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Oprah Winfrey

How Celebrities Influence Us

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Our society is largely influenced by celebrity and entertainment figures. These figures can be extremely powerful in influencing individuals. Celebrities can influence beliefs, behaviors and interests, and this influence can start at an early age. A lot of children and teens want to emulate and imitate their celebrity icons.

This obsession with the celebrity may have started in the early 1900s when the entertainment industry began to really take off. At this time, we saw a lot of Americans becoming infatuated with that era’s celebrities, with that infatuation continuing to the present day.

Interestingly the celebrity influence over fashion seems to extend back to the 17th century and Louis XIV and his interest in clothing. In modern day, celebrities are fashion trendsetters. The media covers who is wearing which designer on the red carpet, to the latest movies and more.

Celebrities in the entertainment industry — especially women — are pressured to look very thin. Unfortunately, since many people want to emulate celebrities, this pressure to be thin can have impacts on body image perceptions. Because so many of us want to look like celebrities, we may often try to maintain or obtain an unrealistic body type.

Interestingly, in the past few years, we have seen an increase of celebrities who have started to use their influence within the political arenas. For instance, we saw Oprah Winfrey endorse then-candidate Barack Obama in a presidential election. We have also seen many other celebrities backing or endorsing political candidates, as well as lending their names to political causes and movements.

Mikimoto pearl necklace

Oprah Winfrey, Barack Obama & Michelle Obama
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Since a very long time pearls have remained an eternal source of beauty and fascination which has elevated the external and internal bounty of female world of decor .It creates a magical aura for enhancement of feminine outlook. They are generated from the living sea organism. None of the other gems in this whole world has been granted such privilege by the nature. Pearls emanate a particular glow and warmth which is unique. It has always come up to the demands of the customers no matter how old or young a person may be.

The reason is its rareness in accordance to its production. The main colors are silver, pink off-white, cream. Pearls possess a soft texture when touched and wore pearls are indeed a fashion of elite class gentry. Our famous personalities such as American Secretary of State Hilary Clinton, Michelle Obama, Oprah Winfrey, Elizabeth Taylor and Queen Elizabeth have frequently been photographed wearing the shimmering jewels. The Vanderbilts were famous for their pearl collection, and Jacqueline Lee Bouvier wore a perfect strand of them the day she married John F. Kennedy

Or we can simply say Pearls are a royal obsession for the ladies of this universe.

Scientist and Anthropologist have found pearls to be an ornament of 4200 BC in Egypt ,2300 BC in China A Persian princess who died in 520 BC wore them for the first time. Lately it turned out to be a symbol of beauty in Roman Empire and passing through all the centuries to us. Cultivation of Pearls started in 1908 and became very popular till today .The words “Pearls” itself means wisdom and as the name has its metaphor so does it possess the great value and eternity of Wisdom in itself. Ladies even in contemporary era likes to make Pearls the décor of their neck and ears and even fingers by attaching them into their necklace, earrings and rings and the current celebrities are the example of it. MICKIMOTO pearl necklace is considered to be the most precious one and the symbol of pride.

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The Watch Of The Future Is Here Now

Soviet pocket watch
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Watches have come a long way over the last 100 years.  Originally a time piece in the form of a fob watch, they soon became a daily accessory designed purely to tell the time. In the fifties, watches were fairly plain but functional. Over the next fifty years they evolved rapidly becoming cheaper and more fashionable.  Today they are both beautiful and fashionable accessories.

Current popular designers like Chopard and Michele have made the watch both a fashion accessory and a stunning piece of art work.  Watches today not only tell the time, they tell other people who we are and serve as status symbols.  They show success and achievement while expressing our individuality at the same time.

But wait! What is this new watch that has been one of  Oprah’s “favorite things” for three years in a row?  The “feel good” watch by Philip Stein is innovative, artistically pleasing to the eye, and multifunctional.  Philip Stein has gone into a new era in watch technology with features which can signal your bodies natural energy fields and synchronize them with the energy fields of the earth.  This technology makes us less stressed and more relaxed, hence the term “feel good”  It makes us feel connected and in harmony with the earth.

Sounds like science fiction? It is not.  This is the true technology of the future only it is here now.  Watches have evolved once again and in a few years time we will look back in amusement at the “basic” watch of the past and think to ourselves – “How quaint.”

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