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Kate Middleton

The Latest Bridal Trend: The Reception Dress

Photo via Flickr

Never settle for less on the biggest day of your life! All eyes are on you during your wedding day — except for when guests are looking at your dress.  Let’s face it: Everyone will be admiring your gorgeous gown, so make sure you pick the perfect one!

You probably spent hours looking for the right dress and eventually narrowed it down to two. That’s when your decision got harder. But now that Kate Middleton and Vanessa Minnillo have broken the mold, brides are free to wear two dresses at their wedding. Don’t give excuses about celebrities and royalty having more liberties! You’re a queen on your wedding day.  Freedom to wear two different dresses allows you to show your new husband and his family two sides of your personality. Look for wedding dresses on eBay for the most variety. After all, other local brides will be shopping at your local bridal shop, and you don’t want their cast-offs.

Image via Wikimedia Commons

Choose two different styles.

Now, a nice big Cinderella dress is practical for the wedding march. Then you can change into a slender dress for the reception. Other options are the sweet, retro wedding dress for the walk down the aisle and then a sultry, slinky dress for the reception. A sexy but tasteful reception gown will ensure that your new hubby is ready for the wedding night! Many women still want a conventional wedding ceremony. Bringing in some sass at the reception gets your guests in a celebratory mood.

Make a grand exit.

Select a third, less formal dress for the exit, but make it one with flare. You want to leave your wedding festivities giving the guests something to talk about. You want Aunt Sue to call Cousin Gina right away to discuss your big celebration. You want to be comfortable on a long drive or at the after-the-party party.

Nervous about wearing two wedding dresses? Here are some tips:

  • Keep the pictures in mind.  The wedding is the biggest event of your photographic life (which is yet another reason you should wear two dresses). Consider the photo session schedule when deciding when to change your dress, and make sure to plan accordingly ahead of time. Many brides take all formal ceremony pictures, including the dance shot, and then change. You may or may not want the toast and the cutting of the cake to be in the reception dress. Just decide ahead of time and plan accordingly. Consider taking a toast photo in both dresses.
  • Remember to make your reception dress a stand-out dress. You do not want to simply purchase a cocktail dress; this puts you at risk of having a dress just like one of your guests. Stay in your bridal dress and choose a less bulky style for sitting and dancing.

It’s your big day, so make a big impression on your guests! How would you incorporate all of those “to die for” dresses in your wedding?