those “to die for” dresses in your wedding?

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Bridal Woes-How to Avoid Unexpected Disasters On the Big Day http://www.theboutique.org/bridal-woes-how-to-avoid-unexpected-disasters-on-the-big-day.html http://www.theboutique.org/bridal-woes-how-to-avoid-unexpected-disasters-on-the-big-day.html#comments Mon, 22 Aug 2011 06:31:41 +0000 admin http://www.theboutique.org/?p=641

Planning a wedding can be a very happy and stressful time. Although the bride and groom may try to plan the perfect wedding day, everything does not always go as well as planned. When planning your wedding, it would be wise to also plan for unexpected disasters. Here are some common wedding disasters and what you can do to avoid them as well.

Disaster #1: Members of the Wedding Party Get Sick

It is the day of your big wedding and you just received a call from one of the wedding party members saying he is very sick. You are not sure if he had too much to drink at the bachelor’s party or not but you are short one groomsmen.

Solution: When you select the wedding party members, you should select two alternate people to fill in just in case one of the bridesmaids or groomsmen can’t attend the wedding at the last minute. These people should attend the rehearsals just in case they are needed. If you end up short more than one person, then have the other bridesmaids and groomsmen double up to walk down the aisle.

Disaster #2: Your Cake Has an Accident

The day before your wedding, you get a call from the wedding cake maker stating that your cake was destroyed in freak bakery accident. You will be reimbursed for the cake but a new one will not be ready in time for your wedding tomorrow.

Solution: You need to have a backup wedding cake maker on reserve just in case you need a replacement cake. You may be required to pay more for a last minute cake but you will be able to enjoy eating your wedding cake on your wedding day. If you need extra money for last minute wedding expenses, you can apply for plaingreenloans online.

Disaster #3: The Photographer is MIA

Your wedding party and family are ready to take the professional wedding pictures before the wedding starts at noon. It is now 11:45 am and the photographer is nowhere to be found and he is not answering his cell phone.

Solution: If you have a friend or family member who is into photography, you should have him bring his camera as a backup just in case. You can also purchase disposable cameras for the wedding guests to use to take pictures before, during, and after the wedding. After the wedding is over, request that they leave the cameras for you to create a wedding scrapbook using the pictures they took.

These disasters along with the solutions should get you off to a good start on planning for unexpected wedding disasters. There may not be a great solution for each disaster, but you can still overcome it. Now what other wedding disasters will you plan for?

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5 Most Extravagant Celebrity Cars http://www.theboutique.org/5-most-extravagant-celebrity-cars.html http://www.theboutique.org/5-most-extravagant-celebrity-cars.html#comments Fri, 29 Jul 2011 20:23:00 +0000 admin http://www.theboutique.org/?p=594 In the world of fame, money and celebrity, possessions speak louder than words. When it comes to celebrity cars, the more extravagant the better!

From four wheel one-of-a-kind masterpieces to Barbie-inspired Bentley creations, the world of celebrity cars is something most of us can only dream about.

Check out some of the most extravagant celebrity cars.

Jay-Z and his “This is Why I Top the Forbes List” Maybach Exelero

It may not be a pretty rainbow-inspired color or encrusted with gleaming diamonds, but Jay-Z’s Maybach Exelero has something better. An $8,000,000 price tag. You heard right. This car was originally built as a one of a kind, hence the extravagant price tag. It’s a wonder what his car insurance deductible would be.

Surely it would be in a category of its own.

David Beckham Kicks a Curve Ball With his Pimped out Rolls

What does the world’s most recognizable football (or depending on where you are from, soccer) player drive? Nothing less than a fully customized Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead with a cool price tag of $407,000. Beckham even has his number “23″ embroidered into the leather seats. Let’s hope his jersey number doesn’t change for any reason.

Jerry Seinfeld Splurges on an Un-drivable Extravagance

The comedy king loves his cars, especially Porsche, and reportedly has one of the largest collections in the world. His beloved centerpiece is a Porsche 959. The car is one of only 337 made and cost around $700,000. There is just one problem with this sleek masterpiece. It does not pass emissions tests in the United States; therefore cannot be driven! Well at least it’s something pretty Mr. Seinfeld can show off to his friends.

Kim Kardashian Flashes Her Booty Everywhere

Her car booty that is! The reality T.V. star has everyone wanting to keep up with her sleek Ferrari F430. The car may carry the more modest price tag of $186,925, but that doesn’t matter. Everywhere Kim goes in this extravagance on wheels all eyes are sure to be on her! It looks like the world of reality T.V. has led to some very real material investments for the young business woman!

Paris Hilton and Her Pepto-Bismol Bentley

It’s nothing but pink for this paparazzi princess. In 2008, Paris purchased a $200,000 custom built Bentley, complete with a custom designed, diamond-encrusted dashboard. Nearly every inch of this car is pink, making it one of the most extravagant and outrageous celebrity cars!

If you could own any kind of car in the world, what would it be? How extravagant would you go?

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How Celebrities Influence Us http://www.theboutique.org/how-celebrities-influence-us.html http://www.theboutique.org/how-celebrities-influence-us.html#comments Mon, 18 Jul 2011 11:27:04 +0000 admin http://www.theboutique.org/?p=612 Photo by Bill Ebbesen.

Image via Wikipedia

Our society is largely influenced by celebrity and entertainment figures. These figures can be extremely powerful in influencing individuals. Celebrities can influence beliefs, behaviors and interests, and this influence can start at an early age. A lot of children and teens want to emulate and imitate their celebrity icons.

This obsession with the celebrity may have started in the early 1900s when the entertainment industry began to really take off. At this time, we saw a lot of Americans becoming infatuated with that era’s celebrities, with that infatuation continuing to the present day.

Interestingly the celebrity influence over fashion seems to extend back to the 17th century and Louis XIV and his interest in clothing. In modern day, celebrities are fashion trendsetters. The media covers who is wearing which designer on the red carpet, to the latest movies and more.

Celebrities in the entertainment industry — especially women — are pressured to look very thin. Unfortunately, since many people want to emulate celebrities, this pressure to be thin can have impacts on body image perceptions. Because so many of us want to look like celebrities, we may often try to maintain or obtain an unrealistic body type.

Interestingly, in the past few years, we have seen an increase of celebrities who have started to use their influence within the political arenas. For instance, we saw Oprah Winfrey endorse then-candidate Barack Obama in a presidential election. We have also seen many other celebrities backing or endorsing political candidates, as well as lending their names to political causes and movements.

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Keeping up on Fashion Trends http://www.theboutique.org/keeping-up-on-fashion-trends.html http://www.theboutique.org/keeping-up-on-fashion-trends.html#comments Sun, 17 Jul 2011 11:27:02 +0000 admin http://www.theboutique.org/?p=611 Toni Maticevski: New York Fashion Week Fall 2007

Image by Art Comments via Flickr

We would all love to be able to attend the Fashion Week shows in Milan or New York. The reality is that very few of us have that opportunity; however, that does not mean that we cannot follow the latest fashion trends. Here’s a look at how to keep up with fashion trends.

Watch style channels on televisions. These programs cover each season’s top designer looks. Additionally, style magazines are a great source of fashion news. Subscribe to your favorites that include regular articles about what is happening on the runway.

When looking at runway fashions, you should understand that these looks really don’t translate well to everyday life. Also, understand that you may not look your best in every outfit.

You can choose only the parts of these fashion statements that you feel will look good on you. For example, you may love the new pant styles, but hate the colors. It is possible to find a variation that will make you look and feel great.

The price tag of most clothes we see on the runways is probably far out of reach of most of our budgets. However, there are many ways we can still wear the same look. Many fashion outlets specialize in providing look-alike options at great prices.

Match styles to your own individual body type. Most of us are not rail-thin runway models; however, we can still wear high-end fashions. We just need to make sure we choose clothing that will be as flattering to our body type as possible.

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Shopping on a Budget is Possible http://www.theboutique.org/shopping-on-a-budget-is-possible.html http://www.theboutique.org/shopping-on-a-budget-is-possible.html#comments Sat, 16 Jul 2011 11:27:00 +0000 admin http://www.theboutique.org/?p=610 Shopper

Image via Wikipedia

During our tough economic times, many women have had to cut back on a their shopping. While this is probably just a sign of the times, there are still ways that us women can indulge our shopping sweet tooth without actually spending the monthly budget.

Visit consignment or vintage shops. These types of shops can be chock full of great designer clothes — most of which has only been gently used. You can find wonderful pieces, including those with high-end design labels at highly discounted prices. You may even be able to find clothing that is brand new, with the labels still attached, at these types of stores.

Check out yard sales that are being held in more upscale neighborhoods. These sales generally offer items that are of higher quality, including clothing and jewelry. The great thing about yard sales is that the prices are often negotiable, so you can spend what you are comfortable with.

Some high-end retailers offer lines of less expensive clothing, in conjunction with their usual lines. For example, high-end retailer Forever 21 carries a line of pants for under $15, which is extremely attractive.

Don’t forget about your friends and relatives who may be a bit older than you. Go shopping in their closets. You could find some great treasures, and as you know, vintage pieces are always in fashion.

As you can see, with just a few tips and tricks, you can still take pleasure in doing some shopping to keep your individual style and look up-to-date.

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8 Misconceptions with Buying an Engagement Ring http://www.theboutique.org/8-misconceptions-with-buying-an-engagement-ring.html http://www.theboutique.org/8-misconceptions-with-buying-an-engagement-ring.html#comments Wed, 06 Jul 2011 15:15:39 +0000 admin http://www.theboutique.org/?p=525 Diamond rings have grown dramatically in popularity over the past 100 years, and they have become an engagement tradition in many parts of the world. If you want to learn a great marketing trick, do a search for the marketing campaign De Beers put forward in the early part of the 20th century. Diamonds are extremely popular, but a lot of the information you can get about them and their settings needs to come from a third party source, instead of a sales person.

Expertise is just one of the many misconceptions people often have about their engagement rings.


1. Shopping for Size not Quality

Size matters in some respects, but diamonds are about more than just being massive. While a diamond the size of a mango might be impressive, wearing it on a ring could qualify as an arm workout. The other three C’s of color, clarity and cut are also very important factors you need to consider.


2. Assuming the Sales Person is an Expert

There are a lot of areas in life where you need to find an expert. Your doctor and your plumber should be implied experts, naturally. But whereas your doctor and plumber took on a great deal of professional training to achieve these titles, an engagement ring salesperson might been delivering pizzas last week.

Your salesperson isn’t an expert, and they will all but inevitably lead you to the most expensive ring they think you’ll buy. So be sure to do your research before you walk into the store to make your purchasing decision.


3. Not Thinking About Her/What She Likes

While your soon-to-be wife might not become a princess by marrying you, she’s still a special lady. While you might expect that every woman just wants the most popular style, this isn’t true at all. No man has ever figured out “what women want,” so you have to be sure to know your woman’s preferences. She’s going to wear this ring the rest of her life, so it needs to be truly special.


4. Failing to ask About Warranties

The above is just one example of a warranty you might get. Naturally, you want to make sure an investment this large has protection. While most engagement rings have no moving parts, life still happens. If your stone falls out, a good jeweler will replace it. If some kind of damage occurs early in your ownership of the ring, your jeweler should be open to making repairs. If they aren’t, you can certainly find a jeweler who will offer you these otherwise expensive services.


5. No Research

This goes back to assuming your salesperson is an expert. If you go in there without any foreknowledge of rings, diamonds or what you want, you’ll be far more open to a slick sales pitch. If you have an eye for style and a flexible budget, you might be able to let this slide. But if you have something particular in mind, do your research first.


6. Last Minute Decisions

Again, waiting until you’re standing at the jewelry counter is the wrong time to decide what kind of ring you want. Before you even walk in the door, you need to know your budget, the cut of gem you want, and the material you want your ring to be made out of. From there, you can make a more informed decision. Don’t be afraid to make two or three trips before you commit. Treat your first visit like a first date.


7. Purchasing Non-certified Diamonds

There are a lot of reasons why a diamond can be less than what you paid for. For instance, diamonds can be mined in countries with numerous human rights issues. Additionally a conflict diamond can finance deplorable acts by warlords. As if that weren’t enough, a diamond that isn’t certified might not be a diamond at all. Zirconium and glass can look very similar to an authentic stone.


8. Assuming Most Expensive Always Means top Quality

There’s an old saying in real estate that applies equally well to jewelry: “It’s worth whatever you can get someone to pay for it.” Simply put, you can spend as much money as you want to on an engagement ring, but there’s no guarantee your ring is going to be any better than a similar one with a much lower price tag.

It’s very easy for a jeweler to make extra profit off of your ignorance. For instance, they can use inferior materials, falsify the materials used, as well as use a smaller stone or thinner setting in a ring. Also, they can charge whatever they like, and your only choice is whether or not to pay it.

As always, be informed and be empowered.


In Conclusion

There are a lot of things most men never think about before it comes time to buy Robbins Brothers engagement rings, or otherwise. But every one of these things can become extremely important when the time is right. Know a thing or two about rings, know what your lady loves, and know what you’re interested in before you ever go into the jewelry store. When you go in there prepared to deal properly, you will come out of there with a great ring at a great price. You’ll only get once chance to do this right.



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All My Replicas For You http://www.theboutique.org/all-my-replicas-for-you.html http://www.theboutique.org/all-my-replicas-for-you.html#comments Sat, 02 Jul 2011 14:01:15 +0000 admin http://www.theboutique.org/?p=515 In fact, there are many defining and established fashion accessories accessible online for the valued customers. They typically range from replica handbags to fake watches, replica jewelry to greeting cards and panties to many more. Bear in your mind you can certainly find out these accessories at www.allmyreplicas.com. They are marvelously creative, elegant and more importantly economical fashion accessories.

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At www.allmyreplicas.com, you could well come across many other types of replica accessories online economically, such as Breitling watches, Cartier watches, Daytona, Submariner, Rolex, Zenith, Omega, Breitling and Date Just replica watches. If you are coming across the stylish fake Rolex watches, it won’t be the finest choice for the customers than www.allmyreplicas.com. Moreover, you could find out the wholesale fashion jewelry online ranging from earrings to replica rings, bracelets to charms and necklaces to bangles. Jessica Hardy commented that All My Replicas is an excellent and prestigious site for the customers, as www.allmyreplicas.com feels the fulfillment in providing you versatile replica handbags, watches and jewelry designs online inexpensively.

Hence, www.allmyreplicas.com is a noteworthy and well improved replicas shop on the web nowadays. You will certainly be able to come across the distinctive looking replicas designs online economically. p>

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Replica Watches http://www.theboutique.org/replica-watches.html http://www.theboutique.org/replica-watches.html#comments Wed, 29 Jun 2011 15:31:40 +0000 admin http://www.theboutique.org/?p=511 Importance of watches cannot be denied from one’s life as it is used to teach us punctuality and we
are able to make our schedule with the help of these watches, especially the wristwatches, which have
become very much common especially among the men, after the World War II.

Companies which are producing the wrist watches:

There are hundreds and thousands of companies which are producing the wrist watches now days
and are competing on the grounds of prices. As the result of this competition, huge variety among the
wrist watches has been evolved and now you can see many shapes, designs, colors among the wrist
watch collection. Every company is unique in producing and delivering the huge variety among these
watches. But still these companies use to charge the higher prices and the common people cannot
afford to buy them.

Replica watches:

So in order to meet with the demands of these people, many companies have started producing the
replica watches, i.e. the watches which are having the
same color, design and shape but still they are duplicate of the original ones, so having the lesser price
than the originals. Now with the help of these watches, the middle standard people can also enjoy the
facility of being prominent among their friends and families. Besides raising their status, they can also
fulfill their dream of wearing the luxurious watches.

Online availability of Rolex replica watches:

You can check the huge collection of Rolex replica
watches on the internet, as there are the number of websites which are promoting them, by seeing the
demand of this trend now a days. Besides, there is also the official website of Rolex watches, so log on
to internet, check the huge collection and select the one, of your own choice. You can also reserve your
orders online, and the company will serve you the free home delivery, or get the contact number of the
stores of Rolex, and book your orders through a phone call. All facilities are available for the valuable
customers of Rolex, enjoy as much as you want.

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Celebrity influence http://www.theboutique.org/celebrity-influence.html http://www.theboutique.org/celebrity-influence.html#comments Wed, 29 Jun 2011 06:30:37 +0000 admin http://www.theboutique.org/?p=517 1977 issue of Celebrity


Everyone knows that just about every celebrity has been on the news or in magazines at some point or another.  Sadly every thing these days focuses on celebrities.  There are many more celebrity magazines produced then any other magazines out there. Unfortunately any news that pertains to celebrities will more often then not be on the news first rather then that of some world event.

We put celebrities high up on a platform and look up to them.  When they make mistakes that are only human we look down upon them.   Celebrity influence goes back for many years.  In this world celebrities to most is like gods.  Most people become absorbed by the lives of celebrities.  Some people begin to feel a close connection to their celebrity of choice if they can relate to the celebrity from some aspect of their own life.  Then once they feel this connection they simply want to learn more about the celebrity as if they were making a new friend.

When we watch television we see the celebrities all dressed up and looking glamours.  They might drive a nice car, have a gorgeous house ect, but what most of don’t realize is that all of these costly things come with a price tag.

Sometimes we get so obsessed with the way the celebrities live their lives that more often then not a person may want to follow in ones footsteps, so in reality celebrities influence us.

Amongst people we all have a common denominator, and that is celebrities.

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Fashion trends http://www.theboutique.org/fashion-trends.html http://www.theboutique.org/fashion-trends.html#comments Sun, 19 Jun 2011 06:30:56 +0000 admin http://www.theboutique.org/?p=518 Bride, 1968.


When we think of fashion we most think of clothes.  What most don’t realize is that when using the term fashion trends that could be consider many different aspects.  From shoes, to clothes, to hairstyles to makeup.

Back in the year eighteen forty women who were getting married could buy a wedding dress of any color.  It wasn’t until after Queen Victoria was married that her dressed was made of lace, and the color white.  After her marriage most every woman began to correlate white dresses with weddings.

It was later on in the nineteenth century that if you chose a different clothing or it was new that you were classified as middle class.  Men or women who wore clothing that was black or grey were looked at as having respect and who were dominate.  Children had to wear a sailor outfit.  Women back then never exposed their skin.  They wore their hair in a bun or had curls.  Middle class girls wore princess looking attire, such as frilly dressed and bows in their hair.

As we have known color of ones atire can express emotions.  For example those who are in mourning of the loss of a loved one or friend are known to wear black.  It is also said that we wear black to a formal gathering.

Some historical people are known for their fashion trends.  Abraham Lincoln was known for his black suit as well as his stove piped hat.  When we hear of Elvis Presley we remember him as a man who had jeweled suits.


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Shopping with coupons http://www.theboutique.org/shopping-with-coupons.html http://www.theboutique.org/shopping-with-coupons.html#comments Sun, 05 Jun 2011 06:30:53 +0000 admin http://www.theboutique.org/?p=519 Various Federal Reserve Notes, c.1995. Only th...

Image via Wikipedia

In this day and age with the economy the way it is we are all looking to save money here and there and cut costs here and there.  What many shoppers are taking advantage of today is clipping coupons.  Every coupon you clip will in the end save you money.  There are shoppers who look at the sale ad prior to visiting the store, sit down look at the deals and match them up with the coupons they might have, and if they don’t have the coupons they often search the internet looking for the coupons.

Then once they enter the store with the sales ad and coupons in hand they search for the products and check out with hundreds of dollars of groceries and end up paying little to nothing in the end.  For some this has become a habit, and for others just a way to save money.

The Learning Channel has premiered a television special called extreme couponing.  These people spend hours searching for deals, and some even consider it to be a part time job.  Some people on the show have become hoarders.

There are many experienced shoppers out there who will give you lessons on how to save money shopping at the grocery store or drug store.  For some it takes practice and for others it’s understood on the first lesson.

In 2009 more then more then three hundred and sixty seven billion coupons were disbursed, and out of that it is said that three point three billion people redeemed coupons.

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5 ways to make a fashion statement in 2011 http://www.theboutique.org/5-ways-to-make-a-fashion-statement-in-2011.html http://www.theboutique.org/5-ways-to-make-a-fashion-statement-in-2011.html#comments Fri, 27 May 2011 13:58:06 +0000 admin http://www.theboutique.org/?p=544 Fashion is the most elusive of creatures — difficult to learn, hard to master. Every year provides a new style to chase, a new idea to capture.

2011 is no different.

Chic excess is now the desire of all designers: a collection of saturated colors, whimsical lines and relentless textures. And those wishing to brand themselves aware must hurry to gather all they can.

Bright Patterns

The days were once defined to sad expectations — the tedious gray, black and sepia tones. All colors were tamed; all designs were dull. It was a celebration of neutrality. 2011 is proving to be far brighter, however. Patterns are the answer to all style questions. Florals, animal prints, geometric shapes and more are injecting themselves within every runway show. It’s a Bohemian sensibility (without sacrificing modern silhouettes). Abandon the bland and choose patterns instead.

Layered Ease

Simple lines, tailored choices: the rules of fashion were once shaped to singularities. All outfits were composed of basic pieces and their basic rewards (separates cobbled together for looks that were as streamlined as they were unimaginative). 2011 offers an alternative, however — layering. The style-inclined must understand the value of dressing like a geisha. Wardrobes should be filled with jackets, cardigans, camisoles and leggings. The effect will be designs of depth. Texture, colors and more can finally be found.

Bold Jewelry

It was a cluster of delicate chains, the tiny gathers of gems. Jewelry was carved from a frugal philosophy: less was forever more, and more was forever gauche. 2011 is flinging such thoughts away, however. Experience new designs this year. Accessories are being offered in large proportions, with bracelets capturing entire wrists and pendants hanging from massive braids. Metal accents — especially copper and brushed nickel — allow pieces to be bold; and unique materials (such as ribbons or recycled wares) mark each item as unique.

Shoe Simplicity

The trends of 2011 favor all things striking. Styles are shaped to reckless splashes of color and shine. Simplicity can still be found, however — in shoes. Outfits may be wild but footwear is being defined instead to comfort. Ballet flats are the perfect accompaniments to any ensemble. These uncomplicated items allow individuals to counter their pattern-drenched blouses with easy lines and easier colors. They can transition from hour to hour and are appropriate for any occasion. A closet should boast several pairs.

Bands and Barrettes

It’s a familiar disgrace: tousled curls falling limp, layers of frazzled strands, tendrils stiff with gels and sprays. Hair too often becomes a victim of good intentions — with every end split and every style weak. 2011 provides relief, however. Accessories can now be offered to every curler-formed bang. Headbands, barrettes and bobby-pins provide aid to the follicly challenged: pining back flyaways and hinting colors.

Introduce elements of the fantastical this year. Let 2011 be a bold expression and a bolder joy. Are you ready to embrace it?

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Making a Scene http://www.theboutique.org/making-a-scene.html http://www.theboutique.org/making-a-scene.html#comments Tue, 24 May 2011 14:05:14 +0000 admin http://www.theboutique.org/?p=471 Fashion is always about style, color, and influence. Many of today’s hottest brands, or oldest remaining fashions, have all been credited with fantastic marketing, innovative quality and style, as well as eye-catching appeal. This is also true of the new clothing line LRG or Lifted Research Group. Their creative designs make for some fashionable, shocking, and interesting designs that are taking the fashion industry by storm.

Celebrity Couture

Scene of the setup at a Montreal

Image via Wikipedia

Celebrities have a huge influence over the fashion world because they are in the public eye all the time. They are critiqued on everything from their workout clothes to what they wear to run an errand almost as muchas on their formal wear for events. To have a celebrity pick a designer to wear a clothing line is a great compliment for the designer, and also an amazing way to market the clothing.

LRG clothing is making its way into the hearts of celebs around the world. They are providing clothing that is very charismatic while staying in line with fashion trends and affordability scales. Some of the big trend setters for fashion today include Jennifer Aniston, Drew Barrymore, and even Selena Gomez.

While the fashion industry is not exclusively carved by celebrities, much of the popular trends are set into the mainstream markets through their influence. The fashion lines that are promoted from fledgling to all the rage can easily be done by a celebrity walking to the store for milk, or seen in a movie that features characters that are interesting and appeal to the masses.

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Sunglasses – Which Pair? http://www.theboutique.org/sunglasses-which-pair.html http://www.theboutique.org/sunglasses-which-pair.html#comments Mon, 23 May 2011 15:55:07 +0000 admin http://www.theboutique.org/?p=503 Prestige-sunglasses.

Image via Wikipedia

Since the early 1960′s Sunglasses have become part of everyday wear.  Whether its a sunny day or not, inside or out, no self respecting fashionista would be without their sunnies.  You can pick up a great pair of sunglasses for a few dollars or splash out and pay hundreds for a designer pair.  But which pair are best for you?

  • Round Face – If you have a round face then you will want to choose a pair of frames that slim your face and do not accentuate the roundness.  Go for a cool pair of rectangular shaped shades.  Frames that are just wider than the widest part of your face will give the illusion that your face is slimmer.
  • Heart Shaped Face -  With a heart shaped face the wrong frames can make your jaw look larger than it actually is.  Choose a pair of frames that draw the eye away from the jaw line in funky colours or metal rims.
  • Square Face – If you have a square face then you need to choose frames that soften your profile. Soft curves or wrap around shade can achieve this and add a slightly softer touch.
  • Oval Shaped Face - The luckiest of all! Oval face shapes can wear sunglasses in almost any style!

A general rule of thumb is to choose sunglasses with the opposite shape to your face. e.g. square face, round or curved lenses. Round face then choose rectangular shaped lenses.  The best advice of all those is to try on may different frames even ones you think may not suit you and you may be pleasantly surprised!


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Popular Maternity Clothing Retailers http://www.theboutique.org/popular-maternity-clothing-retailers.html http://www.theboutique.org/popular-maternity-clothing-retailers.html#comments Wed, 18 May 2011 19:07:43 +0000 admin http://www.theboutique.org/?p=499 preggie

Image by Huy via Flickr

Trendy women make for trendy pregnant women. Shopping for maternity clothes is fun. The baby growing inside is becoming more evident every day. The woman is radiating with “baby glow” from head to toe. It has been said that all women look beautiful when they are pregnant.

Tracking the pregnancy week by week, there are those times in those nine expectant months that mom does not feel so beautiful. She is gaining weight and her feet are swollen. It is a little more difficult to get around, and she needs to make everything around her as comfortable as possible, while still trying to show her fashion sense.There are times when she would like to spend the entire nine months in pajamas and slippers, but the world does not stop, and maternity clothes are as diverse as the mommies wearing them.

While the fashion police are certainly not going to bash pregnant women, they will recognize the stylishly dressed. Maternity clothes can be found in many stores, and prices vary widely. From the bargain store to the boutique, there is something for everyone. Large chains, like Boscov’s and Macy’s, carry maternity clothes from Motherhood and A Pea in the Pod. This option offers the mother a chance to wear designer maternity fashions at some not-so-designer prices.

For such a beautiful, wonderful time in a woman’s life, she should dress to show just how happy she is. Just like she makes her every day wear her style, her baby bump can share the same style.


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Keeping Your Baby Fashionable http://www.theboutique.org/keeping-your-baby-fashionable.html http://www.theboutique.org/keeping-your-baby-fashionable.html#comments Tue, 17 May 2011 09:50:04 +0000 admin http://www.theboutique.org/?p=467
A baby wearing many items of winter clothing: ...

Image via Wikipedia

What parent does not like to dress up their baby? It is always great to have your baby dressed up, and it’s an adventure just getting to that point. So, why not make your baby fashionable while you are at it?

Being fashionable does not always mean copying what models wear on the red carpet. Sometimes being fashionable simply means taking an interest in what you, or your children, wear. So, you do not need to spend a small fortune on an outfit for a baby that will grow out of it in a matter of months to have people complimenting how adorable your baby’s outfit is.

Next time you are looking for new clothes for your baby, just spend a little more time finding clothes that are nice, even at a good price. This does not only apply to everyday clothing, either. Special occasion clothes, like an Easter dress or baby costumes, can make your baby look adorable and can be very comfortable for them to wear. Even on holidays like Halloween, your baby can look great.

Fashion is not an art only for people with millions of dollars. Anyone can look fashionable, and anyone can enjoy looking fashionable. Your baby is certain to love getting dressed up, and you will love dressing up your baby without having to take out another mortgage.

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Make it or break it on the red carpet http://www.theboutique.org/make-it-or-break-it-on-the-red-carpet.html http://www.theboutique.org/make-it-or-break-it-on-the-red-carpet.html#comments Mon, 09 May 2011 15:55:05 +0000 admin http://www.theboutique.org/?p=502 There are many red carpet events throughout the year and every single one a celebrity attends means total judgement on their style.  What pressure!  We may be able to handle a sly look up and down from a guest at a party but could we honestly see the magazines of the world the following day saying you looked a disaster?


red carpet

Image via Wikipedia

Celebrities have used the red carpet to showcase a new look, demonstrate they are bouncing back after a relationship break up and on the flip side to show how love has transformed them.  Below are a few celebrities who know how to make it and one or two who still need to learn the ropes!


  • Angelina Jolie is an obvious choice for understated glamour.  Judged for her relationship with Brad Pitt but yet still pulls off classy timeless beauty year after year and her style evolves with her.
  • Bjork is on the opposite end of the spectrum, who can forget the infamous swan dress!  The dress was such a hit for all the wrong reasons even Ellen DeGeneres wore it in a spoof on her show.  Always wacky but at least you can say she is true to her own creativity and has created some great publicity from it!
  • George Cloony.  Keeps is formal, classy and timeless.  By no going for anything to on trend and cutting edge he keeps a stylish blnak canvas so movie directors can picture him in any kind of role.

The next time you dress up for a night out, think about the look you want to achieve and whether your outfit matches your own personal style.


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Celebrity Influence on Fashion http://www.theboutique.org/celebrity-influence-on-fashion.html http://www.theboutique.org/celebrity-influence-on-fashion.html#comments Wed, 04 May 2011 15:55:03 +0000 admin http://www.theboutique.org/?p=501 Back in the golden era of Hollywood glamour inthe 40′s and 50′s celebrities were an enigma.  They were glamorous, mysterious and untouchable. Frank Sinatra and Elizabeth Taylor, Grace Kelly, Lauren Bacall and James Dean to name a few. Nowadays its very different, with social networking we can receive tweets and Facebook messages from our favourite Hollywood movie stars and Pop icons.

We know what perfume they where and what make up is applied to their skin.  We crave to know every detail about them.  Some celebrities have changed the face of fashion almost overnight.  Below are 5 of the most influential celebrities in fashion.

  • “The Rachel”.  Jennifer Aniston transformed millions of girls from ugly to swans by
    Jennifer Aniston at the 2008 Toronto Internati...

    Image via Wikipedia

    emulating the famous feathered bob worn by her as the much loved character Rachel from the hit series Friends.

  • Rhianna in more recent times sported pointy, sexy, severe shoulder pads and within days high street shops were selling copies
  • Whichever haircut David Beckham wears, millions of young men across the world follow
  • Angelina Jolie has inspired us to find the earth mother in all of us and show that you can have tattoos and still be extremely feminine and glamorous

Celebrities are under immense pressure to not only look fantastic in a movie or on stage.  Its a great way to emulate a celebrity you admire by taking just one or two elements of their looks and adding them to your own unique style.  The benefit of that being if your celebrity goes out of fashion, you will keep your style.





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Places to View Celebrity Style http://www.theboutique.org/places-to-view-celebrity-style.html http://www.theboutique.org/places-to-view-celebrity-style.html#comments Mon, 28 Mar 2011 18:59:43 +0000 admin http://theboutique.org/?p=450 Styles and fashion are constantly changing. It can be tough to try and keep up with what the celebrities are wearing if you don’t keep a close eye on things. You can’t spend all of your time watching television fashion shows to give you some idea of what you should be wearing when you walk out the door. Try to find ways to look through photos to find just the information that you need.

One of the easiest ways to get a clear idea of style is checking out magazines. You don’t have to read a high fashion magazine to see what everyone is wearing. Even in the gossip publications you can see what items are the “must-haves” for the upcoming season. As you look through the pages you may notice that the magazines also have tip sheets for hair, makeup and clothing to check out.

The Internet is constantly being updated with the latest photos of celebrities going out to dinner, shopping, and even filling their cars up with gas. You can easily pull up the latest photos and skim through them. If you see a common thread, like the several people all wearing the same style shoes, the same color purse, or even the same style of pants you know that this is a current trend and you want to get on board as quickly as possible.

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Tips for Stepping Outside Your Fashion Comfort Zone http://www.theboutique.org/tips-for-stepping-outside-your-fashion-comfort-zone.html http://www.theboutique.org/tips-for-stepping-outside-your-fashion-comfort-zone.html#comments Thu, 24 Mar 2011 18:59:40 +0000 admin http://theboutique.org/?p=449 If you feel like you are just wearing the same old thing every day, it may be time to step outside of your comfort zone. It isn’t that you need an entire makeover and you don’t need to get rid of everything in your closet. Just start with something small and see where it leads. You may find that you are more creative than you realize when it comes to your own personal sense of side.

Start with an accessory. This is one of the smallest changes that you can make. Next time you go shopping look for a purse with a funky pattern or a pair of earrings that you would have never looked twice at in the past. Once you make the purchase, commit to using it at least once or twice in the upcoming week. If you like the change, move on to something new.

A new pair of shoes can make a huge difference in an outfit that you already own. But don’t just go for a safe choice. Pick up the leopard print heels that you may have been eying at the mall. Choose the sexy peep-toes instead of your traditional footwear of sandals or tennis shoes. Take a risk. The worst thing that can happen is that you don’t like the look. The next day, get up and try something else. Keep trying to find new ideas until you are once again satisfied with the items you wear.

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Designer Clothes at Affordable Prices http://www.theboutique.org/designer-clothes-at-affordable-prices.html http://www.theboutique.org/designer-clothes-at-affordable-prices.html#comments Sun, 20 Mar 2011 18:59:39 +0000 admin http://theboutique.org/?p=448 Seeing designer clothing and accessories on celebrities in enough to send any woman into a frenzy. Who doesn’t want to be wearing what the stars are wearing? But after checking out the price tag you may have concerns about how you are going to be able to pay for just one pair of Jimmy Choo heels or a Gucci jacket. There are ways around the outrageous prices to assist you in getting the look you want.

Purchasing a knock off (or something very similar) is no big deal. You have to look to see what the differences are and figure out if it is noticeable. For example, if you go find a jacket just like the one that was seen on the red carpet at a movie premiere, but it just isn’t Gucci, pick it up. Even if you don’t have the specific brand you are still able to enjoy that style. Avoid items that have the brand name on the outside as these are tough to duplicate.

Shop at stores that offer designer brands at less expensive prices. You have probably commercials on television advertising less expensive prices for the same clothes that you see on the runway. While this might be a slight exaggeration, this is worth the time it takes to go to the store and look through what is available. If you don’t have one of these stores clothes, shop in some of the more upscale stores, but begin your search on the clearance rack.

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Finding Laptop Bags That Will Make it Past Airport Security http://www.theboutique.org/finding-laptop-bags-that-will-make-it-past-airport-security.html http://www.theboutique.org/finding-laptop-bags-that-will-make-it-past-airport-security.html#comments Thu, 17 Mar 2011 10:14:02 +0000 admin http://theboutique.org/?p=444 With the increased security measures that have been implemented at airports since September 11 as well as more recent terrorist events, it’s becoming harder and harder to find laptop bags and other things that will make it past a security checkpoint without setting off every alarm in the terminal. However, there are some out there that make passing the inspection easier.

What to Look for in Checkpoint Friendly Laptop Bags

The first thing you want to look for in a laptop bag is the type of material from which the bags are constructed. Certain materials can set off the security alarms, especially if they rely on metal fasteners to hold everything together.Further, some types of material is not as easily scannable as others; if this occurs, you’ll most likely be pulled from the security line and made to open the bag itself. This can cost you valuable time, perhaps even causing you to miss your flight.

Next, you want to look for laptop bags that are easily accessible. Those that unzip fully with just a quick tug are the best.In addition, look for bags that have numerous smaller pockets as well as the area for the laptop as well. These pockets can hold smaller items such as your cell phone, organizer, keys and other items that you’ll need quick access to. Hook and loop fasteners are best for the pockets, as a quick pull will open the pocket, making it easy for you to empty them at the scanner then refill quickly as soon as you’ve passed through.

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Walking Your Own Red Carpet http://www.theboutique.org/walking-your-own-red-carpet.html http://www.theboutique.org/walking-your-own-red-carpet.html#comments Wed, 16 Mar 2011 18:59:34 +0000 admin http://theboutique.org/?p=447 Everyone has those days when they just don’t feel like spending any time getting ready . It is the feeling that sweatpants with an over-sized t-shirt is fashionable enough for errands. The problems with moments like these is that they tend to come in groups. A couple of days go by and you might take a look in the mirror and wonder what happened to the old you. If this is the case, it is time for you to set up your own red carpet.

Overdress for the occasion. Sure you are just going to the grocery store or maybe to the drug store but why not step up the style. No one needs to know that you are only going to these stores. Let them think that you are just making a stop before you head out to a party. You don’t have to go over the top in an evening gown, (that would just look silly) but do put an outfit together that you can be proud of.

Walk around like you are on the red carpet. Sometimes you might get to that down and out feeling and just not have a lot of confidence in the way you look. One of the best things that you can do to get rid of the bad feeling is to fake the good ones. Throw those shoulders back, toss on the dark sunglasses and just for a moment, pretend to be a movie star avoiding the paparazzi.

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Taking a Maxi Dress From Day to Night http://www.theboutique.org/taking-a-maxi-dress-from-day-to-night.html http://www.theboutique.org/taking-a-maxi-dress-from-day-to-night.html#comments Wed, 09 Mar 2011 18:59:36 +0000 admin http://theboutique.org/?p=451 The maxi dress is the fashion trend that keeps on giving.  Made popular by the celebrity influence of the ladies of Sex and the City, the maxi dress is the versatile summer must-have.  The right maxi dress can go from the playground to the red carpet – not to mention from season to season – with only a change of accessories, making it cheap and simple to update a summer wardrobe stocked with these fashion finds.  Summer shopping has never been easier.

Whether it’s time for vacation or just another summer day on the road, transition a maxi dress from daytime wear to nighttime glamour simply by changing a few accessories.  During the day, pair a maxi dress with sandals or espadrilles, fun earrings, and a hat, especially if it”s a day outdoors.  A dose of sunblock and a light application of everyday makeup complete the look – or fashionistas can skip the makeup entirely, since summer heat and humidity are rarely kind to a made-up face.

Luckily, once evening comes, cooler weather also rolls in, and the makeup option is back on the vanity table.  For a cocktail party or a romantic night out, trade the sandals for a pair of elegant wedges, and turn in the fun earrings for a pair of elegant hoops or chandelier earrings.  Evening earrings are often smaller than daytime fun earrings; hoops or chandelier earrings that are too large tend to obscure the wearer’s face instead of enhancing it.  Finally, leave the hat at home and take out a small clutch purse, along with a wrap to ward off night breezes.  Finish the look by twisting long hair up at the back of the head and adding mascara, blush an lipstick.  Update accessories every year to keep maxi dresses looking like the latest fashion trend, instead of last year’s thing..

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Summer 2011 Fashion Trends: Glamour-Girl Bathing Suits http://www.theboutique.org/summer-2011-fashion-trends-glamour-girl-bathing-suits.html http://www.theboutique.org/summer-2011-fashion-trends-glamour-girl-bathing-suits.html#comments Mon, 07 Mar 2011 18:59:30 +0000 admin http://theboutique.org/?p=446 Although they rarely appear on the red carpet, swimsuits have a fashion season like all other clothes.  This year, summer’s swimsuit fashion trend includes looks from Hollywood’s heyday with suits from the 1940s and 1950s.  Inspired by pop culture trends such as the success of the television show Mad Men, trendy old-school bathing suits are new again.

One of the great benefits of retro-style swimsuits is that they flatter nearly every body type, especially those with curves.  Their forgiving cuts, combined with twenty-first-century slimming and support details, make it a joy to go shopping for the perfect suit for an imperfect body.

For example, the “malliot” style, which features a one-piece suit often with a ruched body, tends to flatter a wide range of body types by making the stomach appear flatter while highlighting the curves of a woman’s hips and breasts.  In addition, this style of suit comes in a wide range of colors, is available at nearly any price point, and often gives the wearer the option of adding a skirt to cover imperfect thighs.  Malliot-style suits are also often available with no straps, with a halter neck, or with standard bathing suit straps.  Some even offer alternating strap options, giving wearers the choice of changing the suit’s neckline.

For those who prefer a two-piece suit, fashion designers are increasingly turning to mix-and-match sets that allow shoppers to choose the combination of top and bottom they find most comfortable and attractive.  For a glamorous retro look, try pairing a strapless bandeau top with a pair of boy-short bottoms or a straight-skirted bottom.  A halter top with either of these bottoms also completes the Hollywood’s golden age look while providing additional support to wearers with larger chests.

For lounging at the beach or poolside, vintage-inspired accessories are a must.  These include large straw sun hats, sunglasses, and a sarong or wrap along with sunblock – the one “must-have” beauty product.

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Fashion Retreat – Las Vegas http://www.theboutique.org/fashion-retreat-las-vegas.html http://www.theboutique.org/fashion-retreat-las-vegas.html#comments Mon, 07 Mar 2011 11:03:55 +0000 admin http://theboutique.org/?p=404
LAS VEGAS, NV - FEBRUARY 16:  Roman characters...

Image by Getty Images via @daylife

Need a getaway and want to see some of the greatest fashions? You could definitely do worse than Las Vegas, which features some amazing fashion in a number of ways. Here are some hotel ideas for your next trip to Las Vegas – and ways to see some fashion from a major player in this field.

One top choice is definitely found at The Venetian. A powerhouse when you talk about the best hotels in Las Vegas; the attractions and monstrous rooms in the hotel are not to be underestimated. You also have the advantage of the Palazzo being next door, where some of the amenities are shared for your enjoyment.

You can’t ignore Caesars Palace. This one certainly brings a picture of the best hotels in Vegas, where the restaurants are particularly noteworthy – even for Las Vegas. Large rooms and a big pool, this is the standard for Las Vegas hotels.

Another recommendation has to be Mandalay Bay, though many others could be added to this brief selection. Quite possibly the best pool for hotels in Las Vegas, you will once again get a spacious room and fantastic food, just as you would expect in the city.

The Las Vegas Property Management companies that run these hotels do a great job. Ensuring that they are well taken care of, they are in part responsible for why Las Vegas hotels are what they are.

If you want to have a great time in Las Vegas, one way to do this is to go to the shows. Get away with your girlfriends, and after you have booked your hotel, you can see the Broadway shows. You will see the flashy-dressed people who attend the shows and have a great time; this is not to be missed if you’re visiting Las Vegas.

Don’t miss out on the exciting possibilities that a Las Vegas vacation brings.

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Looking Fashionable When Traveling http://www.theboutique.org/looking-fashionable-when-traveling.html http://www.theboutique.org/looking-fashionable-when-traveling.html#comments Thu, 24 Feb 2011 14:07:21 +0000 admin http://theboutique.org/?p=415 Packing for a vacation is a task that many people leave until the last minute. Deciding what and how much to pack can be challenging. Packing for travel can be even more difficult if you’re going to a far-off location or to a place you’ve never been to before. By doing a little bit of research and planning, you can make sure to be presentable and fashionable while on vacation.

Not All Cultures and Countries Dress Alike

If your travel plans will take you to a different country or culture, one that is new to you, get to know more about that location. With an easy internet search, you can find pictures of local crowds. Forum discussions are often prevalent as well about the climate of a particular region and how to dress so that you are comfortable and presentable. Travel forums are especially useful for requesting advice on clothing choices and local fashion trends.

Blending in or Standing Out

Fashion trends vary by region and by country. Bigger cities are usually quicker to adopt fashion trends than smaller towns and more remote regions. When packing for a far-flung travel destination, ask yourself how important it is to you to blend in. If you’re going to visit family or friends, have a conversation with them about the local attire.

For the more reserved, arriving in your travel destination wearing the latest fashion trends that only people in large cities know about might subject you to glares and stares. If this might bother you, conduct research on specific articles of clothing. Do the local women wear high-heeled shoes? Would wearing shorts and a tank top be inappropriate for women and subject you to scrutiny?

Of course, if your goal is to be comfortable and you’re not concerned with standing out, simply pack for the appropriate weather, and enjoy your trip!

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Buying a Great New Wardrobe on a Budget http://www.theboutique.org/buying-a-great-new-wardrobe-on-a-budget.html http://www.theboutique.org/buying-a-great-new-wardrobe-on-a-budget.html#comments Wed, 23 Feb 2011 09:40:56 +0000 admin http://theboutique.org/?p=348 You don’t have to break the bank when it comes to buying new clothes. There are plenty of great ways you can get fantastic clothes and you won’t need to spend thousands of dollars. In order to do that, though, there are two things you really need to consider. First, it’s important that you plan out what you really need and what you actually just want. Then, you need to figure out what kind of budget you can actually afford to at least get what you need. If there’s money left over, you can use some of it to buy what you want. It’s a great feeling to get everything you need and still have money left over to get some things you want, without overspending and feeling bad about the cost of everything.

Once you’ve determined how much you’re comfortable spending, make sure you limit yourself to that. Prepaid credit cards can help you, since they don’t allow you to spend more than you’ve put onto them. They also help to protect your personal information, so they can be very valuable to you overall. Once you’ve put your money onto a prepaid card, you can just focus on getting the kind of clothing you really need and want at prices that are great for you. Be sure to shop around and see what you can find. You might be surprised at the deals you can get with a little bit of sleuthing.

Of course, it’s also possible to get benefits and perks like free shipping, or a free gift with something that you buy. Just make sure that you’re not overspending or buying things you don’t really need just so you can get the perk. That doesn’t help you in the long run, and can even lead you to spend more, which is something that you’ll want to avoid.

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2011 Fashion Trends for Men http://www.theboutique.org/2011-fashion-trends-for-men.html http://www.theboutique.org/2011-fashion-trends-for-men.html#comments Tue, 22 Feb 2011 07:40:10 +0000 admin http://theboutique.org/?p=387 Fashion trends for men do not change as swiftly as women’s! Every six months or so, designers come out with newer trends. Continuing from 2010, floral prints are a major fashion trend for men in 2011. From ramp to beach shorts, men these days seem to be enthralled by feminine floral prints. Is it because men are turning androgynous? Whatever it might be, most fashion stores will have something in floral.

If you want to explore your feminine side, go and buy some great beach shorts and see reactions first hand while you stroll on the beach! From the floral prints, we come to a strictly male ensemble, that is, the blazer. Earlier seen as something to wear in schools or board meetings, the blazer has been reinvented in 2011. They are wearable in any occasion and the usual colors are block prints, grey, green blue and some other softer colors. They make you look attractive and aristocratic, giving you a royal feeling.

Apart from blazers, you can find leather jackets on the shelves. Men are fond of the bomber style because of its sporty look and they are suitable on any man. They keep the cold winds away and you can wear leather jackets on formal occasion too. They are hip and fashionable. If you want a laidback look, wear it on a shirt and keep the zip open. A key trend on 2011 men catwalks was the crop tops. While some may consider this as girly, they are quite a hit with men folk. They resemble loose tees and they are just slightly shorter than the normal tee size.

Another surprising entrant in men’s fashion was the lace and sheer clothes. Worn in the right way, they can look attractive on men too. During summer, men can wear sheer shirts and show off their wonderful tan. Keep watching the men’s 2011 fashion trend for more options.

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A Tool to Build Your Fashion Brand http://www.theboutique.org/a-tool-to-build-your-fashion-brand.html http://www.theboutique.org/a-tool-to-build-your-fashion-brand.html#comments Tue, 22 Feb 2011 06:33:23 +0000 admin http://theboutique.org/?p=346 One of the most simple and powerful tools on the Internet is perfect for anyone looking to build their fashion brand. This is found in the topic of online surveys, which are able to offer a vital communication pathway for the business and its customers. For growing fashion brands – or a fashion brand that wants to grow – online surveys can enable feedback to occur.

A basic advantage for online surveys, from the perspective of a fashion brand, is receiving word of how customers like the clothes. If you have a new fashion line and want some feedback, that is easy to implement and to receive. You could even tailor the survey to be more in-depth, where you can learn more about the clients’ tastes.

Perhaps the most powerful implementation of online surveys for businesses is what is known as the net promoter score. When asked how likely customers are to share a certain product with others, the calculation of the results is known as the net promoter score. This number has been linked to the overall growth of a company. A simple online survey can reveal your number – the one number that you want to improve.

Whether it is the net promoter score or receiving basic and more comprehensive feedback from customers, online survey software is a tool you don’t want to miss. You can have your choice of simple numerical feedback regarding a product or some aspect of the website, or perform in-depth qualitative surveys.

Building a fashion brand is tough, and full of competition. Take the opportunity to address ways to connect to your customers. As you improve your website and customer service, you can receive feedback from customers on these topics and what matters most – the product. Online surveys can help you learn more about your target audience’s preferences in all regards.

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Making Fashion Choices Based on Pop Culture http://www.theboutique.org/making-fashion-choices-based-on-pop-culture.html http://www.theboutique.org/making-fashion-choices-based-on-pop-culture.html#comments Wed, 16 Feb 2011 14:07:20 +0000 admin http://theboutique.org/?p=414 Pop culture gives us a measuring stick for where we stand in our fashion choices. Actors, musicians, models and even athletes often set the standard for our fashion trends. Celebrities are in front of cameras all the time, so they dress to appeal to the masses. It’s safe to say that when the masses copy these celebrities, they collectively hold up and perpetuate fashion trends. Whether you copied Madonna’s clothing choices as a teenager or Jennifer Aniston’s hairstyle in young adulthood, making fashion choices based on pop culture is a common societal theme.

Where Pop Culture Fashion Trends Originate

Many fashion trends start with the mind of a single person. A fashion designer might decide that the model should wear a lace scarf in her hair. The model walks the runway. Photographers snap photos. People view the pictures in magazines. The next thing you know, celebrities are carrying on the trend and the general public follows suit. A simple and creative idea of one person is then spread to the masses.

The Impact of Television and Movies on Fashion Choices

When you watch your favorite television show, you may not be tuned in to the fashion attire of your favorite actress. Still, the next time you’re out shopping, you might find yourself looking for the skinny jeans or cute shoes she was wearing.

Likewise, some movies evoke strong sentiments. A handsome man falls in love with a woman with a unique fashion sense. Subconsciously, you might decide that dressing like this woman might help you attract a handsome man. If you’re generally interested in fashion, you might have an avid interest in seeking out the clothes, hairstyles and accessories you see in television shows and movies.

Pop culture impacts our fashion choices whether we like it or not. The creative genius of one person impacts the daily attire of the masses.

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Should You Dress Like Your Favorite Celebrity? http://www.theboutique.org/should-you-dress-like-your-favorite-celebrity.html http://www.theboutique.org/should-you-dress-like-your-favorite-celebrity.html#comments Thu, 10 Feb 2011 14:07:18 +0000 admin http://theboutique.org/?p=413
Bellucci Monica at Cannes in 2002.

Image via Wikipedia

Celebrities are common fashion icons in society. Their wealth and fame allows them to invest in the latest fashion trends. Watching your favorite celebrity walk the red carpet is a perfect opportunity to check out the latest colors, materials, hairstyles and accessories. You also get the benefit of fashion commentators who enlighten you about the fashion trends that do and do not work. As fun and exciting as all of this is, should you dress like your favorite celebrity?

The Night and Day of Celebrity Life

The reality is that many famous celebrities have an entire team devoted to getting them ready for their special appearances. Famous designers send them their best clothes. Jewelry designers use the opportunity to showcase their latest work. The red carpet celebrity fashion show is just as much about marketing and sales as it is about creating an attractive image and hours of engaging television for viewers. Many celebrities who are caught off-guard walking the streets, running their errands actually look and dress like your everyday person, minus all of the glamour.

The Eccentric Celebrity

And then you have the eccentric celebrity. She is the one who dresses outlandishly on purpose at all times to attract attention. Her goal in dressing the way that she does is to avoid blending in. Dressing like everyone else runs counter to her personality. If you’re drawn to such a personality, you are possibly driven by the same desires. In mimicking the fashion choices of the eccentric celebrity, you have to be prepared to stick out like a sore thumb in some everyday situations.

The Average Celebrity

Unless your life is filled with glamorous events, you will probably want to observe the normal daytime and evening attire of your favorite celebrity. Is she near your age and does she have a similar build to you? These are all factors to consider when copying the fashion choices of your favorite celebrity. Just be sure that your fashion choices look good on you, and you will have little to worry about.

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Shopping Tips for the Fashion Conscious Mom http://www.theboutique.org/shopping-tips-for-the-fashion-conscious-mom.html http://www.theboutique.org/shopping-tips-for-the-fashion-conscious-mom.html#comments Tue, 08 Feb 2011 14:07:16 +0000 admin http://theboutique.org/?p=412 Becoming a mother doesn’t mean that you have to give up your passion for fashion or a general interest in looking attractive. Although you might not have much time to devote to shopping and looking for the best deals, there are still things you can do to stay fashionable and feel good about yourself.

Staying Connected with Fashion Trends

If you’re a busy mom, you are most likely not hanging out at coffee shops, bars or in malls where you can see people coming and going dressed in the latest fashion trends. You might be spending a great deal of time at home with your young child and only getting a glimpse of fashion trends through watching television shows or the occasional fashion-related show. Another way that you can stay connected with the latest fashion is to order fashion magazines that fit your age, taste and style. An annual subscription to a fashion magazine is generally inexpensive and will give you a good diversion when your child is sleeping or you have some downtime.

Shopping Online for the Latest Fashions

Online clothes shopping is an excellent strategy for busy moms. If you know your size and are clear about what you want, you can quickly scan numerous online shops, do price comparisons and read reviews from other moms about the fit and quality of the clothing. What’s more, the clothes arrive in the mail and many online shops have return policies that accommodate a wrong size or an incorrect purchase.

Shop with Other Moms

Shopping alone can be a challenge. If you want the advice of other fashion conscious people, reach out to your friends. Go shopping together and bring your kids. You can take turns watching each other’s children while you’re trying on clothes. Also ask the honest opinion of sales clerks in your favorite clothing stores. They will know how clothing should fit and if better options exist for you in the store.

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Four Ways to Stay Fashionable on a Budget http://www.theboutique.org/four-ways-to-stay-fashionable-on-a-budget.html http://www.theboutique.org/four-ways-to-stay-fashionable-on-a-budget.html#comments Thu, 03 Feb 2011 14:07:14 +0000 admin http://theboutique.org/?p=411 Staying fashionable doesn’t have to be costly. With a little bit of thought, creativity and organization, you can still afford the latest trends.

Invest in a Few Quality Pieces of Clothing

The trick to staying fashionable on a low budget is determining which pieces of clothing to splurge on and which items to buy cheap. You’ll want to spend more money on well-made shoes and a stylish purse. Spending more on a couple of pairs of well-fitting fashionable jeans is also essential. A jacket made of quality material is also important. Spending more money on these clothing items and accessories will actually save you money in the long run. A cheap pair of shoes may last you a few months or a year, whereas a quality pair can endure greater wear and tear.

Scope Out Retail Outlets

To buy brand names and quality attire, look for retail outlets. These stores will often carry what you want but with a lower price tag than found in department stores. Going out of your way to visit outlet malls may take up a little bit of time, but get your friends together and make a day of it. It’s a good feeling to find quality items for a lower price.

Visit Thrift Shops

Thrift shops sometimes get a bad rap. The idea might conjure up images of worn out clothing with tears and stains. However, if you find thrift shops in wealthier neighborhoods, you’ll see that the quality of the clothes is usually much higher. People who can afford to buy clothes constantly tend to do so, getting rid of clothes that are in perfectly good condition.

Buy Specific Items in Less Expensive Stores

Not all clothes must have a designer label or come from high-end stores. Short-sleeve shirts that you wear under a suit or sweater can be found inexpensively in certain department stores. A simple pair of black slacks can be purchased inexpensively and worn with a designer top.

With a little bit of thought and creativity, you can still be fashionable on a budget.

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The Importance of Dressing Nicely When Working From Home http://www.theboutique.org/the-importance-of-dressing-nicely-when-working-from-home.html http://www.theboutique.org/the-importance-of-dressing-nicely-when-working-from-home.html#comments Tue, 01 Feb 2011 14:07:13 +0000 admin http://theboutique.org/?p=410 One of the benefits of working from home is getting to stay in your pajamas all day. You don’t have to struggle with uncomfortable attire or toe pinching shoes. Making fashion choices from day-to-day can be time-consuming. Working from home relieves you of having to conform to the dress code of a work environment. It also saves you money. On the other hand, the other extreme of neglecting your appearance altogether isn’t ideal either.  It can potentially put a damper on your self-esteem and your social life. Here are some reasons to dress nicely when working from home.

Boost Your Sense of Worth and Well-Being

Crawling out of bed and being at your desk within 15 seconds is a luxury that many people with a long work commute do not have. Working at home often leaves people prone to a lack of structure. When you’re alone, you’re less likely to take a shower, get dressed and put on make-up. After all, who will see you? You don’t have to dress up for your computer or your phone, do you? You certainly don’t. However, you will see yourself when you look in the mirror from time to time or catch a reflection of yourself in your office window. Making an effort to get dressed each morning will help you to feel better about yourself.

Increase Your Social Engagement

If you’re in a pattern of working in your pajamas, a knock at the door might be alarming. You’ll be less apt to answer your door or might feel embarrassed to face your landlord or a neighbor who has come by for a cup of sugar. Dressing nicely each morning and being presentable will increase your eagerness to engage socially with others when opportunities arise. Additionally, if a friend or your significant other calls on a whim and asks you to a last-minute lunch, you’ll be more eager to say yes.

Make an effort to dress nicely on a daily basis and see if it makes a difference in your sense of well-being and social life.

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Dressing Up No Less Than a Celebrity http://www.theboutique.org/dressing-up-no-less-than-a-celebrity.html http://www.theboutique.org/dressing-up-no-less-than-a-celebrity.html#comments Mon, 31 Jan 2011 07:40:07 +0000 admin http://theboutique.org/?p=386

Dressing up as a celebrity is not a hard task, especially when you have the right accessory and clothing to mix and match. If you have any party or celebration coming up and you want to dress ‘the best’, you don’t need expensive Gucci or Versace to complete your look. Of course, an expensive item or two in your closet won’t harm but you need not splurge every bit of your hard earned money.

The trick to dress in different style is to keep reinventing yourself. Keep mixing your outfit with various accessories like scarves, necklaces, bangles and others. This will keep you looking fresh and enthrall your onlookers. If you run out of ideas, peer into recent fashion magazine trends for inspiration. Every major fashion magazine like Cosmopolitan or Vogue publishes tips on looking savvier for less expense. Best way is to subscribe to certain online fashion websites and magazine. Every issue will contain beneficial tips and tricks.

Some fashion magazines also publish special sections on specific affordable websites and stores to frequent. Keep track of latest celebrity trends and take inspiration from their style and incorporate into your own style statement. Of course, the cost of clothes and accessories are going to be high but if you are a smart shopper and know the best places to get lucrative discounts, you can dress like a celebrity too! However, don’t turn into copycats. You don’t have to copy each and every style statement just because your favorite celebrity is donning it.

Find the right balance between your own style and what various fashion magazines suggest. Your personal style should reflect your personality and should leave an imprint of your essence. Make sure that you are projecting a right image of yourself. For regular purchase at discounted price, contact some local boutiques and ask them to find clothes of your choice. 

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Choosing Costumes For Your Children http://www.theboutique.org/choosing-costumes-for-your-children.html http://www.theboutique.org/choosing-costumes-for-your-children.html#comments Sun, 30 Jan 2011 07:00:42 +0000 admin http://theboutique.org/?p=342 Each year, around Halloween, parents start asking their child (if the child hasn’t already told them) what they want to dress up as that year. For most kids, the popular choices — Cinderella or other Disney princesses for younger girls; Hannah Montana for tween girls, and superheroes such as Batman or Spiderman for boys — are usually the ones they say they want to be this year.

For most parents, this isn’t a big concern. You can purchase kids costumes at Halloween costume online stores, which are usually designed appropriately for children. For girls, the Disney princess costumes are usually made to where the necklines and lengths are acceptable.

For instance, low necklines are either re-tailored to be higher or a square of cloth is added to cover more of the chest and neck area. Most princess costumes are floor-length or come down to well below the knee anyway, but even the “skimpier” ones, such as Jasmine or Pocahontas, are altered. More gauzy material may be added to the Jasmine outfit, while Pocahontas’s deerskin dress will have more fringe in the appropriate places.

Hannah Montana costumes are also usually re-designed. Pants, skirts and shorts are altered to fit more loosely, and skirt and short lengths are made longer. Also, since Hannah Montana is actually Miley Cyrus’s alter ego, online Halloween costume stores may even throw in the brown and blond wigs as well as some jewelry and other accessories. These accessories may have to be purchased separately in regular stores.

Boys’ kids costumes usually don’t require much altering, because for some reason, many superheroes do not find it necessary to show that much skin. And, even if they are skin-tight, there is usually enough looseness in strategic areas so that parents don’t have to worry about unsightly bulges (especially in front). This can be especially true of those purchased at Halloween costume stores online.

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Making Your Wardrobe Eco-Friendly http://www.theboutique.org/making-your-wardrobe-eco-friendly.html http://www.theboutique.org/making-your-wardrobe-eco-friendly.html#comments Thu, 27 Jan 2011 07:40:03 +0000 admin http://theboutique.org/?p=385 People are constantly finding ways to be more eco-conscience in every part of their lives. From the cleaning products we buy to the restaurants we frequent, people are thinking about how their purchases affect the environment. Incorporating eco-friendly clothing to your current wardrobe is another “green” practice that makes a fashion statement and does something positive for the environment.

To begin making a transition to an eco-friendly wardrobe, do some research on what “eco-friendly” actually means. Earth-safe clothing may consist of chemical-free fabrics and biodegradable dyes. Find out a clothing line’s manufacturing process. How a company obtains its resources is an important factor in determining what is “green” and what may be detrimental to the environment.

Stores selling vegan goods are reliable places to buy products that are safe for the environment. Some department stores and retailing chains also offer specific lines of environmentally-conscious clothing. Buying organic clothing like cotton tees and garments made of plant-based materials (such as hemp and bamboo) are great starter pieces for your eco-friendly wardrobe. Shoes, handbags and jewelry are just a few of many pieces that can be eco-friendly.

Another way to make your wardrobe sustainable and earth-friendly is to buy used garments. Buying recycled clothes potentially means that a pair of jeans, a tee shirt or a dress stays in your closet and out of a landfill. Similarly, buy clothing that is sturdy and long lasting. Save money and the help save the environment by reducing your clothing waste.

Once you have a few eco-friendly outfits, be sure to practice green laundering practices. Go to environmentally-sound dry cleaners for those special garments. Buy biodegradable laundry detergent when you’re cleaning your clothes at home. Wash your clothes in large loads to save on water use. Consider hang-drying clothes rather than putting garments in the dryer; this practice will cut down on electricity consumption.


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Turning Your Hobby Into a Successful Career http://www.theboutique.org/turning-your-hobby-into-a-successful-career.html http://www.theboutique.org/turning-your-hobby-into-a-successful-career.html#comments Tue, 25 Jan 2011 14:17:48 +0000 admin http://theboutique.org/?p=311 How many people really love their jobs? For most, a job is something they do to pay the bills, however, exciting new opportunities abound as the internet explodes with new possibilities to make money, trade goods, and do something that you love.

One website that allows people to sell their unique goods online is Etsy.com. For many people with unique items lying all around the house, Etsy offers a great opportunity to make some money, have some fun, and potentially get a career started doing something they love. For those interested in fashion, clothes, shoes and accessories, this website is a terrific place to see what other people find unique, and to get those same viewers to peruse the goods you have to offer.

If you’re interested in getting your foot into the fashion world, it might be time to consider this option. A site like Etsy offers users the opportunity to create their own site, peddle their goods, and ultimately make some money.

Like any business, getting started takes some money. If this sounds like an investment opportunity for your future, then it’s time to start saving or its time to start borrowing to get the necessary capitol that will ultimately get you out of that dead-end job you loathe.

For users just getting started, your ticket to creating your own site can come from a company like Payday One. Payday One understands that small investments can turn into big careers. They offer unique opportunities for goal seekers, just like you, to make their mark in the business world by doing something they love.

Don’t sit in that cubicle one day longer without dreaming there are better opportunities just around the corner. The internet, and companies like Etsy are exploding with opportunities, but you have to get started. It is possible to turn a hobby or a passion into something you love; all you have to do is make the first step.

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Creating Your Own Sense of Style http://www.theboutique.org/creating-your-own-sense-of-style.html http://www.theboutique.org/creating-your-own-sense-of-style.html#comments Sat, 22 Jan 2011 07:40:01 +0000 admin http://theboutique.org/?p=384 Want to make a fashion statement each day without following the “here today, gone tomorrow” trends seen on magazine covers and celebrity gossip websites? Creating one’s own signature style can definitely give a person a sense of confidence and attractiveness. Make a splash when it comes to clothes by trying out a few fashion tips.

  • From modern or traditional to sport or hippie, decide on the style you feel most represents your personality. Think about what you’d like to accomplish when you wear certain outfits. Is it to always look chic? Is it to be remembered amongst a crowd? Is it to push fashion boundaries? These kinds of questions will help you assess your signature look.
  • If you’re feeling inspired by others, feel free to take some cues from your favorite celebrity or popular look. Just be sure to incorporate your personality into your outfit. Build upon a look with your own sense sass or elegance.
  • Determine how much you’re willing to change. A signature style can include wardrobe pieces, accessories, hairstyle…or any combination of those factors. To try out a new signature color, start by wearing only one piece. Whether it is a shirt or a scarf, see how comfortable you feel in a bold new shade. To make a statement with accessories, try out something like a fun pair of sunglasses, vintage scarves, or bright-colored stockings and hosiery. For a completely new hairstyle, go in stages to see how you and others react to the new look. 

As you build confidence, feel free to experiment with your new look. Use your renewed sense of fashion to bring attention to your best features and mask any flaws or insecurities. A signature style should make you feel great and represent everything you love about yourself in regard to your physical characteristics as well as your personality.


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Hollywood’s Drug and Alcohol Issues http://www.theboutique.org/hollywoods-drug-and-alcohol-issues.html http://www.theboutique.org/hollywoods-drug-and-alcohol-issues.html#comments Fri, 21 Jan 2011 16:03:30 +0000 admin http://theboutique.org/?p=314 Because of the pressures associated with being in the public eye all the time, many popular actresses have turned to drugs and alcohol to deal with their lives, and as such, they eventually end up addicted. They feel a lot of pressure through the entertainment industry, and they use alcohol and drugs as a means of self medicating in order to cope with the pressure and the stress that they feel.

When female stars in Hollywood find themselves struggling with an addiction, the best course of action for them is to go into rehabilitation through the Canyon at TheCyn.com. Female stars in Hollywood like Lindsay Lohan, Kelly Osbourne, and Whitney Houston benefit from The Canyon’s unique detoxification and rehabilitation programs because they are geared specifically toward the ideal detoxification and rehabilitation for anyone that self medicates with drugs and alcohol due to stress from the public eye and the limelight that Hollywood actresses, singers, musicians and other stars often feel. The quintessential example is Lindsay Lohan’s addiction to alcohol and cocaine as a result of the pressures of this young actress.

The right rehabilitation facility is going to provide someone with a substance abuse problem not only with detoxification, but a rehabilitation program as well. Rehabilitation is all about changing your lifestyle and finding healthy coping mechanisms in place of the addiction substance. Developing new, healthy habits is of vital importance in preventing reoccurrence of a drug or alcohol addiction, and the right counseling and support is essential in the development of a drug and alcohol free lifestyle.

If you are struggling with an alcohol or drug addiction, then it is important to know that there is help out there for you. The Canyon is a rehabilitation facility that will provide you with the right detoxification and rehabilitation solutions. You do not have to struggle with addiction just to cope with stress in your life, because there are healthier ways to cope.

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What to Wear for Different Party Occasions http://www.theboutique.org/what-to-wear-for-different-party-occasions.html http://www.theboutique.org/what-to-wear-for-different-party-occasions.html#comments Thu, 20 Jan 2011 07:39:58 +0000 admin http://theboutique.org/?p=383 Have you ever been invited to a party but didn’t know what to wear? Holiday parties, after-work mixers and other special occasions may call for different attire. From black tie affairs to dressy casual, find out what party definitions mean and make a fashion statement at your next social event.

For casual events, feel free to wear something comfortable like a pair of jeans, a fitted cotton tee shirt and pair of sneakers. For “dressy casual” times, try something a tad fancier than a casual look. A great dressy casual outfit could include dark denim jeans, a fun button-down blouse and high heel shoes.

Semi-formal occasions, such as a special event or even an evening wedding, calls for dark suits on men and cocktail dresses for women. This particular social event can also be referred to as an “after five” party if it occurs at night. “Business formal” also falls under the semi-formal party, but may call for a woman to where something tailored (rather than something too revealing, sexy or skimpy). 

Black tie occasions are typically call for formal attire, though there are also different variations of the event. Men are required to wear tuxedos and women can wear long dresses, cocktail dresses or fancy nighttime separates. 

For “white tie” events, men must wear a complete outfit: a tux with white tie (as the name suggests) and vest. Women may wear long gowns. 

Optional black tie (or “black tie invited”) allows participants the option of dressing in a formal dress or tuxedo. However, just because formal attire is “optional,” it still suggests that partygoers wear dark suits (for men) or cocktail dresses (for the ladies).

Creative black tie events are slightly more lax. Again, the attire should be formal though attendants can interpret fashions trends accordingly. Themed parties also fall under this category, such as “Texas Black Tie” events.

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The Constantly Evolving World of Women’s Clothing http://www.theboutique.org/the-constantly-evolving-world-of-womens-clothing.html http://www.theboutique.org/the-constantly-evolving-world-of-womens-clothing.html#comments Tue, 18 Jan 2011 13:27:28 +0000 admin http://theboutique.org/?p=167
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What you wear today, as a woman, probably isn’t anything like what your mother and grandmother wore when they were your age. If you go back even farther, to great- or even great-great-grandmothers, things were much different. Women didn’t wear pants, and they didn’t dress casual. They dressed up and dolled up, even if they were just staying home and scrubbing the floors. They weren’t viewed as equals nearly as much as they are today. From the time of the Pharaohs, women wore makeup and the nicest designs of their time. They didn’t slouch around looking sloppy. That trend of looking good and dressing nice stuck around.

Then there was a bohemian movement that was highly popular with a lot of women. After that, jeans, leggings, plaids, and simple dresses became more significant. Today’s designs don’t look anything like yesterday’s designs for women’s clothes, and what’s on the runway isn’t what’s on most women who are out grocery shopping or running other errands. Designers know what women like, though, and today’s woman mostly wants to be comfortable. There’s casualness and an ease that comes along with a woman today, so the clothing she wears reflects that.

Whether that will change in the future isn’t something that can completely be predicted. Trends aren’t things that stick around for all time, so it’s quite likely that the fashions women wear will change. Just looking at the difference between the 1980s and the modern day shows that. No matter what happens with fashion, though, it will continue to be important to women and they will continue to expect and demand good quality clothing that they can feel comfortable in, no matter what they’re doing. Designers will give them what they ask for, too, because they know that that’s where the real money is – in giving women what they want in the name of fashion.

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Different Types of Jeans http://www.theboutique.org/different-types-of-jeans.html http://www.theboutique.org/different-types-of-jeans.html#comments Tue, 18 Jan 2011 07:39:56 +0000 admin http://theboutique.org/?p=382 Denim jeans are essential garments in any wardrobe. Jeans can be worn for any number of occasions: from casual trips to the store to a girls’ night out at the club. Available in any number of shades and cuts, jeans can fit any body type and can add fashion to most any outfits.

  • Straight cut jeans are jeans that do not flare out at the bottom. As the name suggests, the cut goes straight down from the hip to the leg. It is a classic style that fits one’s natural waist and evenly slims down to the ankle.
  • A flare cut has more a bell-like shape to a pair of jeans. The cut is fitted at the waist but flares out past the knees and all the way down to the ankles. It may be somewhat tight at the thighs but not at the legs.
  • A boot cut also has a bit of flare, though it is not as roomy at the ankles. Boot cut jeans are slim at the thighs but is slightly wider, starting at the knee. Boots can be worn under boot cut jeans because there is enough space at the legs to accommodate such shoes. 
  • Skinny jeans are slim-fitting pants that taper though the bottom of the jeans, down to the end of the ankle. 
  • Bell bottom cuts are wide-legged. Its cut it much more exaggerated than a basic flare. Jeans in this style are tight at the thigh and very loose from the knee down. Its popularity began in the 1970s.

Jeans tend to fade, so it is best to wash your denim at a low temperature. For denim that has already faded, one may opt to dye the fabric to liven the color. It is best to use laundry detergent that comes in a liquid form. Detergent in powder form may get into the fibers of your jeans and leave white stripes on the fabric.

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How to Achieve a Layered Fashion Look http://www.theboutique.org/how-to-achieve-a-layered-fashion-look.html http://www.theboutique.org/how-to-achieve-a-layered-fashion-look.html#comments Sat, 15 Jan 2011 07:39:54 +0000 admin http://theboutique.org/?p=381 Layering one’s clothes is a great way to stay warm and to define a sense of style. When done correct, a person can look fashionable. Done poorly—and the consequences could be an absolute fashion disaster. Following a few layering tips can help a person transform a pile of unassuming clothes into an outfit masterpiece.

When it comes to layering clothes, it’s best to wear longer pieces at the “bottom” of the layer—that is, the farthest under your under the layer of clothes. Thicker pieces should be worn at the “top” of the layer of clothes. 

Layering different colors and fashion cuts helps bring out the contrast to an outfit. Layering clothes of the same color may create a wide, blob-like illusion—so it recommended that some clothes are bold in shade or style, and other garments take a more “supportive” role in an outfit. Lighter colors look great under dark colors and offers m

ore balance to an outfit. For example, a white shirt contrasts greatly under a dark blazer, button-down sweater or vest. 
People can also experiment with different fabrics and patterns to achieve a fashionable layered look. A plain cotton tee shirt can be enhanced with a cardigan made of another material (like sequins). Layering can certainly be done from head to toe. Not only can people layer the top half of the body, but the bottom half as well. A mini skirt worn over leggings, over the knee socks, and boots can be a winning layered combination. 

Types of garments that are ideal for layering include: 

  • tops (in varying lengths)
  • leggings
  • stockings or tights
  • blouses (with buttons)
  • short dresses
  • sweaters
  • cardigans
  • vests
  • scarves.

Accessories also add the right touch to a layered look. A belt or a long, dangling necklace can also enhance a layered look if done correctly.

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Beyonce Knowles and her Rise to Stardom and Fashion Influence http://www.theboutique.org/beyonce-knowles-and-her-rise-to-stardom-and-fashion-influence.html http://www.theboutique.org/beyonce-knowles-and-her-rise-to-stardom-and-fashion-influence.html#comments Fri, 14 Jan 2011 15:40:25 +0000 admin http://theboutique.org/?p=179
Beyonce Knowles.
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Beyonce Knowles, or just Beyonce as she likes to be called, is a well-known R&B music artist who has been on the American music scene since the late ’90s. She got her start in the music group Destiny’s Child in 1997 and won a few Grammys before moving on as a solo artist in 2001 after conflicts within Destiny’s Child.

As a solo artist, Beyonce has produced three record albums, and has a fourth one on the way without a definite release date yet. Her Grammy total continues to rise and she is still at the top of the charts in terms of popularity. She’s not done yet either, so it will be interesting to see what this artist has up her sleeves for the coming years.

Interestingly, Beyonce married rap artist Jay-Z, after a surprisingly quiet relationship. The event took place in New York City and was announced at a concert for Beyonce’s third album where she displayed a ring to the audience.

Beyonce has also made a mark on the fashion industry. In 2006 she released her clothing line House of Dereon. Teaming with her mother, Tina, they have come up with a unique line of outerwear and sportswear. Dereon also features fashion accessories and jewelry and is still expanding. You can check out her designs online.

Beyonce likes to dress sexy, but be ladylike and this is reflected in her clothing style. Glamour is also a part of her game and her jewelry line is very glitzy, yet affordable. You will often see Beyonce sporting designs of her own creation when she is out on the town or even in her music videos and at concerts. She has definitely made her mark on the fashion industry and continues to do so on a daily basis. One can only wonder what she will come up with next.

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Budget Friendly Fashion Tips http://www.theboutique.org/budget-friendly-fashion-tips.html http://www.theboutique.org/budget-friendly-fashion-tips.html#comments Thu, 13 Jan 2011 07:39:51 +0000 admin http://theboutique.org/?p=380 When it comes time for a fashion upgrade most think they need to go shopping and spend money they may not even have. Being fashion savvy takes more than dollar, rather it takes a lot more in thought, a sense of style, honesty, and creativity. Give a few of these tips a whirl and you will be amazed at the transformation without spending a dollar.

Honesty – Being honest with your body’s proportionate size and the fact you need a fashion upgrade is a major step in a fashion transformation. Go through your closet and assess your wardrobe. Keep all stylish clothing and clothing basics. Be sure to toss out all items that you no longer fit in and are confident in knowing you never will again. If you understand and respect your body, shape then dress it appropriately.

Fads and Trends – It is easy to purchase the latest fad fashion item that is trendy and stylish for the moment. Most fashion statements are only around for a short period not for months or even a few years. Be careful of money on such items, for it maybe what is fashionable at the time, but perhaps it does not enhance your figure or fashion personality.

Action – Take time and energy to research fashion trends and styles. Read fashion magazines, check out designer websites and photos, and walk around the mall or fashion district of your city. The more you expose yourself to what the latest fashion trends are, you are able to make the decision on what works for yourself. Remember your fashion personality and expression. For that is what is of the utmost importance.

Believe – Believing in your inner and outer beauty is necessary. Portraying self-confidence on the outside as well as feeling it on the inside will have you displaying your fashion poise.

Enjoy your fashion personality by never having a drab, out of date, dull wardrobe.

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Warm Up with These Winter Fashion Tips http://www.theboutique.org/warm-up-with-these-winter-fashion-tips.html http://www.theboutique.org/warm-up-with-these-winter-fashion-tips.html#comments Tue, 11 Jan 2011 07:39:49 +0000 admin http://theboutique.org/?p=379 Winter tends to be the time of year we all bundle up and can end up looking a bit frumpy rather than fashionable. There are several fashion tips we can use to ensure we look as good during the winter months as we do the summer months.

  • Sweaters – Having the right sweater to flatter your figure is of utmost importance. Consider a v-neck sweater coupled with a lace camisole or even pair up the camisole with a long thigh length cardigan. Try to stay clear of crewneck or turtleneck sweaters. You do not need to look swallowed up, as these sweaters will not give a fashionable trendy stylish look.
  • Belts – It is winter, which means it is time for the cold season. Pair those sweaters up with a belt. It will enhance the look of the sweater and is very trendy and fashionable.
  • Color – Every season is about color. Winter is a dull time of year for many. Gray overcast days thus stay away from dark tones and brighter up your winter with color. Consider reds, greens, and even white. Pair up these colors with gray or black and you will have brought your outfit to life.
  • Layering – Layering your clothing is important to stay warm, but if you do not layer correctly, you may end up looking quite frumpy. When layering always begin with the thinnest garment and layer from there. Thus start with a lace camisole and then proceed to the next item like a v-neck sweater or cardigan. This shows style, class, with a touch of sexiness.

However, you chose to dress this winter you can look sexy and trendy by following the few tips outlined above. Remember to avoid over sized clothing, as it will make you look frumpy and overweight. Keep to sleek garments that fit your body proportion.

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Versatile Uses for the Little Black Dress http://www.theboutique.org/versatile-uses-for-the-little-black-dress.html http://www.theboutique.org/versatile-uses-for-the-little-black-dress.html#comments Sat, 08 Jan 2011 07:39:47 +0000 admin http://theboutique.org/?p=378 A little black dress is an article of clothing that finds its way into every woman’s closet. And there’s a reason: a little black dress complements any body figure and can be dressed “up” or “down” easily. From casual situations to office settings to
a night on the town, wearing a little black dress is practically fail-proof if you want to be fashionable.

A black dress can be worn casually, day or night. Depending on the weather, it can be layered with a fitted tee, long-sleeve shirt or turtleneck. It can be worn with tights–either opaque or patterned–and paired with boots, wedges or flats. Add a belt to the dress and perhaps a long necklace–both will look great against the dress’s dark color. To keep warm on cooler days, wear a scarce and don’t forget a fitted blazer or cropped jacket.

When it comes to office attire, a little black dress can definitely bring a professional feel to an outfit. Try wearing a form-fitted dress shirt, bow-tie blouse or slim turtleneck under the dress. Wear opaque stockings with tall boots or peep-toe high heels or kitten heels look great in the office. Add some jewelry, such as earrings or a string of pearls, for an elegant yet professional touch. A nice cardigan or cropped blazer paired with a black dress completes the look.

For a fancy dinner date or special occasion, a little black dress can be a winning clothing choice. Wear a black dress by itself and accessorize with jewelry such as earrings, a necklace or a bracelet. Pair the dress with sheer stockings and fishnet stockings. When it comes to shoes, stilettos  give this evening outfit a sexy touch. Carry light for the night by using a small clutch to hold cash and cards, and wear a nice shawl or cape to keep your shoulders warm.

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Building Your Wardrobe with Essential Pieces http://www.theboutique.org/building-your-wardrobe-with-essential-pieces.html http://www.theboutique.org/building-your-wardrobe-with-essential-pieces.html#comments Thu, 06 Jan 2011 07:39:44 +0000 admin http://theboutique.org/?p=377 Fashion trends come and go, but there are certain articles of clothing that should always be in your closet. From outerwear and sweaters to tops and bottoms, essential pieces are classic, versatile and complement any body type.

Outerwear can be tricky pieces of clothing to purchase and depend on the kind of climate you live in. For those living in cooler temperatures, essential pieces include a wool coat, a trench coat and a parka. Wool pea coats are classic and warm, trench coats offer a sophisticated touch during spring and fall seasons, and parkas are great for casual situations. For those in warmer climates, outerwear essentials include a cardigan (when you want to layer or travel light), a denim jacket on summer nights and a blazer–appropriate for office and non-work environments.

When it comes to sweaters, scoop-necks and turtlenecks are great for cooler times of the year. Scoop-neck sweaters can be layered with dress shirts or worn alone with accessories and dressy pants or jeans. A turtleneck is cozy, classic and comes in varying lengths and fabric.

When it comes to tops and blouses, must-haves include a white button-down dress shirt, a dressy blouse, and a basic tee. Button-down white dress shirts aren’t just for men. This garment is great for work and adds some casual chic when worn unbuttoned or with jeans. A neutral-colored dressy blouse or shirt is great when you need something slightly sophisticated. For casual times, a basic tee is perfect and come in various styles: v-neck, boat neck, quarter-sleeve and more.

Dark-colored jeans, a black skirt, and all-season dress pants are essential pieces in any woman’s wardrobe. Dark-colored jeans can be worn for everyday situations as well as in business-casual offices. A black skirt can be worn at work and is great for after-hours activities such as a dinner date or party. All-season dress pants are appropriate for the office, but will add elegance and class in any situation.

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Five Common Female Body Shapes http://www.theboutique.org/five-common-female-body-shapes.html http://www.theboutique.org/five-common-female-body-shapes.html#comments Tue, 04 Jan 2011 07:39:42 +0000 admin http://theboutique.org/?p=376 Women come in all wonderful shapes and sizes, from tall to short and petite to plus size. All kinds of factors determine the a person’s body shape, but there typically are five different figures that a woman can fall into. The five common body shapes are apple, hourglass, rectangle, inverted triangle and pear. A good way to determine your shape is by measuring the thinnest part of your waist and the widest points of your shoulder and hips.

  • An apple body shape is characterized as having the torso and upper body being wider than one’s hips. There is little to no definition of a waistline and the body’s silhouette appears to be round. Bust, waist and hips measurements are close in numbers.
  • An hourglass figure has waist definition while the torso (Bust and shoulders) and hips are roughly the same width. Typically, a woman’s waist with an hourglass shape is 8-12 inches smaller than hip/bust measurements.
  • A rectangle body shape is characterized by body measurements for the bust, shoulders and hips all being about the same width. A rectangle body shape has little or no definition in the waist–measuring about 1-8 inches smaller than the bust size.
  • An inverted triangle shape is a figure whose bust and shoulders are wider than the hips; either the hips are naturally narrow, or simply narrower than the torso because of slim legs (which add to the inverted shape).
  • A pear body shape has a well-defined waist. The torso (including the shoulders) is smaller than the hips and the bottom half of the body (such as the thighs) may appear rounded and full.

Not every woman will fit into a category perfectly, but it is good to have a general idea of which body shape one has. Knowing your body shape can help you dress your best and highlight all your “right” features accordingly.

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What Not to Do in the Congo of Fashion: Part II http://www.theboutique.org/what-not-to-do-in-the-congo-of-fashion-part-ii.html http://www.theboutique.org/what-not-to-do-in-the-congo-of-fashion-part-ii.html#comments Mon, 27 Dec 2010 18:08:51 +0000 admin http://theboutique.org/?p=292 So you’re already way into the Congo of Fashion, facing the paralyzing fear and waiting to jump that chasm as the stampede steers its way toward you (which is very similar to a sale at Bloomingdales). If you were there to read the first half of the Congo adventure, good for you. But the expedition is not over, yet. There are more pitfalls to face, friend. You have the fourth, fifth and the sixth Don’ts to keep in mind.

Fourth Fashion Don’t:

Always on search for your ancient African stone of fortune and glory (which would simply be a really snazzy cocktail dress), remember to bring your shoes. Why are your shoes important? You have to remember when tailoring your dress, it’s important to have your correct height as if you’re out on the town, painting it red. Don’t forget your shoes when measured, so the in-store alterations are done right there.

Fifth Fashion Don’t:

When you’re trekking, trust that it is important to remember comfort as your religious dogma. In other words, buy shoes that are comfortable! It doesn’t matter how utterly fabulous they are, or even how good-looking they are on your feet. If it feels like you want to sever your toes for a little bit of sanity, please don’t buy those shoes.

Sixth Fashion Don’t:

The Congo is a big place, fellow adventurer. So it’s important to have a ‘map’. I other words, don’t forget your ‘list’ of places to go and what to buy. Stay on track; because once you’re off the beaten path, trust that you’ll be truly lost in the worst way without any hope of finding your way back. Not to mention you might get stuck in the perilous trap of purchasing items you don’t need, wasting your money on things that won’t last long.

That’s fashion shopping for you. All those clothes and fitting rooms can be dangerous. So keep your eyes peeled, remember the Don’ts. And go out there and “do” the shopping!

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Getting the Best Deals with Online Coupon Codes http://www.theboutique.org/getting-the-best-deals-with-online-coupon-codes.html http://www.theboutique.org/getting-the-best-deals-with-online-coupon-codes.html#comments Mon, 27 Dec 2010 15:48:28 +0000 admin http://theboutique.org/?p=149
Coupons used for buyings food stuff during the...
Image via Wikipedia

Everything from a gallon of gas to a gallon of milk seems to be going up a little more in price, which is why it’s important to start looking for ways to save money. One of the easiest ways you can save money is by searching for, and finding, online coupons. Many people chuckle when they see people pulling out a wad of coupons at the checkout, but I bet if they knew how much money people actually save with these coupons, they wouldn’t be chuckling. Instead, they would be searching for these coupons themselves!

It doesn’t matter if you want to purchase something from your favorite clothing store, department store or grocery store – almost all retailers offer promotional online coupon codes that can be used both online or offline at the actual store. There is a little bit of a science to finding these coupons though. First, you have to know when the stores offer the best coupons so you can be ready for them and don’t miss them. The best times to search for online coupons is at the very first of the month, the middle and the last of the month. This means the first few days of the month, around the 15th of the month and the last few days of the month.

Finally, begin your coupon search in advance. Don’t wait until the moment you have to buy a specific item. If you know you will need the item a few weeks in advance, you can easily visit various online coupon sites where you can look for the available coupons for the product you need. In addition to visiting coupon sites, you can enter this into Google “Your Product Name Online Coupon” and you should be able to find a few quick coupons that way as well.

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You Are the King of Fashion! http://www.theboutique.org/you-are-the-king-of-fashion.html http://www.theboutique.org/you-are-the-king-of-fashion.html#comments Sun, 26 Dec 2010 18:07:29 +0000 admin http://theboutique.org/?p=289 No, seriously, you are. Sure, you don’t have a crown on your head, and no throne (unless you’re in the fitting room). And it’s pretty positive that no one else in JCPenny will be bowing to you in solemn respect. But the fact of the matter is this: you are the King (or Queen) of Fashion. Or at least you have to think that way.

The point is to buy clothing suitable to your lifestyle. Remember this: it’s not about what’s ‘fashionable’. It’s about what looks good on you! And everyone’s different, so what may look good on someone else may look trashy on your body. What would look Gucci hot on your God-given frame might look like a full-blown Monet with an unusual dash of Pollock (really bad up close and messy) on someone else. So don’t judge others. Judge yourself and the clothes you decide to wear.

It can be anything: if you like jeans, wear jeans; if you like khakis, wear khakis; if you like form-fitting hot leather pants, then go out there and buy a few dozen pairs and enjoy! The point is to buy for you–not for the fashion industry. If the industry wanted to wear its negligees and thongs, trust that it would and flaunt its stuff. But the industry is not a hot, young, curvy model. So it can’t.

You are the model–and not a mannequin either. You have to remember that you have a personality, so the prime importance of shopping is to shop for yourself and no one else! Shop what you like, not what’s popular. Buy what pleases you, not what pleases the world.

Your royal subjects will then be the clothes themselves. Your Royal Court is your wardrobe. And when you look into that mirror, remember it’s your Royal Processional! So look good in your own way, King (or Queen) of Fashion. Remember to wave your hand like the lovely monarch that you are.

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Holy Holey Sweaters, Fashion Man! http://www.theboutique.org/holy-holey-sweaters-fashion-man.html http://www.theboutique.org/holy-holey-sweaters-fashion-man.html#comments Fri, 24 Dec 2010 18:02:25 +0000 admin http://theboutique.org/?p=253 It’s always fun to see a throwback– You get the feeling it’s one of those short-lived sensations that die down and waste away like a decaying comedian zombie who lost the laughs and is now preparing to eat your flesh. And to be truthful, most throwbacks are like that: short-lived.

But isn’t it amazing that holey sweaters are in now? They’re on the runway this year! And these holey sweaters were an 80s thing: recall the whole “Flashdance” thang? Yeah, that was all bang bang with the male crowd, but, wow, that was in the 80s!

For those who are confused as to the term “holey”, picture one of those typical loose country tablecloths with the knitted holes in the fabric, and you’ve got one of these throwback sweaters models are now wearing. Yes, crazy thought–but if you can recall, years ago Hilfiger came out with a baggy, grungy, messy, spunky look that would earn a high school student an actual trip to detention just for wearing too MUCH clothing. Believe it or not.

The reason these “holey” sweaters are making such a big bang is pretty simple: they’re versatile. If done right, they emit the elegant whisper of softness through the “holes” without being too “tattered”. Lightness is the key. It can look heavy like a regulart sweater, but feel very light like a feather.

Something else that makes them versatile is the simple fact that they’re easy to maintain. Hello? They already have holes in them. Not to mention they can be used year round as a sexy throw-on at the beach. Give the guys something to imagine.

The point is to embrace the odd and out-of-norm. Understandable, too, that many fashion aficionados felt ripped, torn, and holey jeans looked weird. But dagnabit, they were convenient! Let’s be kind and admit that. So next time you see one of those holey sweaters, give it a shot. By the grace of God, you may consider yourself “holey”. Amen.

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The Fashion Evolution of Shoes (or: What in God’s Name is She Wearing on Her Feet NOW?) http://www.theboutique.org/the-fashion-evolution-of-shoes-or-what-in-gods-name-is-she-wearing-on-her-feet-now.html http://www.theboutique.org/the-fashion-evolution-of-shoes-or-what-in-gods-name-is-she-wearing-on-her-feet-now.html#comments Thu, 23 Dec 2010 17:59:05 +0000 admin http://theboutique.org/?p=243
"High Heel Shoe. Talon haut. Stiletto. Ta...
Image via Wikipedia

Fashion trends these days will never stop evolving. Especially for shoes. They are the creative staple to an outfit. Brace yourself: these new fashion statements for shoes will be shocking. But let’s face the facts; that’s fashion for you, and you can do nothing else but love it.

Odd Shoe #1

It is called the “Chewing Gum Heel” from Kobi Levi, a high-heel sporty design with chewing gum (don’t worry, not designed with REAL chewing gum) as the actual heel! The look captures the moment in life when you lift your foot off the ground as you’re walking, and the gum stretches like a rubber band holding on for dear life at both shoe and concrete. A bit of existential philosophy right there, isn’t it?

Odd Shoe #2

Dubbed the “Lipstick Heel” and designed by Alberto Guardiani, it applauds surrealism. Painter Dali with his mad melting clock faces and odd-placed herrings would cream in his coffin over this shoe, as the heel is basically an upside-down red lipstick that looks as if it had smudged the floor. Now you completely redefine the concept of “painting the town red”.

Odd Shoe #3

The last one is a bit hard to explain, simply by the sheer remarkable design ability to ask the question of “how did they make THAT?”. It is known as the “Angel Bootie” by Alexander McQueen. Try to picture this: you take an ordinary pair of high heels, slightly melt some gold in the fiery pits of Tartarus to the point that it turns thicker than oatmeal, then pour the concoction all over the heels, letting them cool off to be shaped into something that looks like evolutionary rock from the Stone Age. That’s what the shoe looks like…. (?)

Strange, yes. Odd, yes. Other synonyms to describe in a hyperbolic way? Yes, yes. But, again, the point is this: it is fashion for you. Whether you like it or not. You have to admit, though–they’re fun to look at!

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Lady of the Black Dress http://www.theboutique.org/lady-of-the-black-dress.html http://www.theboutique.org/lady-of-the-black-dress.html#comments Wed, 22 Dec 2010 17:55:13 +0000 admin http://theboutique.org/?p=238
SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - AUGUST 19:  A model picked...
Image by Getty Images via @daylife

In the beginning, there was the “black dress”. A brilliant piece of godly fabric forged in the fires of Heaven (cue in epic fantasy music). All the residents of Beginning, End and Middle Earth bowed to it because of its beauty. And with bountiful respect, they believed in all the b-words it could bring in blue breezes of compliments and praises (yes, those are a lot of b-words).

The fact is in fashion the “little black dress” is a true wardrobe essential and shouldn’t be forgotten or ignored–reason being it can flatter almost any figure. The color black can go year round, too, and no worries over stains either. In other words, it’s a garment that is truly timeless. Immortal. Eternal.

Another important asset to the beautiful “black dress” is its versatility; it can go basically with any other color, any accessory, any style, any time of day. All kinds of shoes? You got it. Pair it with any style buttoned sweater? Absolutely. Love the black dress, embrace it. Enjoy it.

Thanks to the famous Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel, the black dress became more than just the mourning wear typical of funerals. Tailored in such a way that it could hug the figure and kiss the skin, the black dress not only fit under the “mourning” wear category, but the “morning” wear category, “everyday” category, “evening” category. The “everything” category.

And the best part? You can find ALL KINDS of black dresses, too. Low-cut, high-cut, backless, shoulder-less, mini-skirt, flowy, teasy, elegant, v-cut, sleeved. Seriously, there’s a huge selection. And that makes it an even better staple. You want to go to the opera with it? A longer, more elegant black dress would suffice. On a date? Use your imagination, ladies, and you’ll get my meaning.

So here’s your quest, my beautiful troubadours of fashion. Saddle up on your steeds, ride to find the greatest treasure of all, and be the Lady of the Legendary Black Dress.

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Famous People and Apple Bottoms http://www.theboutique.org/famous-people-and-apple-bottoms.html http://www.theboutique.org/famous-people-and-apple-bottoms.html#comments Wed, 22 Dec 2010 11:37:16 +0000 admin http://theboutique.org/?p=147 Admit it. Anytime you see a celebrity wearing new fashions, it makes you want to go out and try them. The best part about discovering something new is that you may be the first of your friends to wear them, thereby setting a trend with those around you. The best kind of fashions are the ones worn by celebrities.

Apple Bottoms were created by the singing superstar Nelly. This rapper turned fashion king created this line to enhance the beauty of a woman’s curves. He wanted to create a line of clothing that would cater to women of all shapes and sizes. He created a media sensation with Apple Bottoms, and now celebrities all over the place are wearing them. Apple Bottoms quickly became a popular urban brand of clothing. The focus of Apple Bottoms is for women to feel comfortable wearing clothing that accentuates their curves.

Vivica A. Fox, Alicia Keys, and Fergie have all been photographed while wearing Apple Bottom jeans. Celebrities such as Oprah and Tyra Banks have been seen wearing this brand. Apple Bottom has become so popular that it has been included in the expensive swag packages that celebrities get for attending certain events. Apple Bottoms have also been featured on America’s Top Model as well as the Ellen DeGeneres show. Nelly’s vision of women feeling comfortable has certainly made his line of clothing fairly popular. While women are always trying to look their best, sometimes being beautiful can be painful if women try to fit into clothing that doesn’t flatter their figures. However, Apple Bottoms ensure that women feel great while looking fabulous in their clothing. With a lot of research and a lot of willing models wearing his clothing, Nelly has made a fashion statement to woman of all sizes everywhere around the world.

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The Miley Cyrus “Toilet Paper” Dress http://www.theboutique.org/the-miley-cyrus-toilet-paper-dress.html http://www.theboutique.org/the-miley-cyrus-toilet-paper-dress.html#comments Tue, 21 Dec 2010 17:55:31 +0000 admin http://theboutique.org/?p=239 All joking aside, the American Music Awards–particularly the Billy Ray Golden Child Miley Cyrus–stunned all with what could only be described as the pinnacle envelope pushing of fashion couture. Isn’t that always the case with the red carpet, though?

All judgement aside, please. If you didn’t have a chance to catch the AMAs, check it out online and see if you can spot what snotty critics could only describe as stark white toilet paper wrapped around a lithe, little young woman’s body and then trailed behind almost fifteen feet.

Yes, that was Miley Cyrus’ dress. Essentially white fabric wrapped around her, almost haphazardly. Now just know that this wonderful bit of writing isn’t a fashion critique. This isn’t a place to bash the great celebrities of our day for wearing household items or simple strings with gland attachments and flowy scarves tied to the ends of them. And there’s no doubt stranger things have been seen on the runway.

Please forgive Miley Cyrus, though. She’s just a teenager–granted, a rather attractive “adult” version of a teenager (as most celebrity teenagers are), but still a teenager. You can only imagine how her mommy and daddy must feel about some of the things she wears, but you know what? That’s mommy and daddy for you. And the public is not mommy and daddy. That being said…. Well…. She basically wore toilet paper.

What would’ve happened if someone stepped on her dress about ten feet behind her? Let’s take a look at the replay of her wiping out because someone wasn’t watching their feet stepping dangerously close to that long train. Pretty scary stuff. Even worse, what if it unraveled her? Then the cameras would really be snapping.

Sorry, Cyrus. Hopefully you wouldn’t be too embarrassed; and this particular writer won’t peak, promise. But you wear that (for lack of a better term) “toilet paper” dress with pride. Because you know you cannot be tamed, girl. No way, no how.

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The Truly Timeless Fashion Store Window http://www.theboutique.org/the-truly-timeless-fashion-store-window.html http://www.theboutique.org/the-truly-timeless-fashion-store-window.html#comments Mon, 20 Dec 2010 17:52:01 +0000 admin http://theboutique.org/?p=229 Anyone remember the truly classic cult film “Mannequin”? You know, the story about a young Kim Cattrall (way before “Sex and the City”) and her search for love only to be transformed into a mannequin that finds its way into one of those upscale couture stores in which most rich people shop, but then meets a young hopeful man looking for a job who brings her back to life and then together participate in creating some of the best window displays known to man? Yes. That movie.

All this time, it seemed the wonderful, vintage-style window display you’d see right there on the sidewalk vanished. You remember all the lithe, tall dolls wearing the clothes and acting like they’re on the beach or walking around in the middle of Paris? A display of artistry and imagination. And here’s the wonder if they’ve gone out of style. Maybe it’s because that darn movie “Mannequin” got so old….

Nope. Display windows haven’t gone out of style.

Take a walk around New York and stroll past the infamous HBO Shop to witness a clever take on the show staples “True Blood”, “Sex and the City”, and “Entourage”. That’s fashion and art married together in true vintage style that brings the taste of the clever display window back to light. Thank you, HBO. What’s fun is the same exact window design with a mannequin sitting in front nicely on a fine leather chair looking chic defines each show respectively with the words on a central poster, “Have a Bloody Good Holiday”, “Have a Sexy Holiday”, and “Have a Starry Holiday”, continually switched at equal intervals. You can only guess which shows match up with each saying.

Kim Cattrall and Andrew McCarthy would go on a window shopping spree knowing that displays are still going strong. Play that 80s music!

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Make a Statement with a Jacket http://www.theboutique.org/make-a-statement-with-a-jacket.html http://www.theboutique.org/make-a-statement-with-a-jacket.html#comments Sun, 19 Dec 2010 17:51:05 +0000 admin http://theboutique.org/?p=228
Leather Jacket Imagery
Image via Wikipedia

The key to being workplace chic this year is the statement jacket. Statement jackets are the wilder, edgier cousins of those neutral-colored blazers that are the staple of your professional wardrobe. Finding your perfect statement jacket is a joyous to adventure. Are you ready? No? Here are a few hints to get your started.

What to Look For

  • Texture is one element of a great statement jacket. Look for a nappy fabric, one that draws they eye.
  • Look for prints and patterns, or if that’s too much for you, how about a bold herringbone tweed or a saucy plaid.
  • Choose bold detailing. Look for that unique detail: unusual buttons, a ruffled cuff, leather or fur collars, or beaded adornments.

Whether you are shopping in the stores or shopping online, it is a good idea to visualize how and where you’ll be wearing your statement jackets. Ideally, your jacket can be worn at work with trousers, a skirt, or a dress , after work at the clubs, and casually with jeans at the mall.


1. From designers Alice+Olivia, is cotton-blend jacket embellished with multicolored beads and sequins. See it and other’s at the designers website www.aliceandolivia.com
2. From designer Dian Von Furstenberg is the Rosette Jane jacket. This is a cropped silk jacket with large exquisite floral rosettes. While the jacket maybe priced out of your budget, it does give you an idea of what to look for. See this jacket at www.matchesfashion.com
3. ASOS this year features the Sequin Embellished Waterfall Jacket. Two things set this jacket apart from all the others. First, the sequin pattern that gives the appearance of alligator skin. Second, the reflecting glimmer, which is largely a part of how the sequins are applied to the jacket. See this jacket at us.asos.com.

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Former Princess is Queen of Fashion http://www.theboutique.org/former-princess-is-queen-of-fashion.html http://www.theboutique.org/former-princess-is-queen-of-fashion.html#comments Sat, 18 Dec 2010 17:49:42 +0000 admin http://theboutique.org/?p=224 Diane Von Furstenberg is president of the Council of Fashion Designers of American, the fashion industry’s pre-eminent trade association and was a judge on the reality t.v. show Project Runway. Once married to Germany’s Prince Egon of Furstenberg in the 1970s, she assumed the title of princess for the years that they were married.

It was in the early years of her marriage, that she began her fashion career. Von Furstenberg soared to fame with her jersy knit wrap-around dress in 1974. That particular design has been so influential in women’s fashion that today it is a part of the Costume Institute of the Metropolitan Museum of Art and is featured in the 1970s fashion collection at the Smithsonian Institution.

Never a woman to rest in the limelight, Von Furstenburg, took her creativity and her sense of style in a number of directions. In 1977, she launched her home furnishing collection Style for Living. In 1985, she founded the French-language publishing house Salvy.

When her fashion designs lost cache in the late 1980s and early 1990s, Von Furstenburg turned to writing. She published a series of coffee table books. The first, Beds, published in 1991, was followed in 1993 by the book The Bath, and ended with the 1996 book, The Table. In 1998, Simon and Schuster published her widely acclaimed memoir, Diane: A Signature Life.

Today, Von Furstenberg, is a grandmother. Her fashions designs are in high demand and worn by such notable celebrities as Madonna, Jessica Alba, and Jennifer Lopez.

Recently, Von Furstenburg was in China preparing for a retrospective show in Beijing entitled “Journey of a Dress.” The show will open in Beijing in April 2011. In 2009, the retrospective appeared at Moscow’s Manezh Central Exhibition Hall and was a huge success in Sao Paolo, Brazil. Check her latest fashions at www.dvf.com.

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Getting the Best Jacket for Your Body Type http://www.theboutique.org/getting-the-best-jacket-for-your-body-type.html http://www.theboutique.org/getting-the-best-jacket-for-your-body-type.html#comments Fri, 17 Dec 2010 17:44:07 +0000 admin http://theboutique.org/?p=218
Photo of jacket
Image via Wikipedia

You’re not supposed to know, but you do. You know that either under the Christmas tree or lurking in a yet-to-be filled stocking is an awesome gift card to your favorite store. You’re ready, you know what you want. You want a new jacket—maybe a statement jacket. But do you know how to pick out the best style of jacket for your body type? If not here are a few tips.

Plus-Size Woman

The industry says that you’re a plus size woman if you wear a size 14 or larger. (Really, a 14!) Plus size women may also be either pear-shaped or busty. So if your plus-sized according to industry standards, be sure you look at the tips for pear-shaped or busty body shapes.

What to look for

  • Small prints
  • Collars and cuffs that add interest
  • Lighter weight fabrics

What to avoid

  • Boxy and square shaped jackets
  • Heavy and textured fabrics

Pear-Shaped Woman

Pear-shaped woman are smaller on top and larger on the bottom. If you’re a pear-shaped woman, you’ll want to look for jackets that will emphasis their bust and shoulders.

What to look for

  • The A-line shaped jacket works best.
  • Interesting fabrics and textures

What to avoid

  • Jackets that are too long. Jackets should be just long enough to hit the hips.

Busty Woman

Of all the body types, the busty woman faces the most challenges when it comes to finding a jacket that both fits and looks good.

What to look for

  • Longer jackets. Hip length jackets or longer, drawer the eye away from the bust.
  • Single-breasted style.
  • What to avoid
  • Large collars and lapels

Slim Body Style

The slim body style needs a jacket that will accentuate her curves.

  • What to look for
  • Belted jackets
  • Cropped and short jackets
  • What to avoid
  • Baggy jackets
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Stacey Bendet–Who the Heck is She? http://www.theboutique.org/stacey-bendet-who-the-heck-is-she.html http://www.theboutique.org/stacey-bendet-who-the-heck-is-she.html#comments Thu, 16 Dec 2010 17:42:47 +0000 admin http://theboutique.org/?p=216 If you don’t know her by name, you may now her clothing line Alice + Olivia. She is one of the hippest designers on the runways today. You’ve seen her designs on such notables as Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Lopez, Dakota Fanning, Angelina Jolie and Taylor Swift.

The story goes that she roller-bladed out of a Wall Street interview and went to work designing websites in the fashion industry. From there she started her own design company featuring the distinctive “Staceypants” that were first sold at Barneys NY.

Her innovative “staceypants” featured a style similar to low-rise jeans combined with funky fabrics and bold colors. For the woman who grew up as Stacey Bendet Weiner in Chappaqua, New York, it was only the beginning. By the time she was 26 years old, she was CEO of her own company.

Since her fashion debut in 2002, her star has continued to rise. She expanded her line from pants to dresses, sweaters, embellished T-shirts and coats and her success continued to build. She now has Alice + Olivia stores in five locations around the country. In addition, you can see her line at Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue, and Nordstroms.

Bendet further expanded her design vision to shoes in 2007 and entered into an arrangement with Payless shoes. In 2008, following the birth of her daughter Eloise, Bendet began a line of children’s clothes. Reportedly, she was unhappy with the fabrics and choices presented in baby clothes and was inspired to give a new twist to baby chic.

What does the future hold? Stacey Bendet is expanding her line even more in 2011, adding jewelry and scarves to her innovative inventory. To see exactly what Stacey Bendet has to offer, visit her online boutique at www.aliceandolivia.com.

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The Fashion Explosion http://www.theboutique.org/the-fashion-explosion.html http://www.theboutique.org/the-fashion-explosion.html#comments Thu, 16 Dec 2010 16:22:34 +0000 admin http://theboutique.org/?p=41 How far the world of fashion has come. There was a time when fashion meant dresses for women and a nice suit for a man, not much choice, but everyone did look nice. However, the fashion industry has become a multi-million dollar business. Those of us who follow the fashion trends cannot get enough. Everyone wants to look nice, but it is also nice to put a part of you into it. What is your favorite color? Does is go with what you are wearing otherwise? Is it a fashion statement or a fashion blunder? We would all like to have our own Carson Kressley to tell us what to wear and how to wear it, to present ourselves in our best light. He would have fashion tips and advice on a daily basis, and we would always look our best.

Unfortunately, we do not have our own fashion industry insider to walk around with us. We do however, have the next best thing in theboutique.org. This website is your eye on fashion, the door to the current fashion trends – all the secrets we all wish we just knew. Can I wear red with orange? Does this tie go with this shirt? What did Angelina wear on the Red Carpet this year? Where can I get the scarf that I saw on Taylor at the American Music Awards? All the information you ever needed to be your very own fashionista – one of the insiders.

If you are going to a large affair, or just a night on the town with your significant other, you can check in with theboutique.org and make sure that you and your partner are the best-dressed couple there. You will turn heads, with everyone wondering how you thought to pair that dress with those shoes, and where did you get that amazing jewelry? Keep them wondering, at least you know where you got your new found “diva” eye.

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Five Hot Fashion Accessories http://www.theboutique.org/five-hot-fashion-accessories.html http://www.theboutique.org/five-hot-fashion-accessories.html#comments Wed, 15 Dec 2010 17:41:35 +0000 admin http://theboutique.org/?p=213 It’s the holidays. It’s the season of giving, the season of receiving, and season of looking your best. While we’d all like to have two or three new outfits for the season, not everyone’s budget will expand far enough to make that happen. Never fear, all you need to dress up last year’s outfit is some great accessories.

Shoes, Oh Yeah!

Nothing dresses up an outfit better than shoes. Try some sexy stilettos to give that extra style punch. Black or nude are the colors that are really steamy this season.

For more casual wear, you can’t beat a pair (or two) of ballet flats. They are crazy comfortable, fairly inexpensive, and come in every imaginable color. Hot colors for the holidays metallic silvers and coppers.

Purses, Gotta Have ‘Em

Not that anyone needs an excuse to buy a new handbag but we’re grabbing this one for the holidays. Like shoes, the hot metallic colors are the way to go. For clutch purses, go for the bling! Flaunt it like you have it.

Bracelets—Off the Cuff

Big cuff bracelets and big watches are this season’s holiday bling of choice. Thick bands and earthy metallic tones are a good choice. Why not stack those bracelets? Use different band widths to add interest.

Giant Scarves—A Definite Statement

Over-sized scarves add a dramatic flair. In addition, their versatility makes them a fashion accessory must-have. Tie them, twist them, drape them, roll and fold them, you’ll have a different exciting look every time.

The Cocktail Bling

Add a huge cocktail ring to your ensemble and you are ready to roll. Don’t over do it, one is enough. Two is just gaudy. And added benefit is the ring draws attention to your holiday manicure and that can’t be bad.

With just a few well-chosen accessories, Santa doesn’t stand a chance. You’ll have him wrapped around his little finger.

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Gadget Review: Samsung Fascinate http://www.theboutique.org/gadget-review-samsung-fascinate.html http://www.theboutique.org/gadget-review-samsung-fascinate.html#comments Wed, 15 Dec 2010 13:18:56 +0000 admin http://theboutique.org/?p=103
Personal Handy-phone System mobiles and modems...
Image via Wikipedia

If you are in the market for a new phone, you might want to check out the top affiliate programs for information on the different types of cell phones. Or, you can go to your local cellular phone company and check out the phones there.

The Samsung Fascinate is a cell phone that is new to the market. With its 4-inch screen, looking at anything on your phone is simple and easy. It uses the Android 2.1 operating system that can make searching the Internet a fun and fast experience.

The Samsung Fascinate is a great phone, and takes some getting used to if you’ve never used a Droid phone before. Gone are the keyboards, because you will be using the touch screen only. If you have never used the touch screen before, you will need some practice on it first before you begin to utilize its functions.

The phone also has 3G and Wi-fi connections, so that you can stay connected to everyone no matter where you go. The best part about the Fascinate is the applications you can use. There are over 100,000 applications that you can download to your phone, many of them even free. From diet plans to video games, anything and everything you want in an application is there to help you. You can even download a personal organizer so that you can turn your phone into your own assistant.

Watching videos and listening to music is now easy as ever when you have one of these phones. Chatting and surfing the web are fast and simple.

The only regret about the phone is the on/off tab. It is too parallel with the volume controls on the phone, so if you aren’t paying attention and want to turn your phone volume down, you might turn the phone off by accident instead.

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A Night at the Handbag Museum http://www.theboutique.org/a-night-at-the-handbag-museum.html http://www.theboutique.org/a-night-at-the-handbag-museum.html#comments Tue, 14 Dec 2010 17:38:23 +0000 admin http://theboutique.org/?p=203 The beauty of the internet and the virtual world is that you can be virtually anywhere at any time. You can for instance, shop, or read, or even visit at museum at midnight in your pajama. One museum that fashionistas are raving about is the Sackrider Musuem of Handbags located conveniently at http://thesack.org.

The handbag has a long and decorative history. In the 1500s both men and women used handbags or purses to carry coins, important papers, and religious relics. In the late 16th century and early 17th century pockets became a part of men’s clothing and handbags moved into a more exclusively feminine arena.

Women wore their purses hung from a chatelaine, a decorative clasp or belt hook, with small chains attached to the items they carried. Because chatelaine’s were an adornment as well as functional, they were often elaborately decorated.

The chatelaine and tiny coin purse evolved into the reticule. As the forerunner of today’s handbags, the reticule was a small bag with a drawstring closure and handle.

The next major change in handbags came during World War II when women entered the workforce in record numbers. Handbags became much larger, to accommodate the needs of a working woman who was away from the home 8 to 10 hours a day.

You can see examples of both purses used with chatelaine’s and reticules in the 1890-1920 collection at the Sackrider Musuem. These small purses are elaborate in their beadwork and intricate design.

The Sackrider’s collection is divided into seven time periods: (1) 1890-1920, (2) 1930-1940, (3) 1950, (4) 1960, (5) 1970, (6) 1980, and (7) 1990- present. The Sackrider Musuem is a great place to see the evolution of handbags in one sitting. The only thing that would make it better, is a bit more historical context. Still, it is worth a visit.

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Mikimoto pearl necklace http://www.theboutique.org/mikimoto-pearl-necklace.html http://www.theboutique.org/mikimoto-pearl-necklace.html#comments Tue, 14 Dec 2010 05:56:30 +0000 admin http://theboutique.org/?p=143
Oprah Winfrey, Barack Obama & Michelle Obama
Image via Wikipedia

Since a very long time pearls have remained an eternal source of beauty and fascination which has elevated the external and internal bounty of female world of decor .It creates a magical aura for enhancement of feminine outlook. They are generated from the living sea organism. None of the other gems in this whole world has been granted such privilege by the nature. Pearls emanate a particular glow and warmth which is unique. It has always come up to the demands of the customers no matter how old or young a person may be.

The reason is its rareness in accordance to its production. The main colors are silver, pink off-white, cream. Pearls possess a soft texture when touched and wore pearls are indeed a fashion of elite class gentry. Our famous personalities such as American Secretary of State Hilary Clinton, Michelle Obama, Oprah Winfrey, Elizabeth Taylor and Queen Elizabeth have frequently been photographed wearing the shimmering jewels. The Vanderbilts were famous for their pearl collection, and Jacqueline Lee Bouvier wore a perfect strand of them the day she married John F. Kennedy

Or we can simply say Pearls are a royal obsession for the ladies of this universe.

Scientist and Anthropologist have found pearls to be an ornament of 4200 BC in Egypt ,2300 BC in China A Persian princess who died in 520 BC wore them for the first time. Lately it turned out to be a symbol of beauty in Roman Empire and passing through all the centuries to us. Cultivation of Pearls started in 1908 and became very popular till today .The words “Pearls” itself means wisdom and as the name has its metaphor so does it possess the great value and eternity of Wisdom in itself. Ladies even in contemporary era likes to make Pearls the décor of their neck and ears and even fingers by attaching them into their necklace, earrings and rings and the current celebrities are the example of it. MICKIMOTO pearl necklace is considered to be the most precious one and the symbol of pride.

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Five Fashionable Books http://www.theboutique.org/five-fashionable-books.html http://www.theboutique.org/five-fashionable-books.html#comments Mon, 13 Dec 2010 17:38:28 +0000 admin http://theboutique.org/?p=202 Fashion magazines and fashion books enliven fashion mavens young and old. Whether their interest is in design, designers, or the history haute couture, this is a great time for books about fashion and the fashion industry. Some of the this season’s best fashion books

1. Fashion: the Twentieth Century by Francois Baudot
Originally published in 1999, this photographic survey of a century of fashion has been updated and republished. This comprehensive work includes the driving social, economical, and political forces behind fashion trends, as well as, vignettes of fashion designers and the design community as a whole.

2. Fashion: The 50 Most Influential Fashion Designers of All Time by Bonnie English
This is an ideal quick reference of the world’s greatest fashion designers. It features biographies of all the major designers and their signature design contributions, such as, Jean Patou, Mary Quant, Guccio Gucci, Philip Treacy, Ralph Lauren and Coco Chanel.

3. Icons of Fashion: The 20th Century By Gerda Buxbaum
A small volume covering a wide expanse of fashion trends from haute couture to everything grunge. The photography is masterful.

4. Fashion: From Concept to Consumer by Gini Stephens Frings
An insider’s view of the nuts and bolts of the fashion industry, this book lets the reader view the fashion industry from various focal points: manufacturing, designing, marketing, and retail.

5. The Why of The Buy: Consumer Behavior and Fashion Marketing by Patricia Rath, Stefani Bay, Penny Gill, and Richard Petrizzi
Written by marketing experts and associate professors in Marketing and Management, this book addresses the psychology of what drives fashion buyers and in turn inspires fashion designers. It is a provocative and thoughtful look.

Fashion books are a great resource for building you own unique look. In addition, fashion books can introduce you to designers you may not have heard of. On your mark, get dressed, and read!

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The Watch Of The Future Is Here Now http://www.theboutique.org/the-watch-of-the-future-is-here-now.html http://www.theboutique.org/the-watch-of-the-future-is-here-now.html#comments Mon, 13 Dec 2010 16:04:13 +0000 admin http://theboutique.org/?p=153
Soviet pocket watch
Image via Wikipedia

Watches have come a long way over the last 100 years.  Originally a time piece in the form of a fob watch, they soon became a daily accessory designed purely to tell the time. In the fifties, watches were fairly plain but functional. Over the next fifty years they evolved rapidly becoming cheaper and more fashionable.  Today they are both beautiful and fashionable accessories.

Current popular designers like Chopard and Michele have made the watch both a fashion accessory and a stunning piece of art work.  Watches today not only tell the time, they tell other people who we are and serve as status symbols.  They show success and achievement while expressing our individuality at the same time.

But wait! What is this new watch that has been one of  Oprah’s “favorite things” for three years in a row?  The “feel good” watch by Philip Stein is innovative, artistically pleasing to the eye, and multifunctional.  Philip Stein has gone into a new era in watch technology with features which can signal your bodies natural energy fields and synchronize them with the energy fields of the earth.  This technology makes us less stressed and more relaxed, hence the term “feel good”  It makes us feel connected and in harmony with the earth.

Sounds like science fiction? It is not.  This is the true technology of the future only it is here now.  Watches have evolved once again and in a few years time we will look back in amusement at the “basic” watch of the past and think to ourselves – “How quaint.”

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Fashion Tattoos? http://www.theboutique.org/fashion-tattoos.html http://www.theboutique.org/fashion-tattoos.html#comments Sun, 12 Dec 2010 17:32:30 +0000 admin http://theboutique.org/?p=189 Once the exclusive artistic canvas of the rebel and the renegade, tattoos are now prominent on fashion runways around the world. The recent innovations in tattooing equipment make permanent tattoos more affordable and quicker to apply.
Ten years ago, it was rare to see a woman with a tattoo, today women everywhere, in every economic, social, and financial class adorn themselves with tattoos.

Permanent tattoos what to consider

Tattoos are created by injecting patterns of ink into and under the skin, they are meant to be permanent. While it is possible and expensive, they can be removed. So it makes sense to give some thought to the type and placement of a permanent tattoo. Some things to consider are:

What will I think about this tattoo in 10 years?
Will the tattoo have a negative effect on my employment opportunities?
Imagine yourself at your wedding, accepting the Nobel Peace Prize, or making a speech before Congress how well will this particular tattoo represent you.

Temporary tattoos fun and disposable

You know temporary tattoos are chic when Chanel is offering an exclusive collection of 55 temporary tattoos for $75. Used as an accessory, temporary tattoos can add interest and for companies like Chanel they reinforce the brand.

Changes in material and technology, plus an intense interest from fashion designers, have contributed to a widening inventory of temporary tattoos. What’s more is that companies like Ink’d Temporary Tattoos allow you to create your own artwork, upload it to their site, and they’ll create and ship the temporary tattoos you at a very reasonable price. Imagine the possibilities, for weddings, showers, graduations, and for fundraisers.

Tattoos have glided onto the fashion runway and magazine covers. Temporary and permanent they represent a fashion trend that is sure to around for years.

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The Skirt: Getting It Right http://www.theboutique.org/the-skirt-getting-it-right.html http://www.theboutique.org/the-skirt-getting-it-right.html#comments Sat, 11 Dec 2010 17:29:49 +0000 admin http://theboutique.org/?p=187
An A-line skirt, with top.
Image via Wikipedia

Skirts abound this season. Short, long, mid-calf, above the knee, pencil, pleated, flouncy, or A-line, skirts are an essential part of a well-rounded wardrobe. So how do you embrace the current fashions and still wear a skirt that shows your body style to its best advantage? Here are a few tips.

The Slim, Boyish Body

Women with this body type have waist, hip, and bust measurements that are roughly the same. Choose a skirt that adds the illusion of curves. For example, pleated skirts, A-line, and fully skirts are a good choice. Tall women look amazing in the tiered skirt.

The Busty, Hour Glass Body

Women with this body type have an ample bust and hips and a well-defined waist. A-line skirts, cut just at the knee or above, give the body a balanced look. Short women with this body style should avoid floor length skirts.

The Pear Body

Women with a pear-shaped body are larger in the hips than the bust. Tailored skirts and dark colors minimize the hips and maximize the bust line. Stick with solid colors, as prints tend to draw the eye towards the hips.

The Well Rounded Body

Women with a well-rounded body type a have less defined waist. Tailored skirts with two darts at the waist and cut at the knee or below give a slimming illusion. Stick with dark solid colors.

No matter what body style you are, try your skirt on with the shoes you plan to wear and use a full-length three-sided mirror to see the line at every angle. Only after you have tried on a particular brand and style, should you consider making a skirt purchase on line.

Slim or well-rounded, busty or pear, women of all body styles will look fabulous this season in the perfect skirt for their body type.

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“The Purse and The Person” http://www.theboutique.org/the-purse-and-the-person.html http://www.theboutique.org/the-purse-and-the-person.html#comments Fri, 10 Dec 2010 17:29:43 +0000 admin http://theboutique.org/?p=186 Travelling around the country is an exhibition of women’s purses, entitled “The Purse and the Person: A Century of Women’s Purses.” The exhibition began the year at the Women’s Museum in Dallas, Texas in January of 2010. In July of 2010, it moved to the California Museum in Sacramento, California.

There are over 3,000 handbags in the collection, mostly from a private collection. The exhibition is divided eight vignettes. Each examines an 20th century archetypal woman. Flappers, Rosie the Riveter, hippies, and housewives are all represented. The exhibition looks at women’s rights, war and poverty as experienced by women and revealed by their purses in both design and content.

Just as Tim O’Brien looked into deeply into the personal lives of soldiers in his book The Things They Carried, the Purse and the Person collections, looks intimately into the lives of women at different periods of time. Purses held the things that women carried and give us a window into their social and political standing.

To look inside a woman’s person, is to get a glimpse of her soul, a map of who she is and what she values. What better way to put ourselves back into history, than to look into the shoes and the purses of our mothers and grandmothers? How much more will we understand about who they were and what they sacrificed for us, than by looking into their souls through their purses and the contents of those purses.

The exhibit is currently in Seattle at the Museum of History and Industry re-titled: Clutch It! The Purse and The Person, until February 14, 2011. It is part of a nine-city tour. To see some examples of purses in the exhibition, visit www.seattlehistory.org. To see other historic purses and handbags visit an online museum at thesack.org.

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How to Good Look Good on the Inside and Out http://www.theboutique.org/how-to-good-look-good-on-the-inside-and-out.html http://www.theboutique.org/how-to-good-look-good-on-the-inside-and-out.html#comments Fri, 10 Dec 2010 04:52:43 +0000 admin http://theboutique.org/?p=132 You always want to make a good first impression when you meet someone, whether it’s a date or a potential employer at a job interview. To make sure that your skin is in good shape, you need to have a skin care regiment just for your skin type. There are five major types of skin types: normal, combination, oily, sensitive, and dry.

To begin working toward having clear skin, find out what your skin type is. If you don’t know what your skin type is, you can find out by seeing if your T-zone is oilier. This zone consists of your forehead, chin, and nose. If so, you more than likely have oily skin. You will have combination skin if your T-zone is oily and your cheeks and the area around your mouth get dry. People with dry skin are dry all over, whereas sensitive skin gets irritated easily, which can produce acne lesions.

Buy products that are designed to help your kind of skin. If you don’t know of a store in your area that sells these products, check out sites like Canada 411 for location information. You’ll need a cleanser, toner, and moisturizer for your skin type. Use oil-free products for oily and combination skin. For dry skin, use moisturizing cleansers. Sensitive skin doesn’t need many products. Just use a gentle cleanser and moisturizer. Always use an SPF 15 moisturizer during the day. If you have acne, use a gentle cleanser and benzoyl peroxide 2.5 percent morning and night. There is no need to use a toner for dry, sensitive, or acne skin. I have found the best and cheapest way to get rid of acne is to use a gentle facial scrub containing two percent salicylic acid at least once a day. Your skin will start to look better in two weeks. The regimen needs to be done twice a day.

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Bright Colors for Every Hair Color http://www.theboutique.org/bright-colors-for-every-hair-color-2.html http://www.theboutique.org/bright-colors-for-every-hair-color-2.html#comments Wed, 08 Dec 2010 22:23:12 +0000 admin http://theboutique.org/?p=43
Hair coloring
Image via Wikipedia

Neon colors are everywhere this year and for many, getting the nerve up to wear bright colors can be a challenge. Hair color has a big role in which brights will look best and, for that reason, which ones will help you to wear color with confidence.

For blonds, wearing bright pink can make them feel a little like a Barbie doll. Instead, try a bright cobalt blue for something with just the same amount of punch, but without as much in-your-face feminine cute factor. Many blonds can also pull off royal purples and other vibrant cool shades that will help their delicate coloring to stand out. For blonds who want to wear bright pink, consider a shade that is slightly darker or with more depth. This will not only be gorgeous with blonds’ coloring, but help to prevent the look from being overpowering.

Bright colors can liven up brunettes hair and play into the range of coloring that makes brunettes so unique. Many brunettes love all bright jewel tones and for good reason. Strong emerald green, sparkling sapphire blue, and ruby red all look beautiful with many brunettes’ coloring. For brunettes with copper highlights, nothing will offset them better than dressing in bright red. Brunettes can also generally pull off bright orange, a shade that is often reserved only for them in the world of bright colors.

Many redheads think they have a challenge when it comes to bright colors, but in reality, bright hair and bright colored clothes are a match made in fashion heaven. Every redhead looks stunning in green–everything from a bright kelly green to a deeper emerald green can be a safe way for redheads to embrace bright colors. Bright electric blue is another wonderful choice for redheads that will compliment and show off their unique coloring and gorgeous hair.

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Choosing the Right Engagement Ring http://www.theboutique.org/choosing-the-right-engagement-ring.html http://www.theboutique.org/choosing-the-right-engagement-ring.html#comments Tue, 07 Dec 2010 12:31:17 +0000 admin http://theboutique.org/?p=140 Well the time had come and I was ready to make the next move into a more committed relationship.  Let me rephrase that.  I thought I was ready to move into the next phase.  I was not worried about the commitment.  What I discovered was that even though I thought I was ready to buy an engagement ring, I soon found out that there was a lot more that went into the decision than just making a purchase.  To help out those guys who find themselves in this same situation, let me pass along some tips from what I learned on my engagement ring journey.  One of the first things you need to know is how much you want to spend.  I am not going to give you a guideline.  Just make sure to budget for what you can afford before you go shopping.  Next, make sure you understand how to pick out a diamond.  Google the phrase “four c’s of diamonds” and you will find all the information you need.

After finding the stone you want, don’t skimp on the setting.  A great diamond with a cheap setting is going to end up looking like a cheap engagement ring.  So after you pick out the stone, make sure to keep enough in the budget for a nice setting.  The final tip I will give you is to make sure to buy from a good jeweler.  Ask around and get a recommendation from your friends who have recently gotten engaged.  These are just basic tips to help you buy a ring.  But these are tips you do not want to ignore.  So in the end, everything worked out great and she loved what I purchased.  I looked at various Tacori engagement rings before making a final decision.  Both my decision to ask her to marry me and to buy this type of ring are ones I will never regret.

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Fashion.Industry.Com? Really? http://www.theboutique.org/fashion-industry-com-really.html http://www.theboutique.org/fashion-industry-com-really.html#comments Mon, 06 Dec 2010 16:11:43 +0000 admin http://theboutique.org/?p=302 Take a look at the Twitter World, Facebook Family and MySpacers out there, and it’s true: Fashion has entered cyberspace in a big way. It’s not a closed-doors agenda anymore where the top celebrities and couture collaborators meet up and have their own black/white tie parties away from the general population (although they definitely still do).

Fashion’s now technically for everyone.

This was especially true at the onset of diffusion collections such as Isaac Mizrahi’s Target campaign back in 2002, bringing high-quality design to a more “middle-class” store. Basically unheard of as far as model fashion standards were concerned. Executive producer Kelly Cutrone of the Bravo TV series “Kell on Earth” and owner of “People’s Revolution” had stated that “people want to feel connected”; the internet has apparently done that. It’s all about transparency, a concept supported by even designers such as Diane von Furstenberg. Shiv Singh, Vice President and social media lead at Razorfish, has definitely seen that brands are “learning to humanize without killing their mystique”.

Is cyberspace ready for this? This is a big melting pot where we find everyday people lurking about–can the likes of Liz Claiborne really converse with social superhouses? Who knows….

It’s a tough concept to grab given we’re used to gazing into the godliness of Victoria Secret and Iman like Mt. Olympus and the queen of the Olympians Hera. The “little people” get the inside look now at the beauty of ambrosia and togas, right? Even check out reality TV–”America’s Next Top Model”, “Project Runway”, “What Not to Wear”, “Make Me a Supermodel”, “Queer Eye”. They’re all over like termites in a condemned apartment building (but it’s not a bad thing by any stretch! I mean, it’s hot fashion, for Carson Kressley’s sake!).

There’s still trepidation that the World Wide Web will catch one too many flies, and the fashion spiders will fatten way too much. However, only.time.will.tell.com! You’ll never know how the world will react.

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Tracking Social Media Trends http://www.theboutique.org/tracking-social-media-trends.html http://www.theboutique.org/tracking-social-media-trends.html#comments Mon, 06 Dec 2010 15:09:48 +0000 admin http://theboutique.org/?p=99 If you take some time and look around at some of the most popular websites on the Internet, you will realize that social networking and social media sites have exploded. With the Internet making it easier and easier to connect with others in our world, both far and near, it’s no wonder that the internet has become a hotbed of social connections.

If you have been tracking social media sites, you will see fluctuations on how they work, and how long they last. Some become instantly popular, but quickly die off. Others may take a little longer to gain their popularity, but last for a long time. There are, of course scenarios in between as well.

It has gotten to the point that for many people, social media, social networking, and social bookmarking have all become synonymous. Though realistically they are not always the same, they are all social, and therefore have the same premise of getting people together.

Many people recently are frustrated because it can seem like businesses are taking over a lot of these social sites. Some say that there is way too much advertising on these websites. Others disagree, and feel that, since companies need to be connected to the people using their products or services, it is perfectly fine. No matter what side of the debate you are on, you will likely notice that there are ads on many social sites, and that you may even get invites to connect with businesses. If you are uncomfortable with the invites, you do not have to accept them. Unfortunately, the ads probably won’t go away, though. These social companies make money with the advertisements, and since most of them are free, this is how these companies make their money at all.

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What Not to Do in the Congo of Fashion http://www.theboutique.org/what-not-to-do-in-the-congo-of-fashion.html http://www.theboutique.org/what-not-to-do-in-the-congo-of-fashion.html#comments Sun, 05 Dec 2010 06:00:59 +0000 admin http://theboutique.org/?p=293 Fashion shopping is like a Congo expedition complete with the ‘squitos and scabs that show up on your face from exposure to jungle spores: there are pitfalls and many adventures, shocking discoveries and dismal failures that would make you wish your life would end. Not literally, but you get the point. It’s funny when you can compare a trip to Macy’s to a massive bengal tiger. Lots of fangs and fur. (The fangs are the other shoppers, and the fur is…well, the clothes!)

So naturally, the perilous adventure of fashion comes with its don’ts. And they are important to know for the sake of your safety. Lord knows, in the Congo, safety is paramount; have to watch out for those giant tarantulas, you know?

First Fashion Don’t:

No matter how popular, don’t buy outfits that don’t flatter your figure. The clothes need to look good on you–not just simply look good. If all they did was look good, they’d be fine on the clothes rack. But that would make no sense, because clothes were made for people, not racks. Please do offer clothing the honor of their rightful birthright.

Second Fashion Don’t:

Keep the competition to a minimum. Out on the Congo, you don’t want trouble from other travelers. You get enough problems from the rabid apes and pythons about to pounce on you. In other words: yes, it’s always healthy to shop with your friends; but make sure your friends aren’t competing with you to the point that you purchase clothing you don’t need!

Third Fashion Don’t:

The last Don’t is simpler than a walk across a pond filled with leeches (?). It is to remember the importance of ignoring the great sales! However, don’t misunderstand; if you’re looking at something you absolutely need to buy, and it happens to be on sale, bravo! But don’t buy something you need just because it’s on sale.

More to come on this adventure, friends. Stay tuned to your Fashion Discovery Channel. Happy hunting!

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Being Self-Motivated When Working From Home http://www.theboutique.org/being-self-motivated-when-working-from-home.html http://www.theboutique.org/being-self-motivated-when-working-from-home.html#comments Sun, 05 Dec 2010 05:08:59 +0000 admin http://theboutique.org/?p=135 Working from home is great. You get to make your own schedule, eat at home, be around your family more and dress however you like. No more high heels, no more long commutes. You save money in gas which means you can now afford pet insurance for your dog Fido.

But there are a few problems that may arise from working at home. For one, not dressing up might make you feel less presentable or even ugly at times. No commuting is great, but you might not even take the time to take a walk let alone actually work out. Then there’s the eating; the refrigerator is no longer left at home – it’s just in the other room.

The trick here is self discipline. Just like you need to be disciplined to save money for pet insurance, you have to show be self-disciplined when working from home. Stop laughing now, you know you have it – you just choose not to use it sometimes. Start by taking the time to make a schedule you like. If you like to sleep in until 7, you’ll need to make sure you actually get up at 7. Schedule in a half hour workout in the morning and stick to it. If you have to go check out pet insurance or go to the bank, walk if it’s close by.

Dress in comfortable but not slouchy clothes. Working at home isn’t an excuse to laze around in sweats all day. Sweats might be comfortable, but they can make you feel slouchy and lazy. Take time to do your hair and makeup. Since you have your own schedule, you should be able to add in enough time for personal hygiene. And be sure to schedule in enough relaxation time for a little shopping or a bubble bath to help reduce stress.

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Color Me Fashion http://www.theboutique.org/color-me-fashion.html http://www.theboutique.org/color-me-fashion.html#comments Sat, 04 Dec 2010 19:04:43 +0000 admin http://theboutique.org/?p=268
My green-blue eyes.
Image via Wikipedia

So what’s your favorite color? Blue? Green? Pink? Maybe you have a lot of your favorite color in your wardrobe. Lord have mercy, you can’t stop putting on that jet-black jumpsuit, because you absolutely love the color black. Really? A jumpsuit? If you base your fashion sense solely on your personal color taste, check yourself real quick–

Because color is actually very important in the fashion industry.

And choosing the right colors for your wardrobe shouldn’t be based on personal taste. Rather, the colors you choose are dictated by your natural skin tone, hair color, and eye color.

First off, we can start with white and black. They’re the basics. Everyone looks good in those two colors. You know why? Because they cover the entire spectrum in one fell swoop. Check those off the list of colors, and let’s move on.

It’s trickier for the rest of the color spectrum. Let’s divide the spectrum into two categories: warm and cool. The “warm” colors are your browns, reds, and oranges. The “cool” colors are basically blue, green, black, grey, and hazel. There are obviously all the other colors you can possibly think of that can lean toward either category.

So here’s what you do to determine what are the best colors for you to wear. Remember your skin tone, hair color, and eye color? Right. Take a white piece of paper and put it under your chin. Now face a mirror and close your eyes…. Good. Okay, open them. Now ask yourself this one question: what do you notice first? The white paper? Or your face?

If the answer is your face, then “cool” works best on you. If the answer was the white paper, then “warm” is your forte. Think about your skin tone, your eyes, even your hair, and all of that would make sense. Based on your physical makeup, match the correct colors, and clothes will look like a million bucks on you. Guarantee it.

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Los Angeles Apartments Guide: Learning to Be Part of the Crowd http://www.theboutique.org/los-angeles-apartments-guide-learning-to-be-part-of-the-crowd.html http://www.theboutique.org/los-angeles-apartments-guide-learning-to-be-part-of-the-crowd.html#comments Sat, 04 Dec 2010 18:10:40 +0000 admin http://theboutique.org/?p=161 Los Angeles. It is considered the home to Hollywood stars, movie directors, TV stars and musical artists. Due to the high level of celebrity appeal that Los Angeles has, there comes a certain vibe and attitude that comes with the whole city. While some people are better apt at adjusting to the Los Angeles vibe, others need a little bit of help in figuring out how to not stick out like a sore thumb. Here are a couple tips that you can follow in order to not be labeled an outsider right away:

  • Give Off an Air of Confidence. Many people in Los Angeles have an air of confidence about them. It doesn’t matter what they are wearing or how they are acting, they are confident in themselves and people do not question whether they belong to the Los Angeles area. Try to be confident in your skin if you are moving to the area and people will not look twice at what you are wearing or how you are acting. You could be wearing a paper bag and if you are walking around with your head held high people would probably not even do a double take of you because of your level of confidence.
  • Stay Up to Date with the Latest Fashions. Much of Los Angeles likes to dress in the latest and greatest fashion. If you really want to blend in with the crowd and area, it is recommended that you brush up on the latest fashions. There are hundreds of thousands of fashion trends out there for you to pick up on. So regardless of if you are seen walking out of one of the most swank Los Angeles apartments or heading to the grocery store, you will look as if you belong to the city of Los Angeles if you stay on top of the latest fashion trends.
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Accessorizing a Summer Dress for Cold Weather http://www.theboutique.org/67.html http://www.theboutique.org/67.html#comments Mon, 29 Nov 2010 22:26:26 +0000 admin http://theboutique.org/?p=67
Brazillian model Gisele Bündchen at the Fashio...
Image via Wikipedia

Putting away your favorite warm weather dresses can be a sad part of the fall. Luckily, there are many ways to continue to wear your favorite dresses year-round and turn them into completely new outfits with a few simple tricks.

Layers on Top
Layer a long sleeved t-shirt under a dress, try a neutral color or a color that will coordinate with your dress and help the colors to pop. You can also layer a simple cardigan over a sundress for a simple and elegant look. Wrap sweaters are another great option for adding a layer. Make sure the sweater hits between your natural waist and your hip so you don’t look top-heavy and arrange the tie of the sweater or a coordinating belt at or just above your waist to keep everything in place.

Thick tights are in style this year and they are a great way to keep wearing skirts and dresses all year long. Layer two pairs of black tights for going out on cold nights and you’ll have an extra layer of insulation without anyone having to know. Thick patterned tights are a great way to doll up and cozy up a plain dress. Colored tights can add style to an otherwise neutral and mellow outfit, giving it an extra dash of excitement for the cold and dreary months of the year.

A flat boot is one of the best ways to accessorize a summer dress for the fall. There are many beautiful flat suede boots out this season, or consider investing in a beautiful pair of leather riding boots. A neutral brown or black will go with everything in your closet and is an especially great way to take your summer floral dresses well into fall and winter. Simply layer thick tights and riding boots, a coordinating cardigan on top, and some pretty necklaces and you’re ready to go.

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Great Gift Ideas for Fashionistas http://www.theboutique.org/great-gift-ideas-for-fashionistas-2.html http://www.theboutique.org/great-gift-ideas-for-fashionistas-2.html#comments Fri, 19 Nov 2010 22:25:28 +0000 admin http://theboutique.org/?p=61 Everyone has that person on their list, the friend or family member who lives and breathes fashion. buying gifts for the true fashionista can be tough, they tend to have very set tastes and love to buy things for themselves. It can feel overwhelming, especially for the person who doesn’t share their interest in clothes and accessories. There are a few gifts, however, that anyone can pick out for their fashion-forward friends.

Beautiful Scarves
The best part about scarves is that no one can ever have too many. They take up very little space in a closet, keep you warm in the winter, and can be used to punch up any outfit in a variety of ways. Choose a soft cashmere scarf in your friend’s favorite color or a patterned winter scarf that just catches your eye. Chances are, your fashionista will find just the perfect way to wear it.

A Pretty Make-up Bag or Jewelry Case
Buying purses can be tricky, they tend to be very personal items and its tough to know exactly what to buy. Smaller bags, however, can be fun and unique. Even if your friend doesn’t use it for exactly its intended purpose, everyone can find a way to use a few more small bags. Look for unique patterns, bright colors, or beautifully crafted bags that are little works of art. They can be used for jewelry, hair ties, change, or keeping makeup in order.

A Vintage Hat or Gloves
Winter holidays are the perfect time to give cold weather accessories. Fashion-forward friends love to mix up their winter accessories to keep things from getting boring. A beautiful vintage hat like a cloche or knit beret is a great gift for a friend who loves classic style. A quality pair of leather gloves is a gift that will last for many winters to come.

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Winter Fashion 2011 http://www.theboutique.org/winter-fashion-2011.html http://www.theboutique.org/winter-fashion-2011.html#comments Thu, 18 Nov 2010 01:37:49 +0000 admin http://theboutique.org/?p=87
Girl wearing a parka with fake fur
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Each year brings new fashion and new trends for woman to drool over. The 2010/2011 winter season is no different. Combining just a few of these trends with your basic wardrobe items will give you a whole fresh look.

Black leather is one of the top trends of the year. Jackets, coats, and belts in leather can be seen in all types of clothing lines. The spin for this year is that the leather should be edgy. Metal accents, studs, and other decorations will help to dress your leather up. Pair it with a simple sweater and jeans for a great balanced look.

Faux Fur is fun to wear. Faux fur looks more like the real thing than ever before and comes in so many different styles and prices. If you are not ready to go full out fur, there are lots of accessories that you can use to add just a touch of fur. A fur vest, wrap, or hat can add just a little kick to a basic outfit.

Embellished handbags are a great way to add some shine to your outfit without having to buy a new wardrobe. Studs and fringe are big this season, as are any type of embellishment. Cross body styles are also popular this year as they keep your handbag out of the way and allow your hands to be free.

Winter is also a great time to experiment with new textures. This year, textured fabrics like velvet, tweed,and knits are making their way into several fashion lines. Layer texture with great colors for a warm, chic look. Add texture with new accessories like scarves and hats.

Fashion does not have to be hard. Add just a few pieces in the trends for this year and combine with your existing wardrobe to look trendy and fashionable.

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Fashion Cents http://www.theboutique.org/fashion-cents.html http://www.theboutique.org/fashion-cents.html#comments Wed, 17 Nov 2010 01:37:14 +0000 admin http://theboutique.org/?p=84
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In today’s self conscious world, fashion is everything. A good fashion sense can open lots of doors. The way in which we present ourselves is extremely important and closely connected to the degree of success we can achieve. While our ideas and knowledge will seal the deal, the “first impression” is often closely connected to the way we are dressed. The Cher and Madonna types are few and far between. While trend setting, there are few of us likely to walk around town, go on job interviews or even out for a night on the town in one of their “costumes.” They are amazing and we all love them, but they are for show. While we all love to watch the entertainment shows to catch a glimpse of the current fashion trends, sometimes we need to figure out what our own style is. Where can we turn for real advice in the fashion category?

Theboutique.org offers fashion advice and tips from the fashion industry. Whether you are quite the fashionista and just have a question or two, or trying to change your look completely, theboutique.org can help. Here you can keep up with the current fashion trends, get some new ideas, as well as find out what works best for you. What are the best colors to wear for your hair color? What accessories would go with this outfit? What should I do to make my look stand out? What is the latest “must have” in the fashion world? It is all right here. This is the one stop on the web you need to make before venturing out into the retail jungle, where everyone wants what is in your wallet and may not be too concerned with the outcome.

Visit theboutique.org and you can be confident that the world will see you in the light that you would like, the true you, only dressed really well

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Making the Best Dressed List http://www.theboutique.org/making-the-best-dressed-list.html http://www.theboutique.org/making-the-best-dressed-list.html#comments Tue, 16 Nov 2010 01:36:47 +0000 admin http://theboutique.org/?p=81
BERLIN - JULY 19:  Karl Lagerfeld (C) smiles a...
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We may not all have personal designers like the stars, but we all have a fashion sense. We all know what works for us, and for the most part, those to whom it is important, follow the fashion trends regularly. Or do we? Of course we do not. Most of us could not put two colors together and make them work. We are not always keenly aware of what the fashion industry is touting as the next “mini skirt”, the next great have to have look for the ages. We are just happy to get up and get dressed.

But there are those times. Those times when we want to make our partner realize just how amazing we can look. Those times when we want to impress a potential new boss or client. Those times when we just want to show everyone we are more that just a pretty face. We have fashion sense, we can follow the trends and yet put our own spin on it. Sometimes, it is easy. Sometimes. There are those times when no matter what we put together, it just does not look right. “How could I have paired those shoes with that look?” “Now what do I do?” You can skip the event, appointment or interview, or you can consult theboutique.org, a website for just this kind of help.

All the work has been done for you. No more flipping through the latest fashion magazines trying to find the right answer to your question. The research has been done, the fashion icons have been followed. Your one stop shop for fashion advice. They keep current with the fashion trends, follow the fashion industry and pass their fashion advice and tips along to you. Everything you need to know to make heads turn. You know you are amazing, and now everybody else will too.

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The Best Boots for Winter http://www.theboutique.org/the-best-boots-for-winter-2.html http://www.theboutique.org/the-best-boots-for-winter-2.html#comments Mon, 15 Nov 2010 22:24:39 +0000 admin http://theboutique.org/?p=55
Ice storms often coat many surfaces, such as trees
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Boots are a winter staple and this winter, beautiful styles are everywhere. It’s impossible to resist trying some of the cutest new boots styles that are also very practical for staying warm.

A Versatile Fold-down Style
A flat boot with a top section that can be folded up for a tall boot or over for a shorter style is a great choice for someone whose style is always changing. These boots can be styled for any outfit or occasion. Choose one in a classic neutral like black or a new neutral like a deep purple or olive green. A flat style will be more versatile as it can go from day to night and won’t be a problem in bad weather. It’s important to always check your everyday boots to be sure they have good traction on the bottom and a strong rubber sole to carry you through the snow and ice.

A Chic Bootie
One of the edgiest styles this season is a bootie that cuts just at the ankle. Look for one with a strong heel that is both stylish and functional. A bootie with a top that dips slightly lower than the ankle will help to extend the leg line and make the style more flattering. Pair a bootie with dress pants or try them with a dress or skirt for a more daring look. Choose tights of a matching color and a shorter skirt to make the legs look long and lean.

Stylish Winter Weather Boots
Every woman needs a pair of boots that are built for the snow and ice, but look as though she’s walking the runway. Bright patterns, elegant cuts that hold up without looking clunky, and soft linings that keep the feet toasty are an absolute must. These should be tough, but classic boots that make every snow day a magical event.

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Dressing When You Are Overweight http://www.theboutique.org/dressing-when-you-are-overweight.html http://www.theboutique.org/dressing-when-you-are-overweight.html#comments Sun, 14 Nov 2010 01:36:19 +0000 admin http://theboutique.org/?p=77
An A-line skirt, with top.
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Being overweight does not mean that it is not important to look good in your clothes. It also does not mean that you cannot follow trends or have style. There are, however, ways to dress your body that can help you to look slimmer and more put together

1. Pay attention to your undergarments. An ill fitting bra will make everything you put on top of it look bulky. A bra that fits well will smooth out your torso, making your shirts look smoother. Choose bras with thick straps for more support and a full cup so that your bra will move with you.

2. Find pants that fit well throughout. Squeezing into too small pants creates unnecessary bulges. Loose pants give you no definition. Pants should be straight leg, boot leg or wide cut to give you proportion through your lower body. A slim leg will make your middle appear wider.

3. Find shirts and tops that fit you well. Too small will make buttons bulge and too large will look sloppy. Shirts should hit you at the hips or just below the hips to make you torso look longer and slimmer.

4. Skirts that fall at the knee or calf will create a lean and long look. Too long of a skirt looks frumpy and sloppy, too short is not flattering to most body shapes.

5. Wear a V-neck. It helps your neck look longer and keeps the eye moving down so that you appear slimmer and leaner.

6. Wear A-line skirts to make hips and waists look smaller. It also slims down hips and thighs.

7. Accessorize with belts to make your waist look smaller and accentuate favorite parts of your body.

Looking your best is important whether you are petite or overweight. Knowing how to dress your body can make you look and feel better and is not hard to do.

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How to Look Thin in a Coat http://www.theboutique.org/how-to-look-thin-in-a-coat-2.html http://www.theboutique.org/how-to-look-thin-in-a-coat-2.html#comments Fri, 12 Nov 2010 22:23:47 +0000 admin http://theboutique.org/?p=49
Fashion plate of men's evening wear. Caption o...
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Many winter coats can cause you to look bulky. A good coat should allow you space to layer and provide everything you need to stay warm without looking larger than you actually are under all of those layers. It is possible to look thin in a coat. The right cut can be flattering and warm at the same time.

Consider the Length
Choose a coat that hits right at the bottom of your favorite skirt or dress. This tends to be a flattering length for your legs. Longer coats also allow space for you to add a wide belt or use the sash of the coat to cinch in the thinnest part of your body. A belted coat will always help you to look slim and chic through the coldest of winter days.

Choose a Flattering Color
Darker shades of blue, brown, or black are obviously slimming, but so are colors that make you feel great like a beautiful dark red or emerald green. Avoid very light colors in bulky fabrics, these tend to make you look and feel like a walking snowman.

Choose Structure
Coats with vertical seaming and lots of structure will help you to look pulled together and slim. Seaming slims you while any good quality coat will help to create a perfect shape on your body. Don’t be afraid to try on many styles, the most flattering coat for you will depend on finding the perfect fit and style for your shape.

Avoid Anything Puffy
Puff vests and Puff coats are warm and were all the rage a few years back, but best left only to the ski slopes. These looks tend to add layer after layer of bulk and cause you to look puffy, not the coat. Anything that lacks a shape will tend to look round in the winter when you have layers of sweaters on underneath.

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Purses: A Simple Philosophy http://www.theboutique.org/purses-a-simple-philosophy.html http://www.theboutique.org/purses-a-simple-philosophy.html#comments Mon, 01 Nov 2010 19:30:20 +0000 admin http://theboutique.org/?p=39 My philosophy is simple: You can never have too many handbags or shoes. In the course of a year, I will update my collection of purses more often than my husband will update drivers on our computer. The reason is that many handbags are now made out of a variety of materials, so you need to make sure you have one of everything in your closet. Styles are so varied that you must have one of each in your wardrobe. The utility and attractive appearance of handbags have even convinced some men to buy a purse-like bag, except they call them messenger bags or portable briefcases.

The shoulder bag was first introduced by Coco Chanel, and women have been forever grateful. Mothers especially appreciate having a place to store their own stuff and overflow baby gear from the diaper bag. Purses have become as essential to a woman as shoes and mascara.

Today, there are many designers with beautiful handbags to sell. Those who can afford these luxury items buy the latest and greatest bags each season. For those who can’t afford a splurge, there are places that sell reproductions of the designer handbags. Some of these copies are so convincing, you’ll have a hard time telling it isn’t a real Coach bag.

There are definitely plenty of handbags out there, but it is always fun to shop for a new one. You always want to find the perfect one to match the new dress or outfit you just bought. There is always a new color scheme being introduced or a new material. Handbags have become very trendy. If you are in the mood, you can even try to make one yourself by knitting with yarn. Many women like the look of a quilted bag, and you can find patterns on the Internet. Some like the personalized touch of an embroidered initial.

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