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Replica Watches

Importance of watches cannot be denied from one’s life as it is used to teach us punctuality and we
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Companies which are producing the wrist watches:

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Replica watches:

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Celebrity influence

1977 issue of Celebrity


Everyone knows that just about every celebrity has been on the news or in magazines at some point or another.  Sadly every thing these days focuses on celebrities.  There are many more celebrity magazines produced then any other magazines out there. Unfortunately any news that pertains to celebrities will more often then not be on the news first rather then that of some world event.

We put celebrities high up on a platform and look up to them.  When they make mistakes that are only human we look down upon them.   Celebrity influence goes back for many years.  In this world celebrities to most is like gods.  Most people become absorbed by the lives of celebrities.  Some people begin to feel a close connection to their celebrity of choice if they can relate to the celebrity from some aspect of their own life.  Then once they feel this connection they simply want to learn more about the celebrity as if they were making a new friend.

When we watch television we see the celebrities all dressed up and looking glamours.  They might drive a nice car, have a gorgeous house ect, but what most of don’t realize is that all of these costly things come with a price tag.

Sometimes we get so obsessed with the way the celebrities live their lives that more often then not a person may want to follow in ones footsteps, so in reality celebrities influence us.

Amongst people we all have a common denominator, and that is celebrities.

Fashion trends

Bride, 1968.


When we think of fashion we most think of clothes.  What most don’t realize is that when using the term fashion trends that could be consider many different aspects.  From shoes, to clothes, to hairstyles to makeup.

Back in the year eighteen forty women who were getting married could buy a wedding dress of any color.  It wasn’t until after Queen Victoria was married that her dressed was made of lace, and the color white.  After her marriage most every woman began to correlate white dresses with weddings.

It was later on in the nineteenth century that if you chose a different clothing or it was new that you were classified as middle class.  Men or women who wore clothing that was black or grey were looked at as having respect and who were dominate.  Children had to wear a sailor outfit.  Women back then never exposed their skin.  They wore their hair in a bun or had curls.  Middle class girls wore princess looking attire, such as frilly dressed and bows in their hair.

As we have known color of ones atire can express emotions.  For example those who are in mourning of the loss of a loved one or friend are known to wear black.  It is also said that we wear black to a formal gathering.

Some historical people are known for their fashion trends.  Abraham Lincoln was known for his black suit as well as his stove piped hat.  When we hear of Elvis Presley we remember him as a man who had jeweled suits.


Shopping with coupons

Various Federal Reserve Notes, c.1995. Only th...

Image via Wikipedia

In this day and age with the economy the way it is we are all looking to save money here and there and cut costs here and there.  What many shoppers are taking advantage of today is clipping coupons.  Every coupon you clip will in the end save you money.  There are shoppers who look at the sale ad prior to visiting the store, sit down look at the deals and match them up with the coupons they might have, and if they don’t have the coupons they often search the internet looking for the coupons.

Then once they enter the store with the sales ad and coupons in hand they search for the products and check out with hundreds of dollars of groceries and end up paying little to nothing in the end.  For some this has become a habit, and for others just a way to save money.

The Learning Channel has premiered a television special called extreme couponing.  These people spend hours searching for deals, and some even consider it to be a part time job.  Some people on the show have become hoarders.

There are many experienced shoppers out there who will give you lessons on how to save money shopping at the grocery store or drug store.  For some it takes practice and for others it’s understood on the first lesson.

In 2009 more then more then three hundred and sixty seven billion coupons were disbursed, and out of that it is said that three point three billion people redeemed coupons.

5 ways to make a fashion statement in 2011

Fashion is the most elusive of creatures — difficult to learn, hard to master. Every year provides a new style to chase, a new idea to capture.

2011 is no different.

Chic excess is now the desire of all designers: a collection of saturated colors, whimsical lines and relentless textures. And those wishing to brand themselves aware must hurry to gather all they can.

Bright Patterns

The days were once defined to sad expectations — the tedious gray, black and sepia tones. All colors were tamed; all designs were dull. It was a celebration of neutrality. 2011 is proving to be far brighter, however. Patterns are the answer to all style questions. Florals, animal prints, geometric shapes and more are injecting themselves within every runway show. It’s a Bohemian sensibility (without sacrificing modern silhouettes). Abandon the bland and choose patterns instead.

Layered Ease

Simple lines, tailored choices: the rules of fashion were once shaped to singularities. All outfits were composed of basic pieces and their basic rewards (separates cobbled together for looks that were as streamlined as they were unimaginative). 2011 offers an alternative, however — layering. The style-inclined must understand the value of dressing like a geisha. Wardrobes should be filled with jackets, cardigans, camisoles and leggings. The effect will be designs of depth. Texture, colors and more can finally be found.

Bold Jewelry

It was a cluster of delicate chains, the tiny gathers of gems. Jewelry was carved from a frugal philosophy: less was forever more, and more was forever gauche. 2011 is flinging such thoughts away, however. Experience new designs this year. Accessories are being offered in large proportions, with bracelets capturing entire wrists and pendants hanging from massive braids. Metal accents — especially copper and brushed nickel — allow pieces to be bold; and unique materials (such as ribbons or recycled wares) mark each item as unique.

Shoe Simplicity

The trends of 2011 favor all things striking. Styles are shaped to reckless splashes of color and shine. Simplicity can still be found, however — in shoes. Outfits may be wild but footwear is being defined instead to comfort. Ballet flats are the perfect accompaniments to any ensemble. These uncomplicated items allow individuals to counter their pattern-drenched blouses with easy lines and easier colors. They can transition from hour to hour and are appropriate for any occasion. A closet should boast several pairs.

Bands and Barrettes

It’s a familiar disgrace: tousled curls falling limp, layers of frazzled strands, tendrils stiff with gels and sprays. Hair too often becomes a victim of good intentions — with every end split and every style weak. 2011 provides relief, however. Accessories can now be offered to every curler-formed bang. Headbands, barrettes and bobby-pins provide aid to the follicly challenged: pining back flyaways and hinting colors.

Introduce elements of the fantastical this year. Let 2011 be a bold expression and a bolder joy. Are you ready to embrace it?

Making a Scene

Fashion is always about style, color, and influence. Many of today’s hottest brands, or oldest remaining fashions, have all been credited with fantastic marketing, innovative quality and style, as well as eye-catching appeal. This is also true of the new clothing line LRG or Lifted Research Group. Their creative designs make for some fashionable, shocking, and interesting designs that are taking the fashion industry by storm.

Celebrity Couture

Scene of the setup at a Montreal

Image via Wikipedia

Celebrities have a huge influence over the fashion world because they are in the public eye all the time. They are critiqued on everything from their workout clothes to what they wear to run an errand almost as muchas on their formal wear for events. To have a celebrity pick a designer to wear a clothing line is a great compliment for the designer, and also an amazing way to market the clothing.

LRG clothing is making its way into the hearts of celebs around the world. They are providing clothing that is very charismatic while staying in line with fashion trends and affordability scales. Some of the big trend setters for fashion today include Jennifer Aniston, Drew Barrymore, and even Selena Gomez.

While the fashion industry is not exclusively carved by celebrities, much of the popular trends are set into the mainstream markets through their influence. The fashion lines that are promoted from fledgling to all the rage can easily be done by a celebrity walking to the store for milk, or seen in a movie that features characters that are interesting and appeal to the masses.

Sunglasses – Which Pair?


Image via Wikipedia

Since the early 1960′s Sunglasses have become part of everyday wear.  Whether its a sunny day or not, inside or out, no self respecting fashionista would be without their sunnies.  You can pick up a great pair of sunglasses for a few dollars or splash out and pay hundreds for a designer pair.  But which pair are best for you?

  • Round Face – If you have a round face then you will want to choose a pair of frames that slim your face and do not accentuate the roundness.  Go for a cool pair of rectangular shaped shades.  Frames that are just wider than the widest part of your face will give the illusion that your face is slimmer.
  • Heart Shaped Face -  With a heart shaped face the wrong frames can make your jaw look larger than it actually is.  Choose a pair of frames that draw the eye away from the jaw line in funky colours or metal rims.
  • Square Face – If you have a square face then you need to choose frames that soften your profile. Soft curves or wrap around shade can achieve this and add a slightly softer touch.
  • Oval Shaped Face - The luckiest of all! Oval face shapes can wear sunglasses in almost any style!

A general rule of thumb is to choose sunglasses with the opposite shape to your face. e.g. square face, round or curved lenses. Round face then choose rectangular shaped lenses.  The best advice of all those is to try on may different frames even ones you think may not suit you and you may be pleasantly surprised!


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Popular Maternity Clothing Retailers


Image by Huy via Flickr

Trendy women make for trendy pregnant women. Shopping for maternity clothes is fun. The baby growing inside is becoming more evident every day. The woman is radiating with “baby glow” from head to toe. It has been said that all women look beautiful when they are pregnant.

Tracking the pregnancy week by week, there are those times in those nine expectant months that mom does not feel so beautiful. She is gaining weight and her feet are swollen. It is a little more difficult to get around, and she needs to make everything around her as comfortable as possible, while still trying to show her fashion sense.There are times when she would like to spend the entire nine months in pajamas and slippers, but the world does not stop, and maternity clothes are as diverse as the mommies wearing them.

While the fashion police are certainly not going to bash pregnant women, they will recognize the stylishly dressed. Maternity clothes can be found in many stores, and prices vary widely. From the bargain store to the boutique, there is something for everyone. Large chains, like Boscov’s and Macy’s, carry maternity clothes from Motherhood and A Pea in the Pod. This option offers the mother a chance to wear designer maternity fashions at some not-so-designer prices.

For such a beautiful, wonderful time in a woman’s life, she should dress to show just how happy she is. Just like she makes her every day wear her style, her baby bump can share the same style.


Keeping Your Baby Fashionable

A baby wearing many items of winter clothing: ...

Image via Wikipedia

What parent does not like to dress up their baby? It is always great to have your baby dressed up, and it’s an adventure just getting to that point. So, why not make your baby fashionable while you are at it?

Being fashionable does not always mean copying what models wear on the red carpet. Sometimes being fashionable simply means taking an interest in what you, or your children, wear. So, you do not need to spend a small fortune on an outfit for a baby that will grow out of it in a matter of months to have people complimenting how adorable your baby’s outfit is.

Next time you are looking for new clothes for your baby, just spend a little more time finding clothes that are nice, even at a good price. This does not only apply to everyday clothing, either. Special occasion clothes, like an Easter dress or baby costumes, can make your baby look adorable and can be very comfortable for them to wear. Even on holidays like Halloween, your baby can look great.

Fashion is not an art only for people with millions of dollars. Anyone can look fashionable, and anyone can enjoy looking fashionable. Your baby is certain to love getting dressed up, and you will love dressing up your baby without having to take out another mortgage.