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Shopping on a Budget is Possible


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During our tough economic times, many women have had to cut back on a their shopping. While this is probably just a sign of the times, there are still ways that us women can indulge our shopping sweet tooth without actually spending the monthly budget.

Visit consignment or vintage shops. These types of shops can be chock full of great designer clothes — most of which has only been gently used. You can find wonderful pieces, including those with high-end design labels at highly discounted prices. You may even be able to find clothing that is brand new, with the labels still attached, at these types of stores.

Check out yard sales that are being held in more upscale neighborhoods. These sales generally offer items that are of higher quality, including clothing and jewelry. The great thing about yard sales is that the prices are often negotiable, so you can spend what you are comfortable with.

Some high-end retailers offer lines of less expensive clothing, in conjunction with their usual lines. For example, high-end retailer Forever 21 carries a line of pants for under $15, which is extremely attractive.

Don’t forget about your friends and relatives who may be a bit older than you. Go shopping in their closets. You could find some great treasures, and as you know, vintage pieces are always in fashion.

As you can see, with just a few tips and tricks, you can still take pleasure in doing some shopping to keep your individual style and look up-to-date.

Fashion trends

Bride, 1968.


When we think of fashion we most think of clothes.  What most don’t realize is that when using the term fashion trends that could be consider many different aspects.  From shoes, to clothes, to hairstyles to makeup.

Back in the year eighteen forty women who were getting married could buy a wedding dress of any color.  It wasn’t until after Queen Victoria was married that her dressed was made of lace, and the color white.  After her marriage most every woman began to correlate white dresses with weddings.

It was later on in the nineteenth century that if you chose a different clothing or it was new that you were classified as middle class.  Men or women who wore clothing that was black or grey were looked at as having respect and who were dominate.  Children had to wear a sailor outfit.  Women back then never exposed their skin.  They wore their hair in a bun or had curls.  Middle class girls wore princess looking attire, such as frilly dressed and bows in their hair.

As we have known color of ones atire can express emotions.  For example those who are in mourning of the loss of a loved one or friend are known to wear black.  It is also said that we wear black to a formal gathering.

Some historical people are known for their fashion trends.  Abraham Lincoln was known for his black suit as well as his stove piped hat.  When we hear of Elvis Presley we remember him as a man who had jeweled suits.


Keeping Your Baby Fashionable

A baby wearing many items of winter clothing: ...

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What parent does not like to dress up their baby? It is always great to have your baby dressed up, and it’s an adventure just getting to that point. So, why not make your baby fashionable while you are at it?

Being fashionable does not always mean copying what models wear on the red carpet. Sometimes being fashionable simply means taking an interest in what you, or your children, wear. So, you do not need to spend a small fortune on an outfit for a baby that will grow out of it in a matter of months to have people complimenting how adorable your baby’s outfit is.

Next time you are looking for new clothes for your baby, just spend a little more time finding clothes that are nice, even at a good price. This does not only apply to everyday clothing, either. Special occasion clothes, like an Easter dress or baby costumes, can make your baby look adorable and can be very comfortable for them to wear. Even on holidays like Halloween, your baby can look great.

Fashion is not an art only for people with millions of dollars. Anyone can look fashionable, and anyone can enjoy looking fashionable. Your baby is certain to love getting dressed up, and you will love dressing up your baby without having to take out another mortgage.

Designer Clothes at Affordable Prices

Seeing designer clothing and accessories on celebrities in enough to send any woman into a frenzy. Who doesn’t want to be wearing what the stars are wearing? But after checking out the price tag you may have concerns about how you are going to be able to pay for just one pair of Jimmy Choo heels or a Gucci jacket. There are ways around the outrageous prices to assist you in getting the look you want.

Purchasing a knock off (or something very similar) is no big deal. You have to look to see what the differences are and figure out if it is noticeable. For example, if you go find a jacket just like the one that was seen on the red carpet at a movie premiere, but it just isn’t Gucci, pick it up. Even if you don’t have the specific brand you are still able to enjoy that style. Avoid items that have the brand name on the outside as these are tough to duplicate.

Shop at stores that offer designer brands at less expensive prices. You have probably commercials on television advertising less expensive prices for the same clothes that you see on the runway. While this might be a slight exaggeration, this is worth the time it takes to go to the store and look through what is available. If you don’t have one of these stores clothes, shop in some of the more upscale stores, but begin your search on the clearance rack.

Looking Fashionable When Traveling

Packing for a vacation is a task that many people leave until the last minute. Deciding what and how much to pack can be challenging. Packing for travel can be even more difficult if you’re going to a far-off location or to a place you’ve never been to before. By doing a little bit of research and planning, you can make sure to be presentable and fashionable while on vacation.

Not All Cultures and Countries Dress Alike

If your travel plans will take you to a different country or culture, one that is new to you, get to know more about that location. With an easy internet search, you can find pictures of local crowds. Forum discussions are often prevalent as well about the climate of a particular region and how to dress so that you are comfortable and presentable. Travel forums are especially useful for requesting advice on clothing choices and local fashion trends.

Blending in or Standing Out

Fashion trends vary by region and by country. Bigger cities are usually quicker to adopt fashion trends than smaller towns and more remote regions. When packing for a far-flung travel destination, ask yourself how important it is to you to blend in. If you’re going to visit family or friends, have a conversation with them about the local attire.

For the more reserved, arriving in your travel destination wearing the latest fashion trends that only people in large cities know about might subject you to glares and stares. If this might bother you, conduct research on specific articles of clothing. Do the local women wear high-heeled shoes? Would wearing shorts and a tank top be inappropriate for women and subject you to scrutiny?

Of course, if your goal is to be comfortable and you’re not concerned with standing out, simply pack for the appropriate weather, and enjoy your trip!

Buying a Great New Wardrobe on a Budget

You don’t have to break the bank when it comes to buying new clothes. There are plenty of great ways you can get fantastic clothes and you won’t need to spend thousands of dollars. In order to do that, though, there are two things you really need to consider. First, it’s important that you plan out what you really need and what you actually just want. Then, you need to figure out what kind of budget you can actually afford to at least get what you need. If there’s money left over, you can use some of it to buy what you want. It’s a great feeling to get everything you need and still have money left over to get some things you want, without overspending and feeling bad about the cost of everything.

Once you’ve determined how much you’re comfortable spending, make sure you limit yourself to that. Prepaid credit cards can help you, since they don’t allow you to spend more than you’ve put onto them. They also help to protect your personal information, so they can be very valuable to you overall. Once you’ve put your money onto a prepaid card, you can just focus on getting the kind of clothing you really need and want at prices that are great for you. Be sure to shop around and see what you can find. You might be surprised at the deals you can get with a little bit of sleuthing.

Of course, it’s also possible to get benefits and perks like free shipping, or a free gift with something that you buy. Just make sure that you’re not overspending or buying things you don’t really need just so you can get the perk. That doesn’t help you in the long run, and can even lead you to spend more, which is something that you’ll want to avoid.

Shopping Tips for the Fashion Conscious Mom

Becoming a mother doesn’t mean that you have to give up your passion for fashion or a general interest in looking attractive. Although you might not have much time to devote to shopping and looking for the best deals, there are still things you can do to stay fashionable and feel good about yourself.

Staying Connected with Fashion Trends

If you’re a busy mom, you are most likely not hanging out at coffee shops, bars or in malls where you can see people coming and going dressed in the latest fashion trends. You might be spending a great deal of time at home with your young child and only getting a glimpse of fashion trends through watching television shows or the occasional fashion-related show. Another way that you can stay connected with the latest fashion is to order fashion magazines that fit your age, taste and style. An annual subscription to a fashion magazine is generally inexpensive and will give you a good diversion when your child is sleeping or you have some downtime.

Shopping Online for the Latest Fashions

Online clothes shopping is an excellent strategy for busy moms. If you know your size and are clear about what you want, you can quickly scan numerous online shops, do price comparisons and read reviews from other moms about the fit and quality of the clothing. What’s more, the clothes arrive in the mail and many online shops have return policies that accommodate a wrong size or an incorrect purchase.

Shop with Other Moms

Shopping alone can be a challenge. If you want the advice of other fashion conscious people, reach out to your friends. Go shopping together and bring your kids. You can take turns watching each other’s children while you’re trying on clothes. Also ask the honest opinion of sales clerks in your favorite clothing stores. They will know how clothing should fit and if better options exist for you in the store.

Four Ways to Stay Fashionable on a Budget

Staying fashionable doesn’t have to be costly. With a little bit of thought, creativity and organization, you can still afford the latest trends.

Invest in a Few Quality Pieces of Clothing

The trick to staying fashionable on a low budget is determining which pieces of clothing to splurge on and which items to buy cheap. You’ll want to spend more money on well-made shoes and a stylish purse. Spending more on a couple of pairs of well-fitting fashionable jeans is also essential. A jacket made of quality material is also important. Spending more money on these clothing items and accessories will actually save you money in the long run. A cheap pair of shoes may last you a few months or a year, whereas a quality pair can endure greater wear and tear.

Scope Out Retail Outlets

To buy brand names and quality attire, look for retail outlets. These stores will often carry what you want but with a lower price tag than found in department stores. Going out of your way to visit outlet malls may take up a little bit of time, but get your friends together and make a day of it. It’s a good feeling to find quality items for a lower price.

Visit Thrift Shops

Thrift shops sometimes get a bad rap. The idea might conjure up images of worn out clothing with tears and stains. However, if you find thrift shops in wealthier neighborhoods, you’ll see that the quality of the clothes is usually much higher. People who can afford to buy clothes constantly tend to do so, getting rid of clothes that are in perfectly good condition.

Buy Specific Items in Less Expensive Stores

Not all clothes must have a designer label or come from high-end stores. Short-sleeve shirts that you wear under a suit or sweater can be found inexpensively in certain department stores. A simple pair of black slacks can be purchased inexpensively and worn with a designer top.

With a little bit of thought and creativity, you can still be fashionable on a budget.

What Not to Do in the Congo of Fashion: Part II

So you’re already way into the Congo of Fashion, facing the paralyzing fear and waiting to jump that chasm as the stampede steers its way toward you (which is very similar to a sale at Bloomingdales). If you were there to read the first half of the Congo adventure, good for you. But the expedition is not over, yet. There are more pitfalls to face, friend. You have the fourth, fifth and the sixth Don’ts to keep in mind.

Fourth Fashion Don’t:

Always on search for your ancient African stone of fortune and glory (which would simply be a really snazzy cocktail dress), remember to bring your shoes. Why are your shoes important? You have to remember when tailoring your dress, it’s important to have your correct height as if you’re out on the town, painting it red. Don’t forget your shoes when measured, so the in-store alterations are done right there.

Fifth Fashion Don’t:

When you’re trekking, trust that it is important to remember comfort as your religious dogma. In other words, buy shoes that are comfortable! It doesn’t matter how utterly fabulous they are, or even how good-looking they are on your feet. If it feels like you want to sever your toes for a little bit of sanity, please don’t buy those shoes.

Sixth Fashion Don’t:

The Congo is a big place, fellow adventurer. So it’s important to have a ‘map’. I other words, don’t forget your ‘list’ of places to go and what to buy. Stay on track; because once you’re off the beaten path, trust that you’ll be truly lost in the worst way without any hope of finding your way back. Not to mention you might get stuck in the perilous trap of purchasing items you don’t need, wasting your money on things that won’t last long.

That’s fashion shopping for you. All those clothes and fitting rooms can be dangerous. So keep your eyes peeled, remember the Don’ts. And go out there and “do” the shopping!

You Are the King of Fashion!

No, seriously, you are. Sure, you don’t have a crown on your head, and no throne (unless you’re in the fitting room). And it’s pretty positive that no one else in JCPenny will be bowing to you in solemn respect. But the fact of the matter is this: you are the King (or Queen) of Fashion. Or at least you have to think that way.

The point is to buy clothing suitable to your lifestyle. Remember this: it’s not about what’s ‘fashionable’. It’s about what looks good on you! And everyone’s different, so what may look good on someone else may look trashy on your body. What would look Gucci hot on your God-given frame might look like a full-blown Monet with an unusual dash of Pollock (really bad up close and messy) on someone else. So don’t judge others. Judge yourself and the clothes you decide to wear.

It can be anything: if you like jeans, wear jeans; if you like khakis, wear khakis; if you like form-fitting hot leather pants, then go out there and buy a few dozen pairs and enjoy! The point is to buy for you–not for the fashion industry. If the industry wanted to wear its negligees and thongs, trust that it would and flaunt its stuff. But the industry is not a hot, young, curvy model. So it can’t.

You are the model–and not a mannequin either. You have to remember that you have a personality, so the prime importance of shopping is to shop for yourself and no one else! Shop what you like, not what’s popular. Buy what pleases you, not what pleases the world.

Your royal subjects will then be the clothes themselves. Your Royal Court is your wardrobe. And when you look into that mirror, remember it’s your Royal Processional! So look good in your own way, King (or Queen) of Fashion. Remember to wave your hand like the lovely monarch that you are.